Game "Oroboros" which becomes a dragon, gathers energy and grows the tail

Became a dragon, gather energy and grow the tail steadily and advance the stage. On the way, there are various obstructions and it may be damaged and it is necessary to make use of the item successfully.

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Oroboros - by Funface Games

Start the game from the lower right "PLAY".

Game option, basically it does not mess around.

Method of operation. Move with the mouse and left click to shrink the tail.

A white cruciform one is an energy cluster, and when you take this, the lower gauge gradually accumulates. If this becomes full, the stage clears. Even if you hit an energy cluster, be aware that the tail will be damaged.

Occasionally strange things may flow.

This was an item that extends the time that the tail can be shrunk. The time to be compressed is the same as the gauge displayed at the bottom left of the game screen.

Here is the item from which the blade comes out from the tail. Enemies will appear after stage 2, but you will be able to knock them with a blade at that time. Use "X" key.

Enemies will not appear in the first stage so you can collect relaxing energy.


Between stages you can strengthen the dragon using evolutionary points. The upper left segment cohesion shortens the length of the tail knot to make it easier to avoid enemies. Agility in the lower left has increased speed of movement. The upper right retraction stamina extends the time when the tail can be shrunk. Next armor durability is up to the armor durability. And the blade durability has become the durability of the blade.

Item "Armored Tail". Armor will be destroyed by two attacks if it is in the first state, but it seems to be able to endure up to 3 times by using this.

Energy Bomb. Activate with the space key, erase all the energy clusters on the screen. Unfortunately, we can not erase enemies. You can possess up to 7 shots.

Invincibility Power Up. You will not receive any damage for only 10 seconds. Let's hurry to rebuild your body and collect energy clusters.

Segment Regeneration Power Up. In addition to instantly powering up one clause, you can get a Max Tail bonus if all tails are perfect.

Dragon wandering while blinking the blade.

Game over if you lose all the clauses.

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