A game "Deflector" that repels attacks of invaders by repelling them with a barrier

A game like shooting that bounces off the attack of the enemy approaching well and successfully repels it. It is a feature that I can not attack from myself. Do not hit the enemy unless you think about angle properly, some enemies will bounce back attacks so let's try hard and try hard.

Access is from the following.

menu. Select the top "play game".

Difficulty is three levels. I will try it in Normal for the time being.

Bounce off the bullets that the enemy has shot so as not to hit their mother star (space station?). Barrier will come out when you drag the mouse, but be careful as the length is fixed and disappears after a while.

Next it is clear what marks attacks come out and it is clearly visible.

By picking up an item, I can make triple speed return and recovery, give barriers that will last for a long time, and provide a barrier that can cover a wide range.

Three enemies. A round guy does not receive damage other than the attacking posture, and it passes away the bouncing bullet.

This UFO-like guy bounces bullets to the front except when in an offensive posture. Now we are in an offensive posture, so we can see the turret.

The enemy's durability is in three stages, yellow → red → blue · silver and durability goes down, and you can defeat it by putting it on a blue / silver enemy.

There are 15 stages. The score was low as I continued it many times.

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