When I played 'Super Planet Crash' which can create a planetary system from the viewpoint of God, I could feel the miraculous balance of the solar system.

NASA released the planetary simulation game ' Super Planet Crash ' for free on June 19, 2022. In Super Planet Crash, we aim to create a planetary system by touching the screen, but it is said that the game will be over easily if you do not consider the attraction of the planet, so I actually played it.

APOD: 2022 June 19 --Game: Super Planet Crash


You can access Super Planet Crash by clicking the link above. In the initial state, the star is fixed in the center, and the planet revolves around it.

Click on the screen and the planet will start moving from the clicked position. A white circle drawn on the outside of the planet indicates a position 2 AU (1 AU is the distance from the sun to the earth) away from the star, and 'the planet jumps out of the white line' 'planets collide with each other or with the star' If any of the conditions of 'Yes' are met, the game is over. In Super Planet Crash, we will place multiple planets and aim to avoid game over until 'Years' on the upper right reaches 1000.

On the left side of the screen, you can select the size of the planet from 5 types. From top to bottom, the sizes are 'Earth', 'Ice giant', 'Giant planet', 'Brown dwarf', and 'Dwarf star'. The larger the size of the planet, the higher the score. This time, I placed a brown dwarf-sized planet near the star.

Super Planet Crash simulates the gravitational pull of a planet, with larger planets having greater gravitational pull. For this reason, when a brown dwarf-sized planet was placed, the orbits of other planets changed significantly.

A few seconds after placing the brown dwarf-sized planet, the planet jumped out of the screen and the game was over. The score is 88,304 points. Click New Game to play again.

This will bring up a screen where you can select the type of game. On this screen, you can also select a game with multiple planets arranged in advance, but this time I wanted to try the above game again, so I clicked 'Design your own system' on the upper right.

In the second challenge, I placed Earth-sized planets and giant ice planets with relatively low gravitational pull.

Safely avoided game over for 1000 years. However, the score is low because only small planets are placed.

Next time, let's play a game in which planets are arranged in advance. This time, I selected 'Kepler-11' at the bottom right.

Kepler-11 looks like this. Like the actual

Kepler-11 , six planets revolve around the star.

When I added a brown dwarf-sized planet, the orbit of revolution was disturbed in an instant ...

The planet has jumped out of the screen.

When I actually played Super Planet Crash, I found that a planet with a large gravitational force had a great influence on other planets, and I understood that the planetary system is made up of a very exquisite balance. Also, considering that giant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn exist in the actual solar system, we can realize how miraculously the solar system is established.

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