"Tachibana" Tippi jumps over Muzzle Gorgeous "Flappy Tippy Tippy Pinpyon" is the difficulty level of the Flappy Bird level

Anime"Is your order a rabbit?(Commonly known as Tachibusa) "but also Mifumi Tippy, too difficulty is too high and conversely became very popular"Flappy BirdA game as if you get lost in the world of "Flappy Tippy Tippy Pinpyon"is.

Flappy Tippy Tippy Pinpyon

It is like this when you actually play Flappy Tippy. Just like the original Flappy Bird, the hit judgment of the clad was quite severe and crashed Tippy with Sokko.

I tried Tippy with Flappy Tippy - YouTube

The way to play the game is very simple, just click on the screen and skip Tippy and jump off to avoid touching the clay pipe.

It is terrible to fly to the sky even if speaking a word even though it is ridiculous, Tippy awesome ......

Be careful not to touch these clay pipes while jumping.

However, since the crash judgment of the clad is considerably severe, it is a little cautionary ... ...

Instant game over.

I will try again and challenge again ... ...

"Do not hit the earthen pipe so that it does not hit the clay pipe," and it gets too nervous and it sinks so quickly as to click the timing to click.

If you hurry too much on the screen, the jump gets too high and crashes into the clay pipe, and if it is too late it crashes into the cladding before jumping, so you need to jump Tippie at the wrong place, Since I need to continue this process as long as the game is over, my concentration abilities will be steadily decreasing.

In addition, Tippy crashes immediately when it touches the soil pipe, but it gets over the game, but it is OK at all that it hits the ceiling at the top of the screen.

Be careful as you will avoid avoiding clay pipes too much if you jump too much.

Even if you are flying as far as it is, it will be out, so it is necessary to challenge again and grab the "line that you can go through if it is much" in a sense.

Personally it is easy to pass if there is a passing space at about the same height ... ....

When the height of the passing space is disagreeable, it is necessary to move Tippie downwards and downwards, so it is apt to increase mistakes.

Although I challenged it many times, the high score was "10" and I could not pass through the eleven pipe.

If you make a mistake at the timing of clicking on the screen, it is going to be a fairly severe game with immediate game over, but if the score exceeds 10ChinoBecause it gives me a medal, it is ant to aim for this and try hard.

In addition, since the hit judgment is too severe, if you give water to Tippy, the hit judgment will be good as wellMurmurPeople also came out.

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