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A masterpiece that pushed FPS to a major genreDOOM"Was released on May 19, 2016 on PlayStation 4 · Xbox One · PC. I tried playing with cherry to see how attractive the fun to explore violent depictions and intricate maps that even adults will draw a little, are incorporated into the latest work "DOOM".

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Although the attraction of DOOM is hard to convey in words, there are things that are not transmitted, but you can see what kind of game you see with the following movie.

PS 4 version "DOOM" adrenaline battle full of spinning - YouTube

Daemon full-bodied in PS4 version "DOOM" - YouTube

DOOM has three play modes: "Multiplayer" for online competition, "Campaign" for single play, "Snap Map" for making original map. This time I play "single campaign" campaign.

The difficulty level of the campaign is "Too young to die", "No handling is needed", "Ultra violence" "Nightmare", and the campaign ended just by dying "Ultra Nightmare" a total of five.

There is also a first look at this time, I will try to play with normal "no hand".

The game starts from the place lying somewhere.

The hands are tied up with chains, and there is a transcendent pinch condition that Daemon walks further toward here.

The hero hits the chain with force alone, grasps the head of the demon ......

Pounding on the wall and crushing into pieces. Extraordinary ... ....

Pick up the pistol that had fallen on the floor ......

Battle starts without any explanation! There is no explanation, but the daemon is walking slowly, so if you deal with it calmly, there is no problem.

The place where the hero lay was Kore. The candle is lined up on the bloody floor and it is packed with scary feelings.

As I walked along the street without finding none, I found a plastic ettru suit. I am not scared of any daemons anymore.

From the portal in the place where the Praetor Suit was, I found that this is the base built on Mars. Daemon invaded the base and it seems that all officials were killed.

If you get the combat, the mission will be displayed on the upper left of the screen. At first you should proceed with the game as per the mission.

To defeat the daemons appearing one after another, you should do it with a pistol or melee attack, but if you give some damage to the pistol, it glows and lights up the demon, so when you use "Glory Kill" that you can use at that time, it is very efficient demon You can defeat.

Bring closer to the shining daemon and press "right stick".

Then he sharply crushed the head of the daemon with a punch gently. This is a Glory Kill, and when you defeat Daemon with Glory Kill you surely drop recovery items. If you defeat it with Glory Kill and recover recovery items, you can always keep HP high. HP is a blue bar drawn as "100" displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

When I get on the road I arrive at a big hall. In the middle is something called "core" like an eerie red ball shines.

Daemons are full of halls, but here we are going to defeat the gun with a newly acquired shotgun.

Shotgun is more powerful than pistol and it can blow away when head shot. However, bullets are limited, so be careful with too much use.

After giving damage with a shotgun, Glory Kill is as pleasant as to thrill.

When you defeat the daemon, when pushing "right stick" at the base of the core ... ....

Destroy it by tearing off the core part of the core.

I made a tremendous loud noise and burst into the core.

When I destroyed the core, suddenly the sound of a hard guitar rang and a lot of daemons appeared. It is the beginning of the hell battle.

Death fighting immediately after defeating the first core can be confirmed from the following movie. It is a refreshing feeling to make Daemon cool to the hard rock music.

Daemon from core destruction in trumpet played on PS4 version "DOOM" or YouTube

Glory Kill after giving damage with a shotgun.

For a little separated enemy, if you shoot a red box nearby ... ...

The box exploded and the enemy erased away.

However, when it is in tone it will be quite torn apart and will be killed. Unlike the original DOOM, the movement of the daemon is quick, so always move around the point. It should not be difficult if you move about anyway and do not stop at the same place by shooting and shooting. If you die, you will be restarted from the last checkpoint.

Because the ammunition and the recovery item are rolling on that, they collect while fighting. Since the bullets run out as soon as they are shooting the first person, we check the remaining bullets at the bottom right of the screen and collect the ammunition.

You can check the map on the menu screen which is displayed when the touch pad is pushed in.

We also upgrade weapons and armor from the menu. By upgrading weapons it is possible to acquire special shots and increase the firepower of weapons. Weapon upgrades consume the points gained in battle and do it.

By upgrading the plato suit, you can improve durability and mobility. Enhancement of the plato suit can be done by collecting parts from the place called "elite guard" which scatters on a vast map. There are occasions when elite guards are hard to find and there is also fun to explore the map.

I managed to escape from the facility somehow and I came to the surface of Mars. It is a moment when you see the beautifully devastated earth.

The map of DOOM has a height difference regardless of base and Mars, and there are many three-dimensional topography. But if you stay in a high place and aim at shooting, there is a danger of being bogged down, so it seems good to beat the daemon while moving high and low place anyway.

You can check the appearance of battle with Daemon on a map with height difference from the following movie. However, it is not a play that you can sample, so please make it to the reference level to the last.

PS 4 version "DOOM" battle - YouTube

Changing the daemon to a mass of meat using various weapons is extremely refreshing DOOM, but there are elements to explore a wide map. As you advance the story, there is a place where the door is closed and you can not get through unless you acquire the key ......

Exploring everywhere on the map, get the key from the person who was killed by Daemon and proceed to the next area. It is hard to explore a stereoscopic and wide map, but the pleasure of finding what you are looking for is pleasure.

There are hidden elements that make the original fan happy. The lever is hidden in each map where it is hard to find, and pulling it will allow you to enter the original DOOM reproduction map.

The state of playing the original DOOM reproduction map can be confirmed from the following movie.

Hidden original map of PS4 version "DOOM" - YouTube

As you advance the campaign, the story that was enveloped in mystery will be revealed little by little. Humans were using Hell Energy 'Hell Energy' as a result of using Hell Energy, as a result of returning to Daemon who had overflowed from hell ... ... It is a story of the opening story and the original Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) also appeared in the story I get involved.

Naturally, strong daemons appear one after another as you advance the campaign. However, as the demon gets stronger, the hero gets stronger and stronger and the number of usable weapons will also increase, so the fun of the battle will increase as you proceed.

Even among the weapons that appear in DOOM, it is a chain saw that is grotesque to transcendence. Although the chain saw is used less frequently, even a daemon that has a shield can be cut a second.

Tried on a chain saw for PS 4 version "DOOM" - YouTube

Also, when you take an item like the red flame that is falling occasionally, it shifts to berserker mode. During berserker mode you can mess up daemons with bare hands.

Berserker mode in which enemies can be messed up with PS4 version "DOOM" - YouTube

The impression that I tried playing DOOM crisply is that it is refreshing to change the daemon overflowing with Walla Walla to a meat block with shotgun, chainsaw, glory kill, etc. There is a tremendous feeling as a game. However, not only violence depiction but also maps are quite extensive in FPS and there is a quest for exploration, and the pleasure of finding hidden elements is also one. The operation is very simple, so if you do not mind even violence depiction, you should be able to play without being confused even by people who are new to FPS. Also, modes such as multiplayer and original map creation are volumes that gamers can satisfy.

In addition, DOOM is sold at Amazon on PS4 version with tax 6900 yen, PC version sold at 7980 yen including tax, sold out only for Xbox One version.

Amazon.co.jp: DOOM 【CERO rating "Z"】: Game

Amazon.co.jp: DOOM 【CERO rating "Z"】: Game

Amazon.co.jp: DOOM [Online Code] _ Download _ Amazon Game

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