The trailer of "X file" movie 2 is officially released

A trailer of a new movie "X-Files: I Want to Believe" of "X File" has been officially released. BeforeA trailer filmed by someone was leaked to YouTubeAlthough it was immediately deleted, this can be seen with high image quality carefully.

Details are as below.IGN Video The X-Files I Want to Believe Movie Trailer - Debut Trailer

It is scheduled to be released on 25th July in the US, but will be released on November 8th in Japan. Substitution of the original title "I Want to Believe" replacesJapan only subtitle is recruited until June 6It is said that it will be invited to the Japan Premier at the time of director visit to Japan if it is chosen as the best award. It is difficult to put subtitles without knowing the content of the movie, but if you look at the trailer it may come up with a good idea.

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