A game that draws bonds of boys and giants so much as to be killed Moe "Man eating Ogre Toriko" play review, "Good idea of" ICO "and" Wanda and the Colossus "

Game game for PlayStation 4 (PS 4) by Fumio Ueda who worked on 'ICO', 'Wanda and the Colossus'Man eating Ogre Toriko"Was released on December 6, 2016 (Tuesday). I tried to play actually what kind of game the "human eating Ogre Toriko" finally released after 7 years since the presentation at "E 3" in 2009.

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The game starts from where the hero's boy wakes up in the cave.

Toriko of the Great Ogre is lying next to the boy collapsing. Toriko is weak, barking or threatening the boy, and expelling hostility.

Toriko's weakness was caused by a spear stuck in her body.

Because I feel painfully poorly, I pulled a spear clinging to Toriko's body that I hate manipulating the boy.

Toriko can not move yet even if he pulls a spear. Tal was falling nearby ....

I threw it down before Toriko. Even then, Toriko is threatening the boy barking with a gauge.

When leaving from Toriko 's side, Toriko had eaten while making a loud noise with Tal. Tal is a Toriko's food, and when you feed it you can strengthen the bond with Toriko.

Toriko only gets a little to the hero as she pulls out the spear and also feeds it. From here, you can call Toriko by pressing "R1". Since we had hostility until the previous time, it makes me feel happy if you call your name and come.

The appearance that Toriko comes by being called by a boy can be confirmed from the following movie.

Called Toriko at the game "Man eating Ogre Toriko" and tried it with you - YouTube

However, Toriko remains connected to the chain. It's too sorry for this.

Cling to Toriko's body ......

Pull the switch at the neck, the collar will come off the chain.

With this, Toriko has become sunny and freedom. Toriko is gradually getting used to boys. The gesture of crying and clapping ears and very gorgeous, slowly getting depressed is like feeling when I really started petting.

Toriko going to the back of the caster and the stausta. I will keep in mind as I am interested.

Toriko stopped at the innermost position and stared at one point and stopped moving. I thought "Is something there?" Tricho's gazing place is a high place that a juvenile does not reach so much.

It is impossible for a boy alone, but if you climb to the head of Toriko you can jump and jump.

Toriko was staring at the food of Tara. In this game, the placemark "Where to go next" is not displayed, you need to search by yourself. The direction that Toriko is seeing is a hint at that time. Anyway, if you do not understand, there is something wrong in the direction that Toriko's face is facing.

There is a small hole in the place where Tal was, so it will proceed ......

I got a mirror that gives a magical light at the place behind the hole.

When you return to the place where Toriko is with holding a mirror, Toriko's eyes emits purple.

Lighting with a mirror near Toriko ......

From Toriko's tail, purple "fly" was released to the place where the light was hit.

If you destroy "somewhere" with this "rice ball", escape from the place you are going forward. Where to destroy "where" should be understood by seeing the face of Toriko naturally.

When the boy walks forward, Toriko comes with Noshinoshi from behind.

As I proceeded, I reached the place where the water was stretched.

Although the main character jumps in with Zaboon ... ...

Toriko does not dive quite hard as I am afraid of water.

When I explored the surroundings "I had somehow to do it", I found a box of wood containing Tal. You push and pull the wooden box and in some way you can break out the wooden box and take out the tal in it.

When I return to the place where Toriko is held holding a tal ...

Toriko was not able to win the charm of the food, but he came into Zaboon into the water. It is anything like animals.

Toriko to eat Tara as a boy just as it is. The appearance seems to be a big dog.

When you pass through a place with water, you will come to a large area where trees grow.

It is apparently a special place for Toriko.

You can stroke Toriko by pressing "○ button". Toriko expresses joy by giving a cry called Kuhn.

It is a big goal of the game to "escape the mysterious ruins together with Toriko" "eating eagle Toriko". A lot of traps are set in the ruins, and Toriko and the boy cooperate together to break through it.

It goes through a scaffold with only the width of the foot in a high place ......

There are various gimmicks such as climbing on the chain.

The boy is going through the ruins with toughness like a superman, but cooperation play with Toriko is also the essence of this game. Without Toriko, we can not proceed and we can not go ahead with Toriko without a boys. It is an interesting place of this game to just keep hands and help each other, clearing various tricks.

How to clear Toriko and the remains of the ruins will be spoiled, so I can not write it concretely, but I will write a little. For example, in the following scenes Toriko pushed her head into a small hole and it did not come out. "Well, indeed, I think climbing up Toriko's body and moving upwards ..."

I climbed up Toriko 's body, but the height of the boy does not reach the upper floor.

While thinking about "what to do", I will go to the space where Toriko is thrusting his head. Toriko who thrusts his face in the hole shows Gayururu and shows a gesture like shaking his head. That figure is quite lovable.

There is a big pot in the space, and something like steam is coming out from the pot. Apparently, Toriko seems to be reacting to the smell of this steam.

So, pulling the big pot with the good point, we bring it to the front of the hole next to the hole where Toriko is thrusting.

When going out, Toriko is thrusting his neck into the hole next to the hole in front.

Climb the body again Toriko ... ...

I got caught in the grass so that I could go to the upper floor. This is just an example, the ruins are full of various tricks. We often look around and see the direction of Toriko's face, so we will depend on faint hints and proceed ahead.

In the ruins, not only a mechanism but also an enemy called "Yoroi" appeared.

The boy can not attack against Yoroi. When captured, the animation will be sucked away.

Fighting Yoroy is the role of Toriko. Toriko that blows out the endpaper like protecting the hero is a blunder.

In addition, Toriko after fighting Yoroi is excited and shows offensive attitude towards the boy.

When Toriko gets excited, if you approach him and give him Nadenade, OK. It gradually regains calm and returns to gentle Toriko.

You can check how Toriko fights with Yoroi and how it is appreciated by the hero afterwards from the following movie.

Toriko defeats Yoroi in game "Man eating Ogre Toriko" - YouTube

As Toriko gradually comes to the hero as he progresses the story, he will be able to give instructions to Toriko on the way. When sitting, jumping and other various instructions can be issued, the interest of the game spreads out at once, and Tricho following the instructions of the boy seems to be a real pet.

You can check how Toriko is sitting and jumping and giving instructions from the following movie.

I tried sitting and jumping in Toriko with the game "Ogrey Ogre Toriko" - YouTube

Also, when you fly around Toriko 's head, it is powerful full mark. Please check the movie from the following movie.

I tried flying around Toriko's head with the game "Man eating Ogre Toriko" - YouTube

I narrowed my eyes when I was banging on my head ...

Tricks such as putting back the neck with the hind legs can be healed just by watching the gestures. This is also one of the big attraction of "eating eagle Toriko".

Even if you issue instructions, you do not understand immediately, you are staring at this while gazing at it, the real animal-like behavior is a factor that is not quite for other games.

The point of view of the world view produced by Fumio Ueda is also a point of interest. A breathtaking beautiful ruin can be mistakenly watched with scenery where my heart is washed.

"People eating Ogre Toriko" may be confused at first with camera-specific work and feeling of operation of this game, but there are many more enchanting beyond that. In addition, Amazon is selling the limited edition for the first time even at article creation, the price is 5901 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Man eating Ogre Toriko Initial limited edition 【Early purchase benefits】 Product code enclosed - "Original PlayStation 4 theme" "Mini soundtrack" can be downloaded - PS 4: Game

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