Customize the dice freely, even incorporate luck to take it into the strategy Board game "Dice Forge" opening ceremony & reviewing the actual play

Dice used as an apparatus to generate random numbers since ancient times are used for many board games, including Sugoroku. Board game with a bold idea of ​​customizing the dice itself and incorporating even luck into the strategy "Dice Forge」Was announced from Libel which is a game company in France and it became a hot topic. Japanese version also appeared on May 31, 2017, so I reached the editorial department, so I opened it, played it.

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The package looks something like this. "DICE" means dice, "FORGE" means blacksmithing or forging. As you can see from the iPhone 6 placed next to it, it's quite big.

Overseas board games are often accompanied by names of game designers, and this game is "Wizard of the Twelve Seasons (Seasons)Known for such asRegis BonesesseDesign by Mr.

On the back side, the state of the contents arranged side by side, the setting of the game, the rough flow are drawn. By simply looking at the back of the package you can grasp the general feeling of what kind of game it is.

It has become a world view that the gods gave the dice a dice (fans) to fight and have fun. As a hero he must upgrade the tournament while upgrading the two dice received from the gods.

After all, the idea of ​​customizing the dice itself by replacing the face is new, and the way the dice is assembled to your liking is exactly like the title "forging die".

This box is also used as part of the game board. How many dice faces to replace!

The recommended age is 10 years old and over, the number of people is 2 to 4 people. One play is 45 minutes, so when you play you need a set time.

◆ Opening Ceremony
Once you open the box ... ....

It is exciting that the welcome from the gods jump into my eyes saying "well well!"

Below that is a description. The manual describes how to store the game. Looking at the illustration, are these contents packed all in this box! I was surprised. Since games with many contents such as coma and dice, cards care about control anyway, it is nice to say that storage is well thought out.

First of all tiles and player board made of cardboard. Below that there is a temple board stopped with a wide rubber band.

It is in a sleeve case like an envelope, remove rubber and take out from inside.

The same picture as the board is drawn in the case, but the blue part is all filled and drawn. In other words, if you look at this case it is quite obvious what to put on the board.

The blue part of the board is a bit hollow and the mechanism that puts what you put firmly comes in.

There is also a board under the shrine board, which is an island board. The unique shape is to engage firmly with the shape of the inner box.

Expand the folded board and use it.

In the interior there were coma, cube, and dice and die face as detailed contents.

And cards used during game.

Two kinds of attributes, "sun" and "moon" are decided on the card, and the inner box is engraved with an attribute mark so that it can be stored separately.

Also, although the cards are arranged so as to connect to the islands board, they are also connected properly when properly placed. It is a very pleasant thing to connect patterns side by side.

There is a unique indentation in the dice, and it is a specification that customization can be done by combining a die face with this indentation.

When you put the die face on it, it gets stuck firmly, but on the contrary when removing it is too hard for your fingers, you can not remove it unless you use a small bar like a lever. This time I used a possession of a fruit pick.

Although I tried to remove it with a toothpick, it broke ... ...

When it was tried by three editorial staff, "Elegant to Mori Motonari's teaching," I could remove the die face without problems.

I opened all the bags and paid fine details. Functional, the box can be used as part of the game as "temple" as it is. It took about 30-40 minutes to prepare with instructions and staring, so it is better to open it beforehand when you first get it.

Here is the state prepared for play. It takes quite a lot of space, so when you play you need to secure enough space.

The player board can count gold, resources, victory points. A system that counts small cubes in holes. There is also a storage room for two dice, so it is designed to put the changed face and face upward at hand.

Boxes and islands boards are connected and used for games, but the landscape of the temple drawn on the side of the box and the picture of the island board were properly connected. Editing team members who played together also impressed that the depth is born firmly when viewed from the side.

◆ Play
First of all, blessings are given to the heroes from the gods. Everyone rolls two dice at the beginning of the player's turn, gaining gold and resources.

Then the handed players consume gold and customize the dice ... ....

Or you can choose the action from two types of consuming resources and drawing cards.

The game repeats above. Simple thing that the person who turns the turn in the clockwise direction and eventually stacks the most victory points is the winner.

Consuming the gold obtained by rolling the dice, we will customize the dies rapidly during play. There are various types of dice face, such as to earn gold, to earn resources, and to obtain victory points directly.

For example, this blue brave arranges many eyes of victory points on one dice. It is a custom that I expected for explosive power by putting a die face which tripled the goal to the other.

I also emphasize victory points, but a greedy style that aims to earn gold by incorporating the eyes of gold 6 on one dice. However, he was abandoned by the God of Fate, only prayed only once, saying "Go out of six eyes!

Black heroes customize dice incorporating tricky eyes that can copy the eyes of others' dice. Things that make yourself advantageous by using the opponent's luck.

You can acquire cards by activating resources called sun fragments and moon fragments and you can activate that effect. For example, the card on which the deer is drawn below is "Ginkgo no Mega" who rolls another die one more time in addition. Since the number of sheets is limited, it will compete.

During the game, draw cards with their backs facing you. The fine details of the art that patterns are connected properly even when stacked on the back. Also, although victory points are set on the surface of most cards, there is also the advantage that you do not know exactly who is dominant now by turning the back.

"Minotaur" is a card with a few disturbing effects. No one tried to get it in the early stage ... ...

Even the hot deployment that the green brave person activates the effect at the final turn and decorates a splendid reverse win.

There are cards for beginners who have simple effects and cards with slightly more complicated effects. It is also ant to replace a part of the entry card card once you get used to the game. Whether it is for beginners or not can be judged by looking at the mark on the back of the card.

There are also cards that directly lead to big victory points, although they are ineffective like the middle card. There was also a scene where the victory was influenced how much you draw this card.

From the editorial staff who played "It is fun to assemble the dice to the utmost" "It is fresh to play many times because it is wide from a wide range of strategies," and "I want to try various ways and play various ways" and quite high evaluation. It is a well-balanced game in that you can incorporate the elements of luck shaking the dice into the strategy, but customize the dice by yourself. The rough flow is simple, and complicated calculation formula is not necessary.

Three to four players were quite exciting as party games, while in two play they silently pursued their own way of doing things. There were many scenes where 3 or 4 people had great influence on others' actions, but with 2 people it will be less. For those who want to thoroughly study what kind of strategy / action to take is the optimal solution, two players are ants.

However, on the whole, the sentences of the instruction manual were a little confusing, and there were many scenes that it took time to read. In the case of first play, care must be taken such as copying instruction manuals and card effect lists and distributing them to everyone, acting while confirming with other players every time there is something unknown.

Here is the initial state of the dice which is one of the obvious points. There are two types of dice, white and gray, and it is hard to judge the color a bit, but the color itself does not affect the progress of the game.

Next, "All blessings of the gods" who rolls the dice is done before each player's turn. For example, if you play 4 players, you will have the opportunity to be blessed four times per round. In the play at the editorial department, I also misunderstood as one blessing per round, so I also played with his neck caught, "Do not roll the dice ... than I thought ...".

Each card effect is shown on the card, but of course there are detailed conditions and rules so naturally it is necessary to read the card effect list from corner to corner.

The fact that I actually played "Dice Forge" is because there are parts that are difficult to understand in the instruction book and it takes a little time to prepare, so if it is a person who is not used to board games, it takes quite a while It will take. However, the new experiences of customizing dice are the most attractive systems that beginners and advanced players in board games can excel in the same way. Even though it takes time to introduce, it was a game that makes me feel that it has more value than that.

The fixed price of "Dice Forge" is also available from below, including 6048 yen including tax.

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