I tried playing a battle with everyone of `` Super Mario Maker 2 '' that can play online with up to 4 people

Super Mario Maker 2 ”, a game for Nintendo Switch, was released on June 28, 2019. Super Mario Maker 2 is equipped with an online battle mode ' everyone battle ' that was not in the previous work, and I actually tried playing with Mario players around the world through the Internet.

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Super Mario Maker 2's simultaneous play mode with multiple players, “Play with Communication”, has “Play with people from the world” and “Play with the world”. `` Play with people from the world '' is a mode where you play a game with 4 people randomly playing online, `` Clear with everyone '' aims to clear the course with up to 4 friends, “Battle” is a competition of up to 4 people who will clear the course first. There is a battle rate in 'everyone battle', but in the case of 'everyone clear', just clear the game together.

Matching took a lot of time at first because it was daytime on weekdays, but after playing for a while, it matched without any stress. In addition, the game starts when a certain period of time elapses after two or more players have gathered in the “Clear with everyone” and “Battle with everyone”.

The difference between “Clear with everyone” and “Battle with everyone” is basically whether the battle rate is related or not. Everyone's clear is not related to the battle rate, and even if you make a mistake, you can return from your position. In addition, the player can choose the difficulty level of the course at the time of play, and will play the course of the difficulty level with the most votes. In addition, when the number of votes is the same, priority is given to those with low difficulty, and you can not play with Nintendo Switch friends.

When playing with everyone, everyone may get caught in the trap of the course together like the following movie, and in a sense this may be the best part of playing together.

`` Super Mario Maker 2 '' online battle mode `` Clear with everyone '' looks like this 1-YouTube

However, if the ally finishes, the game ends on the spot. Although it is rare that everyone will go together together, there is no voice chat function in the game, so each player goes through the course at his own pace, and somebody clears the course and the game ends Often it becomes. It would be nice if there was a mechanism that multiple people cooperated to clear the course, but so far I have not come across such a mechanism, `` If you play alone you can taste a sense of achievement that you cleared I can't help thinking 'Now ...?'

`` Super Mario Maker 2 '' online battle mode `` Clear with everyone '' looks like this-YouTube

In battle with everyone, the more you win, the higher the battle rate. Basically, it matches with people with similar rates. Of course, if you lose, the rate will drop. When you actually play, if someone also finishes the game, the game will be forcibly terminated, so if you are not the best among the matched players, the game will end in the middle of the course every time unless you are the best Will continue. Even though the goal can be seen right in front of you, it is quite stressful to forcibly end it before it, and it is very cruel that you will not feel a sense of accomplishment unless you win. Since the second place and below are all “losing” and points are not earned, the impression is that it is a difficult game mode for beginners.

Play a battle with everyone of `` Super Mario Maker 2 ''-YouTube

Also, even if you get the key to advance ahead depending on the course like the following movie, there are situations where many players are waiting in front of the locked door and you can not proceed, Isn't it suitable for playing with multiple people? Note that there are cases where the course is selected.

Everyone in `` Super Mario Maker 2 '' is deprived of the key in the battle and can win the victory-YouTube

In the first place, a course that is too difficult appears and the game may continue for a long time without anyone clearing, so whether you can enjoy the battle and everyone's clear play significantly affects the degree of completion of the course chosen randomly Where it seems to be done.

As an impression that I actually played, everyone could not win in battle anyway. Although I tried again and again, I couldn't even get to the first place, but only my teeth were accumulated. There was a possibility that there were a lot of advanced players who started from zero on the battle rate because I played on the release date, but still I couldn't become the first place because my heart broke down, saying, 'I can't get this first ...' I felt that it would be a mode that even beginners could enjoy more if they decided to rank 2nd or lower and distribute points to get a sense of accomplishment.

In addition, everyone seems to be raising the Gungun battle rate, and the battle rate B of 2606 is the highest value at the time of article creation.

In communication play, you can also “play with the Nintendo Switch”. Even in this case, it is possible to play with up to four people, but everyone must have a Nintendo Switch, so it is not possible to play by side. In addition, at least one player must be a member of Nintendo Switch Online , and the Nintendo Switch must be connected to the Internet during play.

In addition, 'Super Mario Maker 2' is on sale at Amazon.co.jp with a package version of 5622 yen including tax and a download version 5863 yen including tax.

Amazon | Super Mario Maker 2 -Switch | Games

Amazon | Super Mario Maker 2 -Switch | Games

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