I checked the degree of reproduction of the snacks of the Izakaya chain "LOL LOL"

From April 16th I ate "Lolly smoked chicken's deep-fried taste" and "Lolly smoked chili meiyo pizza taste" that is being sold by Frito Lea. It seems that it is a collaboration product with Monteroza Co., Ltd., which manages a pub style chain "lol", but how did you reproduce the meal of a pub in snacks?

Details are as below.
Japan Frito LTD | New product information lol

I tried putting it on a dish.

A classic menu of pubs. Deep-fried taste of chicken.

Here is Mayo pizza taste of chili spicy. It seems that it became the top of the menu that I want to make it snacks by voting to the staff of "LOL LOL".

First of all, I think that the taste of deep-fried clothes is reproduced as it is. It is a snack confection so there is no peculiar texture, but it is slightly sour and can be said to be a delicious taste like sprinkling lemon. However it is a bit disappointing that there are biases in seasoning, whether the tongue got accustomed to taste, a part that is strangely sour or part that can only be thought of as a snack of ordinary soy sauce taste.

Next time it is Mayo pizza taste, but the degree of reproduction here is insanely high. The smell of salami drifted from opening the bag, the balance between the taste of mayonnaise and cheese is also exquisite. I feel like I'm really eating pizza. Pungent taste is also a good accent, it has become a horse that will reach out many times one after another. This is the level I want you to enter regular.

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