Game "Asteroids Revenge III" to repel human beings attacking as asteroids

A strange game where you become an asteroid, destroy and defeat the attacking mankind fighters and mines. Because the player is an asteroid, that is, a mass of rocks, weapons are only for their own body. You can attach an option, but the battle that fights against the opponent attacking with a jump will continue to the end.

Access is from the following. - Asteroids Revenge III - Crash To Survive

Start the game from the title screen, "Play Game".

Blue asteroids are asteroids operated by players. If you eat enemy bullets you will get damage, so we will hit your opponent while scooping barrage.

You can move with the cursor key or WASD key, mouse.

From the place where I remember the movement at first.

An enemy aircraft lined up on the right. Before shot bullets change color, so be cautious.

You can earn power up items as a bonus for each stage clear. Choose one out of five: strengthening defense power, adding asteroids on your side, growing asteroids, increasing speed of movement, and speeding up asteroids on ally. It is important to become defense and ally asteroids, growing is about when you receive damage. As for speed rise two kinds are basically unnecessary, as it is OK as you like.

When an altar asteroid is attached, dense with the Z key, spread out with the X key. The right thing to survive is to use it properly.

While holding down the C key, the asteroid leaves control and moves with inertia. Some enemies have gravitational pulls of their own, so at such times they will be knocked down with this technique.

Blue Mine deals damage only to yourself. If you explode using an ally asteroid, you can defeat it without being damaged.

A red mine deals only damage to ally asteroids. No damage if you take over.

Green mine damages both. It is safest to let a small piece of the planet fly and explode.

Very likely placement.

A huge mine. The explosive power is tremendous, so keep it as far as possible.

An orange enemy aircraft escapes when approaching and trying to defeat it. It is troublesome to beat down.

The 27th stage is the final stage.

Finally a suitable attack is waiting.

Nothing to do before the enemy 's Human - Sea tactics.

Game over. I shot down 3589 aircraft, but it seems to be still too long.

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