Also the new work also seems to have transformed into a cute clay animation that "DOOM" which is supernovaed covered with goblins is not disappointed Reproduction

The latest trailer of FPS masterpiece game "DOOM""CERO? What is it? It tastes good?" Covered with violent depictionHe directed me a stable DOOM feeling,Actually playAfter all it was finished in a game more than the expectation of grotesque & violence depicted covered pain. I expressed such DOOM with a cute clay animation far from the groo "Claycat's DOOM"is.

Claycat's DOOM - YouTube

Planet floating in space

Doomguy of the hero is pretty expressed with clay.

In this movie the following cats are Doomguy.

That's why I started the game (?) At once.

Doomguy going through the dubious atmosphere base.

Before I knew it was surrounded by Imp and Zombie soldiers, it seems I have not noticed yet.

If you come to a dead end and look back slowly ...

I notice that I was surrounded by enemies. Truly Doomguy also has this look.

But the next moment head shot a zombie soldier with a pistol.

In addition, I will repel Imp with a head shot.

However, before turning around behind ... ...

Pinch of absolute despair being made a feather tightening.

I thought that, I handed the muzzle of a pistol to a zombie soldier with hands at hand ......


However, because of taking a distance, Imp will attack with a fireball.

This hits directly ... ...

This time I will fall into a big pincer of desperate situation.

Imp which is approaching to pierce the finish.

However, if you take a shotgun accidentally falling on the ground and check the bullet ... ....


The whole upper part of Imp was blown off entirely.

Although I do not feel that it was quite a fight at the start, the battle of Doomguy continues still.

To Kakodemon ......

I will fight with a shotgun.

Breath away the revenant with a shotgun ... ...

Attack the skull with bare hands.

Even in a pinch state as a horse riding ......

If you have a shotgun, you get a chance of a reversal.

If you go beyond defeating enemies smoothly like that ...

I found a plasma gun from inside the box.

With this I repel the flock of Imp ... ...

Demon appeared from the back.

How did I defeat this daemon ... ...

I pulled out the daemon's kiba and it is busy.

Daemon also repulsed and discovered something Doomguy of no enemy state.

I found not a long range weapon but a chain saw of proximity weapons. Doomguy also has quite a bad look on this.

With the chain saw we got soon ......

Two enemies.

Of course shotguns ... ...

We will make full use of the plasma gun, and will steadily capture the base.

An enemy character that was cut off by a chain saw ... ...

Characters who have turned to the enemies of Doomguy, such as enemy characters that have been punctured with striking guns on the stomach with a shotgun, follow a tragic path.

While doing so, Doomguy suppressed most areas of the base.

Suddenly, I found something.

When approaching this, the ground rises.

What appeared before the eyes of Doomguy who continued to win while becoming tattered. Finally, check out the identity of the strong enemy standing in front of Doomguy with the movie.

The new DOOM is reviewed as follows. If you are interested in games, please check the following article to see how it feels to actually play.

I crush the head with a fist I tried playing the game "DOOM" which is a refreshing and adrenaline outburst for some reason depressed flying violent depiction - GIGAZINE

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