Play Nintendo Switch's `` Dungeon Warfare '' to protect the dungeon from countless adventurers who become the master of the dungeon

Nintendo Switch is delivering a tower defense game “ Dungeon Warfare ” that will be the main dungeon player and strategically prevent the invasion of adventurers visiting the dungeon by making traps and making barricades. Since the game appears with enemies that appear to spring up so as to be processed, I tried to squeeze the wisdom so as not to succumb to the number of violence.

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The start screen looks like this.

Start the game and select the “First Battle” icon to start the tutorial.

Players protect a place called “Dimension Gate” from enemy adventurers.

Enemies appear from specific entrances, and depending on the stage, there are two or more entrances.

Each time an enemy enters the Dimension Gate, the life on the upper right is reduced by one. When the life reaches 0, the game is over.

Use the “X” button to display the equipment selection screen and select the 罠 to be used. The kite can only be used for the empty slot at the bottom, and there are two types of kites that can be used in the initial state: “dirt trap” and “spike trap”

The dirt trap has the effect of flying an arrow to the front 3 squares and can be placed on the wall.

Spike traps can be placed on the ground, and the splinters will damage enemies passing over. The number “650” is the cost of installation.

You can only place the money you have in the lower right corner of the screen. Defeating enemies increases money, so if you defeat many enemies, you can enrich your trap

The blue light running on the stage represents the enemy invasion route.

When the kite is set, press “R” to start the game. The enemy invasion begins.

Since the spear can be placed after the start, it is necessary to place the spear according to the invasion status of the enemy.

You can defeat the enemy when the health gauge displayed above the enemy's head reaches 0.

The number of “waves” is displayed on the left. This stage has up to 5 waves, and as the waves progress, enemies become stronger and the number of enemies increases.

The following movie shows the state of Wave 1 in the “First Battle” stage.

`` Dungeon Warfare '' first battle wave 1-YouTube

You can check what happens when the enemy reaches the Dimension Gate and the game is over in the following movie.

`` Dungeon Warfare '' game over screen-YouTube

The stage is cleared when the dimension gate is fully protected until the final wave. The red frame shows the number of “gems” obtained by clearing the stage, and using gems can raise the level of the trap and raise the upper limit of life. Gem can also be earned when you level up your experience.

Only two types of kites can be used in the first stage, but new kites and stages will be released once the stage is cleared.

For example, the “push trap” that can push out several enemies that pass through ...

You can hit the enemy against the wall or push it down from the cliff. Falling from a cliff will die instantly, so you can turn your dungeon into a natural fortress by making good use of the terrain.

A “barricade” that looks like a wooden box can block the way and block the path of the enemy.

If you place a barricade on the trout where the enemy is passing ...

You can also crush and defeat enemies.

The green floor slows down the enemy ’s speed of passing “Slime 罠”

Combining slime traps with dirt traps, you can stab a slow-moving enemy with an arrow. Some traps can be used more effectively when combined.

It is not only the trap that the player places that damages the enemy, but “Oishi” that is present on the stage from the beginning, and so on ...

It is also possible to give damage by using “Minecart”.

Oishi and minecarts cannot move anywhere, unlike the traps that players set up, so they must be guided using barricades.

The following movie shows how to roll a large stone and beat an enemy.

I tried to destroy the enemy by rolling a big rock at `` Dungeon Warfare ''-YouTube

If the enemy becomes stronger or the number increases, it will not be possible to deal with one or two spears, so it is necessary to divert with a barricade and set many spears or drop from the cliff to reduce the number of enemies.

An example of a strategy that combines multiple traps is from the following movie. I diverted the enemy with a barricade, and I used a dirt trap, a spike trap, and a push trap to drop it from a cliff or hit it with a truck. This stage is a stage where 12 barricades can be placed at no cost.

I tried using a barricade at `` Dungeon Warfare ''-YouTube

One of the features of the game is that many enemies are attacking, even if you do not see it at first glance. The more enemies there are, the more enemies in the front may become a shield and avoid the traps, so it is important not to concentrate the traps in one place but to defeat them.

“Dungeon Warfare” is a “C” rating for CERO rating for those over 15 years old. When you push the enemy off the cliff, you will scream as 'Wow, ah ...', when you attack with an arrow, you will hear a sound of crumbled meat, and when you defeat the enemy, blood and pieces of meat will splatter So there are people who are not good at grotesque expressions.

Computer entertainment rating mechanism-Wikipedia % E3% 82% A8% E3% 83% B3% E3% 82% BF% E3% 83% BC% E3% 83% 86% E3% 82% A4% E3% 83% B3% E3% 83% A1% E3 % 83% B3% E3% 83% 88% E3% 83% AC% E3% 83% BC% E3% 83% 86% E3% 82% A3% E3% 83% B3% E3% 82% B0% E6% A9 % 9F% E6% A7% 8B

Although it is a Japanese-compatible game, there were some strange expressions at the time of writing the article.

If you play the early stage again after getting a new kite, you can discover a different strategy from the beginning, so you can enjoy it many times on the same stage. When it comes to the second half of the wave, the enemy's army will invade with tremendous momentum, so you must lay a defense line while considering the development of the second half as well as the immediate situation, a volume that does not seem to be 990 yen including tax It was a game of feeling.

`` Dungeon Warfare '' can be downloaded at 990 yen including tax on Nintendo Switch, 360 yen including tax on the App Store, 330 yen including tax on Google Play, 980 yen including tax on Steam at the time of article creation, sequel ' Dungeon Warfare 2 ' is also distributed on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

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