While using Nintendo Switch strategy and luck while honoring playing 'Armello' fighting for hegemony of the animal kingdom

Armello (Armero) is a fighting-type board game where a fairy tale is born, a face-to-face world like Almero is regarded as a board face, winning the cards and dice as a king and aiming for the king. It is a board game-like strategy role playing game (RPG) that exquisitely combines the elements that four players aim for victory using dice, magic and strategy cards, and clear the quest and grow characters. . Actually played the Nintendo Switch version.

Armello - Digital Board Game

You can see well the world view of "Armello" by trailer movie.

Armello - Launch Trailer - YouTube

When you start "Armello", you will be prompted to select "Offline Play" or "Online Play". In this time, press the B button to select offline.

Starting from the tutorial in the first play. In the tutorial, you can operate four heroes of the wolf and learn the operation while enjoying the story development.

"Sein" is one of the heroes who stands with the sword at the lower right of the screen below. The purpose of this game is that the upper left lion shows the king who must be defeated and beat the king before the other players to become a new king.

The board is partitioned by hexagonal squares (tiles), it consumes the AP (action point) and moves to the next tile. The number 3 on the upper left is the current AP.

The game proceeds with a turn system, and when a player's turn begins, a specific tile in the map is designated as a quest tile. When you arrive at that tile you achieve a quest, there are various advantages such as the hero's status goes up, items and money, you get the "honor" described below. The basic strategy is to first achieve this quest at the beginning of the game and strengthen the hero.

Heroes have a status called physical strength. Although it does not become a game over even if it becomes 0, it is a place I want to avoid as possible because the game is returned to the starting point and the game becomes disadvantageous.

When you arrive at your destination the quest begins and you have two choices. Although it is surely successful on the right, there are few safe choices, the left fails with a certain probability and receives damage, but there is a challenge to obtain items etc. if it succeeds. Success rates are indicated in percentage on the lower right. This time we chose who has a challenge.

The success or failure of the trial is determined by roulette. This time it succeeded, I got a reward.

As we further advanced the tutorial, the battle began as a result of the attack by the guards who received the command of the king.

In the battle, dice are given for each number of combat strengths, and that number is displayed in the lower left. Hero (left) has 6 combat strengths, so there are 6 dice, and nearby guards (right) have 4 fighting powers and 4 dices.

The attack and defense are decided according to the eyes that waved the dice. Tilting the left stick and shaking the dice resulted in the hero attacking 5 times in this battle and defending 2 times in this battle. The guards are two attacks and defense three times. The total of attack and defense does not match the number of dice because the number of attacks and defenses may increase or decrease due to the influence of items etc.

After shaking the dice, each other will attack automatically. First of all, it is the number of the Guards who attacked the attack and we will pull out the attack twice, but the hero's defense was also 2 times so it was no damage.

Next hero attacked five times. Because the guards' defense is three times, the first three times are blocked, but we were able to do twice the damage.

That's why the hero finished the battle in the form of two damage to Guards soldiers.

Players can draw cards every turn.

As soon as I draw the card, I get a card called "Mercenary". By consuming gold you can set it on the map.

As soon as I got a trap, another hero progressed to the tile where the trap was set and it got damaged. In addition to being available in quests, cards can be drawn by the status of the hero's "wisdom" every turn. In Al Mero it is key to victory not only direct battle but also advancing fighting advantage by making full use of the card.

Honor is an important point that affects the outcome of the game.

The highest honor among the four players will be "honor leader".

When becoming an honorary leader, you will be able to choose "King's Declaration." The king's declaration affects the entire game including the honorary leader. By choosing a declaration favorable to you or a disadvantageous declaration for a competing player, you can develop the game advantageously.

Some cards give "heroes" to heroes.

Basically it is a disadvantageous status because heroes are damaged every turn every time there are one or more "dirty" points, but those who have "dirty" have more "dirty" You can earn.

The king in the middle of the map is already dirty at the beginning of the game, so it keeps getting damaged every time you follow the turn, so the match will definitely be settled in about an hour.

There are four ways of winning the game. The simplest thing is "winning the killing king", if you win with the king and win, you can win the game. However, since the King is a powerful character, it is difficult to win immediately after the game starts.

The second is "victory of honor". If the king is exhausted by damage caused by "dirty", or if it becomes unfit with other players, the player who is the most honored at that time will win the game.

The third one is "victory with a spirit stone". "Spirit stone" can be obtained by reward of quest, etc. After going to the king from four, you can win the game without having to battle with the king. However, it is difficult to get a spirit stone aiming at victory with a spirit stone from the beginning, as it depends on luck.

The fourth one is "victory with impurity". This victory will be won if you win the king with more accumulation of kill than the king. Dirty is difficult to intentionally incorporate, and there is risk because it carries damage every turn every turn if it has impurity. Rather than aiming at this victory method from the beginning, it is a somewhat special victory that aims at the case when the taint gathers in the game.

Looking at the following movie, you can see where you have defeated the king and you are victorious.

Defeat the king with a battle at "Al Mero" to win the game - YouTube

In the battle high performance hero "Sain", I actively battle and gathered honor.

However, other players challenge the king. I was caught back in this case, but as the king is also dying, another player may soon beat the king.

Hurry and enter the palace and go to the king and challenge the battle.

I have defeated the king with a battle ... ...

This also collapsed with a counterattack and it ended in opposition. Even if you attack with a battle and set your opponent's physical strength to 0 in this game, you receive counterattacks by the dice of the opponent's attack so you need to decide carefully whether or not to battle.

In the other hand, "victory of the king" will not be a victory, but just as the honor of other players was also 0, I was able to win the honor's victory.

"Armello (Armero)" is a deep game in which card games and RPG elements are included, while basically playing board games by shaking dice. The biggest feature is that there are four victory conditions, which are different for each hero, so the strategy and play style will change differently as you play. As the king collapses in a certain amount of time, the battle and plotting will intensify as the players close to the end of the game, thinking about the early stage when each player plans to strengthen the hero, who is aiming for which victory It is also a point that there is sharpness in one game and it is not sagging.

On the other hand, because the rules are somewhat complicated, it may be difficult to understand what to do until you get used to it. Because CPU is fairly clever, it is also handy to research strategies by fighting CPU several times in offline mode before you get used to online matches.

Also, the TV mode of the Nintendo Switch version is somewhat unstable, and there was a case where the game was interrupted due to an error during this review. I would like to expect stabilization with future updates.

"Armello" is downloaded and sold by Nintendo Switch · PlayStation 4 · Xbox One · PC (Steam), the price at the time of writing the article is 990 yen including tax with PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch · PlayStation 4 · Xbox It is 1980 yen including tax with One. There is also an Android · iOS version which has a charge element such as addition of a hero character for basic play free of charge.

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