A fierce muzu shooting game `` Enter the Gunjong '' play review that goes through a merciless barrage and releases a unique gun

' Enter the Gunjong ' is a shooting game in which you go through a dungeon with a unique gun while going through the barrage that fills the screen. When actually playing, it is a highly addictive game that you will repeatedly play repeatedly due to the difficulty that can be said to be 'super muscular' despite simple operations and the system that all guns and items that can be obtained in one play are random It has become.

Enter the Gungeon


If you look at the following movie, you can immediately understand what kind of game 'Enter the Gunjong' is.

`` Enter the Gangjong '' is a game like this-YouTube

The title screen of 'Enter the Gangjong' looks something like this. This time I played the Nintendo Switch version, the language was English at the first startup, so first select 'OPTIONS' to make it Japanese.

Select “GAME PLAY” ……

Move the cursor to 'Language' and use the left / right keys to change the language.

OK when Japanese is displayed.

The game starts with character selection. In the initial state, 4 players, 'Soldier', 'Pilot', 'Presoner' and 'Hunter' can play, and each character has its own unique ability and initial weapon. For example, the Soldier has an initial weapon called a 'formal pistol' that flies straight with a large number of bullets, a disposable item 'transceiver' that can replenish ammo, an item 'military training record' that raises the ability of the weapon, and an armor instead of HP. I'm waiting.

You can change the character of 'Enter the Gunjong' every time you play, so you can decide the character without worrying. You'll find your favorite character over time.

In 'Enter the Gunjong', each character searches for Gungun in search of the ultimate treasure 'Gun that destroys the past' that lies deep inside the labyrinth 'Gangjong'. Ganjong has 1 to 5 floors, and each floor consists of about 10 rooms.

When entering each room, an enemy character appears.

Enemy characters attack with guns and crushing.

The initial HP is 6, and HP is reduced by 1 each time you receive a hit. You have to move your character around to avoid enemy bullets as recovery is limited. Not only do you avoid enemy bullets by moving them to a position where they do not hit, but you also use shields ...

You can avoid it even with 'Dodge Roll' that becomes invincible for a moment. Dodge roll is activated by L button and can be used repeatedly with almost no interval, but it is invincible only in the first half of the motion. Techniques are required because you will be hit if you do not use the bullet speed of the enemy bullet.

Powerful enemies will appear as you go deeper in the hierarchy, and the number of enemy bullets will also be called 'barrage.'

The 'blank' action, which is activated by pressing the LR stick buttons at the same time, is useful in situations where 'it is almost impossible to avoid'. It is possible to cancel all enemy bullets on the screen.

The action `` Blank '' that erases all the enemy bullets of `` Enter the Gunjong '' is like this-YouTube

However, a special bullet is required to activate the blank. Blanks are a trump card in the event of an emergency, as you have limited access to exclusive bullets.

You can shoot with the equipped weapon by pressing the R button. There are also weapons that you can shoot with rapid fire or charge shots by holding down the R button.

The attack is basically only shooting with the R button, but more than 200 weapons appear. There is also a laser weapon for charge shots ...

Modern firearms such as the AK-47 known as the most used military gun in the world.

On the other hand, guns that shoot fish ...

There are also strange weapons such as guns that shoot bananas.

However, even if it is a strange weapon, its performance is not necessarily inferior. In the case of a banana, it has the effect of 'exploding when hit by an enemy', and it has a high power and a wide attack range. The following shows how to actually kick off the enemy with a banana.

A scene of kicking an enemy with a banana in `` Enter the Gangjong ''-YouTube

Each weapon has the concept of 'number of bullets', and reloading is necessary once the bullets in the magazine are exhausted. A meter is displayed above the character's head while reloading, and you cannot attack during that time.

The total number of bullets is set for each weapon, and if the remaining ammo becomes zero, that weapon cannot be used. Ammunition can be replenished by enemies dropping it or purchasing it at the shop, but with weapons that consume a lot of money, it will soon run out.

Each weapon can be obtained from treasure chests and shops located in Gunjong.

Not only weapons but also items can be obtained from the treasure chests and shops. Each item has various effects such as increasing movement speed, adding poison effect to ammunition, increasing HP, automatically activating special attacks.

You can check the effect of items and weapons with 'Amonomicon' that can be opened from the option screen.

Also, if you wipe out the enemies in a room on each floor, a 'teleporter' may appear in that room. You can warp to the teleporter with the map that can be opened with the ZL button, and move to the room you once captured in an instant. Teleporters appear about once in every 3 rooms, so you can slap your guns and explore crisply.

There is a boss in the room in front of the elevator that leads to the next floor. All the bosses are powerful, and some bosses shoot barrage enough to fill the screen. One of the bosses on the second floor, the 'Brass Orochi Amokonda' was such a strong enemy.

The second tier of `` Enter the Gangjong '' boss `` Brass snake Amokonda '' battle-YouTube

Red bullets are HP recovery items. You can obtain it with a certain probability when you defeat the boss of each layer, purchase it at the shop, or capture the room. Due to limited availability, it was important to avoid enemy bullets and avoid hitting them.

When you actually play, it is almost fortunate that you can obtain which weapons and items. If you can obtain powerful weapons and items, you can easily capture them, but sometimes you get stuck with only weak weapons and items. However, each time you play, different weapons and items will not appear, and it will not be the same development, so it was a highly addictive game that you can play repeatedly.

'Enter the Gangjong' is on sale for Nintendo Switch version, PlayStation version and PC version. The Nintendo Switch version can be purchased on Amazon.co.jp for 3149 yen.

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