Roguelike x falling block puzzle 'Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon' review, a feeling of tension at the last minute that requires good tempo and caution at the same time

The puzzle adventure 'Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon ' based on the world view of

'Shovel Knight ', which has won many awards since its release in 2014, appeared on December 13, 2021. Whereas the previous work 'Shovel Knight' was a 2D action game, this work is a game that combines roguelikes like the 'Mystery Dungeon ' series and falling block puzzles like 'Puyo Puyo'. So, I actually played it.

Steam: Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

'Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon' is where the main character, Shovel Knight, got a mysterious cube ...

Forced to warp ...

The story of having come to a world called 'Pocket Dungeon'.

The gameplay screen looks like this. The actual movie is below.

Roguelike x falling block puzzle 'Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon' is a game like this-YouTube

When I think of 'falling block puzzles', I think of the type of manipulating falling objects such as 'Tetris ' and ' Puyo Puyo ', but in this work, Shovel Knight is used.

Shovel Knight moves up, down, left and right with the cross key, and objects fall one after another from the top according to the action and elapsed time. Basically, it is a turn-based system that 'if you act once, other characters also act once', but even if you do not act for a few seconds, the enemy will act, which can be said to be a 'half-turn system'.

If you move it to hit an object, Shovel Knight will attack in that direction.

If the opponent attacked by Shovel Knight is a monster, that monster will 'counterattack' in response to Shovel Knight's attack.

However, if you can defeat the monster with that attack, you will not receive a counterattack. Most monsters do not voluntarily attack, so basically only counterattacks are damaged.

The reduced HP can be recovered by attacking the potions that occasionally fall.

The most important system for attacks is the 'chain'. In this work, if objects of the same type are next to each other, the damage will enter the entire adjacent object. Therefore, it is better to hit the monsters in a chain than to deal with them one by one.

The benefit of the chain is not only that, but if you defeat a large number of enemies in the chain, you will drop more 'gems' than usual.

This gem is so-called 'money' and is necessary to purchase items at shops that appear along the way. All the items sold in the shop are powerful and you definitely want them. So it's important to earn gems as efficiently as possible.

The 'gem gauge' that exists at the bottom of the screen also plays a big role in earning gems.

The gem gauge is a mechanism that you can get more gems by changing the color if you operate it at a good tempo or decide the chain well. However, if you do not operate it for about 0.5 seconds, the gem gauge will drop sharply.

In that case, I think, 'Let's operate the gem gauge at a good tempo so that it can be kept at MAX!', But this game does not go as expected. If you operate it at a good tempo, the play will be messy, so you tend to inadvertently attack monsters or move in a direction where there is no escape when the HP is low. Therefore, it is necessary to properly use the two styles of 'operate in a hurry to earn gems' and 'think carefully and play safely'.

Items can also be obtained from 'treasure chests' in addition to gems.

All the items that come out of the treasure chest have a powerful effect, but they are a kind of 'active item' that disappears after being used a certain number of times.

I think 'I want to use it carefully because the number of times is limited!', But since swords and the like are consumed even if they attack a mere block, they can sometimes be annoying.

To open the treasure chest, you need the key that comes down as an object.

And this key is also used to open the goal 'door'.

The key is used for both the treasure chest and the door, but since the treasure chest that appears during the stage and the key that can open all the doors will appear, it means that 'I used too much for the treasure chest and there is no more for the door'. Does not happen. However, the key can be carried over to the next stage, so if you say, 'There seems to be no problem at the moment, so you don't have to bother to open the treasure box', you can carry over the key. In the previous stage, a treasure chest will appear in an amount commensurate with the key.

As you advance the stage in this way, the character that appeared in the original game 'Shovel Knight' appears as a boss on the way.

The boss is a strong enemy who not only counterattacks but also makes special attacks with skills. When I thought I had defeated it, I got on a huge machine and entered the second form. The 'Machine Knight' battle was like this.

Subdue the boss 'Machine Knight' of the roguelike x falling block puzzle 'Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon'! --YouTube

The boss you defeated in this way will be unlocked as a playable character.

In 'Town' where you can replace play characters, you can unlock other items that appear by paying gems ...

It is possible to open shortcuts to the stages that have already been captured. Even if gems die, they will be accumulated without permission, so each time you play, you will gradually be able to play a 'strong and new game'.

The system side is also substantial, 'stock number' that can select the number of revival for each stage, 'stage' that you can choose whether to fix the stage order in the specified order or random, 'boss' that you can choose the presence or absence of the boss , 'Speed' that can adjust the game speed, 'Physical strength' that can increase the maximum physical strength, 'Attack' that can increase the attack damage, etc. You can adjust the difficulty by yourself. You can set the number of stocks to 'infinite' or even set the speed to 'OFF' to make it a pure turn-based strategy, so even people who are 'confident if they can clear it a little ...' are okay. However, it should be noted that the achievements will not be canceled if the physical strength and attack power are increased.

In addition, 'Daily Run' is a mode in which you can play only once a day to compete with players from all over the world.

There is also a 'competition mode' where you can play against players and CPUs from all over the world.

The battle mode is a format unique to falling block puzzles, where when you destroy an object, an obstructive object falls on the other side, and the one who fills the screen loses.

Especially in play, the pleasure of accumulating enemies and knocking them down with a single blow in a 'chain' is the feeling of feeling when deciding a big chain with a falling block puzzle.

On the other hand, the exhilaration when you enter the unmatched state with powerful items is just roguelike, and it is an impression that you can get the best of falling block puzzles and roguelikes.

The difficulty itself is not so high, but the response of the operation itself is good, so you want to operate at a good tempo, but sometimes the balance of making mistakes and dying if you do not think carefully is exquisite, and even if you clear it once, it will be the next one immediately I was addicted to wanting to start a lap.

'Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon' is available for PC and Nintendo Switch, and can be purchased from the links below for 1980 yen including tax.

Steam: Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Download Version | My Nintendo Store

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