The game "Moby Dick" to repel the whaling boat that comes as a wholesale and attacks it

It is "Moby Dick" game to fight off a whaling ship that the player himself comes to catch himself as a whiter instead of catching a whale.

Because you are hungry, you need to eat fish and octopus at regular intervals to fill your belly, but you can keep the ocean dirt to protect yourself from whaling boat attacks but because it is a mammal it is occasionally ocean surface It is necessary to go up to, and it is a game that is not simple.

The game play is from the following.
Moby Dick: The Video Game - Play it on Not Doppler

Click "PLAY".

title screen. Click "PLAY" to start the game.

The operation of the whale is done with the mouse only. Also, you can use boost which increases speed of movement when clicking.

Initially white whales are small, so unreasonable attack against whaling ships is not permitted. However, it is stronger than surrounding fish, so predation is no problem.

A whaling ship appeared like this. At first it is a single passenger ship, but the ship will gradually become larger.

Various effects can be obtained by taking items appearing in the water. Let's take this capsule indiscriminately as it is a growing item.

The state of whale is displayed on the screen. Fitness gauge from above, oxygen gauge, hungry gauge. When physical strength goes to 0, not only the game is over but also when the oxygen runs out, the physical strength decreases. Also, even if the hungry gauge becomes empty, physical strength decreases.

I swallowed my back and fish and filled my belly. As white whale grows it requires more food as much (it makes hunger faster) so be careful.

A pirate ship came. Because the damage of artillery fire is great, it is good to dive deeply so as not to approach while weak.

The trapping gets caught by the casting net and the moving speed decreases. I will not be hurt because I am caught, but it will be nice if this happens near the sea level.

It is also possible to jump up from the sea if you rush to a certain extent. You can even prey on birds.

Let's aim for a legendary white whale that will repel numerous whaling boats.

When predicting fish continuously or sinking a ship, the result will be lit like this. It seems quite difficult to get all.

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