A game "BoomsticK" to collect ammunition and destroy flying enemies

When you defeat an enemy, bullets are scattered, so gather it and destroy the next enemy. By defeating two body and three body at the same time, you can get many bullets with little bullet.

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BoomsticK - the game @ itch.com

Shooting "Play" starts the game.

To move, press the cursor left / right "A" "D" key.

If you defeat an enemy like this, bullets are scattered on the stage so pick them up. You can recover with confidence since the attacker does not set an attack from the enemy at first. Be careful because the game is over if you run out of bullets.

Sometimes you kill an enemy and you may drop a strange thing. This can clean out bombs, visible enemies.

This will increase the mobility. You can collect bullets efficiently.

When defeating enemies by the prescribed number, it goes to the next stage. Every time the rank is displayed, there are also things that you do not know which is great, such as "A +" or "Jedi Master".

An enemy of red color sets up an attack and if you hit it you lose a little bit of bullet.

As an enemy like a star approaches the player, I want to kill it early.

An enemy rolling from the side of the map appeared, it was killed.

Up to 19 out of all 21 stages came ... It is regrettable.

I seemed to be able to start over from 17 as I had cleared up to 19.

I went to the last map but it was done again ....

Challenge without discipline.


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