Ocean Survivor game that swims just like being a bluefin tuna so you can not catch it

It's a bluefin tuna game that keeps swimming for as long as possible so that it can not be caught up by a number of fishing boats coming down. I wish somewhere to have a goal, but if I could just catch it like a real fish, I just finished swimming, I just keep going swimming.

The game is from the following.
Conserve Our Ocean Legacy: Ocean Survivor Game

The number of large fish has drastically decreased in the last half century due to progress of fishery technology, and in the US territorial waters bluefin tuna has decreased by 99% since 1963. It is said that he created this game with a message saying to stop fishing overfishing.

The operation is as simple as moving the mouse up while left clicking on the mouse, moving down when you release your finger. There is no goal and so on, the goal is to keep swimming as much as possible.

The screen looks something like this, when it hits a net or a hook hung from a fishing boat, it will be caught up.

It is easy to avoid needles.

You can jump and avoid it.

arrested. Or this is inevitable ....

Being an enemy isTrawler ship.

Rolling net fishing boat.

It is said that the cause of the drastic reduction of tuna worldwideLong line fishing boat.

Things that have been picked up can not be helped, so let's just leave the score.

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