Hideo Kojima's latest work, 'Death Stranding,' which carries the future on his back, is a fusion of overwhelmingly immersive movies and games.

Kojima's latest work, 'Death Stranding, ' is a game that 'reconnects' America, which has been divided in the near future with the development of science and technology. The keyword of this work is ' connection ', and the main character, known as the legendary porter, connects people, past and future by carrying luggage from town to town. When I played it, the realistic visuals like live action and the profound story were overwhelming, and it was a game with an immersive feeling that I was drawn into the story.

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The stage is the United States in the near future, a world where science and technology such as hologram communication and advanced medical technology have developed. In such a world, the main character Sam is playing an active role as a 'porter' who carries luggage from town to town.

The main character, Sam's model, is Norman Reedus from The

Walking Dead series.

The reason why people carry their luggage by hand in the near future is that an abnormal phenomenon is occurring outside the city. One of them is ' Shigure (( Time fall ) The rain called.

'Time' is deprived of the place where it comes into contact with the rain. People will age, and things will deteriorate.

Another unusual phenomenon is an invisible monster called 'BT' that appears in places where it is raining. Since you can't see it, you can only see its approach from your footprints.

BT has the characteristic of detecting sounds and killing creatures indiscriminately, and the only countermeasure is to 'escape'.

Since such a mysterious phenomenon is occurring all over the world, human beings have stopped leaving the city. The city is lined with skyscrapers and a barrier is pasted at the entrance, so you can see that science and technology have developed considerably ...

The wilderness just spreads out of the city. Therefore, it is important for porters to take risks and carry luggage from city to city.

So, the main gameplay part is to operate the main character Sam to deliver packages from town to town.

It looks like this is actually moving in the field.

When you move around the field outside the city with 'Death Stranding', it looks like this-YouTube

The packages we deliver are not limited to those undertaken in the city. It is also possible to deliver the 'lost items' left by the NPC in the field.

When you carry your luggage from one end, it looks like this. Luggage has the concept of weight, so if you carry it too much, Sam's movement will become slower and slower. Depending on the weight of your luggage, you may get stuck.

On a steep mountain road, if you carry too much luggage on your back, you may be about to fall to the left or right. In such a case, press R2 and L2 to prevent the fall. Should it fall, the durability of the luggage will decrease. If your durability is too low, your luggage will be damaged.

Not only can you carry your luggage on your back, but you can also hang it on your thighs or hold it in your hand to adjust the 'balance' and prevent it from tipping over. In open world games,

you often need to cook to recover your physical strength, wanted to defeat NPCs, reproduce transcendental motorcycles, and so on. There is, but I can't help but be surprised, 'Is it finally possible to customize the balance of luggage in the game?'

The vast fields make it easy to get lost. Convenient functions such as 'Map', 'Marker', and 'Odradec' prevent you from getting lost. The map shows the destination of the city, Sam's current location, and various objects.

When you draw a marker on the map, the marker will be displayed on the field screen. If you follow this marker, you can move on the field without losing sight of your destination.

You can also use items to overcome terrain that hinders Sam's movement, such as cliffs and rivers. It looks like this when you move the ladder over the river and use it as a bridge.

'Odradec' is like active sonar. You can use it to scan the surrounding area.

Objects detected by Odradec can be seen in detail even from a distance. In addition to objects, it detects unevenness in the terrain and displays 'terrain that is easy to fall'.

The maximum stamina decreases when you travel a long distance, but you can recover by eating insects or drinking river water. Even though the maximum value has dropped, it's a drop that you wouldn't normally notice, so at the beginning of the game, you didn't have to constantly search for food and water. You can also take a nap in the field to recover your strength.

You can also use ladder ropes placed by other players online.

Standing urination, which has been a hot topic , can be executed at any time on the field.

When you actually grow mushrooms with standing urine, it looks like the following.

I tried to urinate and piss in 'Death Stranding'-YouTube

After standing urination, mushrooms grow on the field for some reason.

Pollutants called 'Kairarium' are widespread in this world, and Kylarium gradually accumulates in the body. Standing urine has important implications because urination is excreted outside the body.

Death Stranding is more than just a city-to-city baggage game. Various difficulties block Sam's path. BT, an invisible monster, can now be visualized using the power of the fetal 'Bridge Baby', which is filled with artificial amniotic fluid in a special capsule.

This is what happens when you actually get through BT with the help of Bridge Baby and Odradec.

Breaking through the invisible monster 'BT' in 'Death Stranding'-YouTube

BT detects 'sounds' such as voice and breath, so when approached, hold your breath and escape.

When grabbed by the BT, a black hedro-like liquid is forcibly swallowed into another eroded world.

If you get caught by the invisible monster 'BT' in 'Death Stranding', you will be sent to another world-YouTube

In another world, the body is attacked by dolphins and the head is attacked by giant worm-like variants with tentacles.

In addition, an enemy like a bandit who robs a baggage called Mule also appears on the field.

After going through such a threat, Sam carries his luggage from city to city.

After the transportation is completed, Sam's evaluation as a delivery person and the favorable impression from the delivery destination can be obtained according to the condition and type of the package.

Also, going out of town isn't just about carrying luggage. Due to the accumulation of Kylarium, the body explodes within 48 hours when a person dies.

The explosion is powerful enough to erase one city. Therefore, it is necessary to carry the body to an incinerator located far from the city.

My job as a porter is harder than I imagined, and sometimes I have to carry my body.

The word 'strand', which is also included in the title of the game, has three meanings. Two of them mean 'grounding' and 'being at a loss'.

And the other is the meaning of 'bond'.

As the story progresses, various bonds become apparent about Sam, who at the beginning of the story was only known as a 'porter.'

Another big theme is 'Reconstruction of America'.

As a result of the rain and BT that kept people out of the city, American cities became isolated.

As a result, some cities are dominated by violent organizations.

In order to regain the former United States, including cities with such various backgrounds, Sam is entrusted with the task of 'regaining the connection between cities and creating bonds.'

Death Stranding is not a game that focuses on exhilarating action and exciting combat.

Sam is alone in most situations. However, because of that, you can feel the bond with the words of gratitude that you receive when you complete the delivery. Online indirect co-op play is one of them. If you leave an action like 'Like' on a ladder set up by someone, you will also create a bond with others.

In Death Stranding, narration and deliberate conversations between characters do not reveal the story or background. All the player can do is see what Sam is experiencing. Therefore, it can even be said that 'as the story progresses, more things are unknown.'

However, through the reconstruction of the United States, Sam's own abilities and past became clear, and by deepening the connection with various characters, the whole picture of the story became clear little by little, and he was drawn into the story with Guigui. To go.

The PlayStation 4 version of Death Stranding is Amazon.co.jp, the regular version is 6458 yen including tax, the regular version with Amazon limited benefits is 7590 yen, the special edition with early purchase benefits is 11,214 yen including tax, early purchase benefits The collector's edition with was 29,000 yen including tax.

Amazon | [PS4] DEATH STRANDING | Game

The PC version will be released around the summer of 2020. Pre-orders are available on Steam, and the price is 7590 yen including tax.

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