I tried playing the open world game `` Days Gone '' for PS4 that challenges the world that became a hell (free car) hell

An open-world action-adventure game for PS4 that forces you to survive in extreme conditions against a ferocious and overwhelming number of zombie-like free cars (infected persons) in a world where human society has collapsed due to a pandemic. ' Days Gone ' will be released on April 26, 2019. The

demo video in which a huge amount of free cars attacked at full speed was shocking anyway, and I challenged the trial play at Tokyo Game Show 2018 , but since I had the opportunity to play before the release, I felt the harsh world after the pandemic I tried an adventure. In addition, 'Days Gone' is ' CERO: Z (18 years old or more real target),' but is the work of, and in the article 'CERO: Z (18 years old or more real object)' does not include the representation corresponds to the .

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Days Gone | PlayStation

◆ A story full of mystery that goes beyond fighting free cars
Days Gone takes place in a world where human society has collapsed due to a pandemic, and players need to become the main character, Deacon Saint John, to survive a world of despair. The game starts with a bounty bounty buzzer (skinhead behind) traveling through a devastated world, so there's no telling about the story behind 'Why did a pandemic happen?'. Therefore, the basis of Days Gone is to infer 'what happened to this world' while playing the game and to remember 'what did Deacon experience?'

After all, Uri's game is a flashy action with a free car, but how the mysterious pandemic and Deacon are involved is also a big highlight in the game.

◆ Action to survive in a large number of free cars
The enemy is a 'free car (infected person)' that has an animal habit without thinking, caused by a pandemic. Free cars are not only ubiquitous in the open world, they are also creating 'nests' in parts of the field. A large number of free cars are hiding in the nest, so you need to use various weapons, traps, and various things on the field to destroy the free cars. Free cars have animal-like habits, so if you come into sight or make a loud noise, they will all come together and become messy, so be careful.

In the 10-minute demo video released in 2016, a horrifying play scene where an incredible number of free cars are attacking at once is recorded, so that you can better understand what kind of game Days Gone is I am.

DAYS GONE 10 Minutes de Gameplay (PS4 Demo Zombies)-YouTube

I imagined a battle scene like removing a mountain free car like a demo video, but when I actually played it I did not have a high firepower firearm at the beginning of the game, so it is free It's quite difficult to deal with a group of cars one at a time. I mean, it's impossible. Therefore, the player hides behind the scenes ...

It is necessary to devise such as surely defeating each free car one by one.

The main weapon of Days Gone is a firearm, and the white frame in the center of the screen is the aim. The aim differs depending on the firearm used, and since the shotgun is wide, you can roughly aim and repel the free car, but if you use a handgun etc., the aim will be small, so you have to aim well ...

The free car keeps the distance close and forces me to fight. The impression that I actually played is that the difficulty level changes considerably depending on the weapon used. In the case of a firearm that has high power and a wide range of bullets like a shotgun, yet with a weapon that has low power and low fire rate like a handgun, you must accurately determine the headshot to the approaching free car with a dash. If you don't want to be struck by an octopus, you'll need to have strong mental strength and outstanding firearm skills, even in a critical situation.

Therefore, sometimes I hide in the trash and overdo the free car ...

You have to take advantage of everything on the field to fight free cars, like shooting guns through drums and exploding them. Free cars come one after another like cockroaches, so if you notice that you are a little careless, you will be surrounded by more than 10 free cars, if you notice ammunition, you will bottom and you will die with one knife you have There were quite a few early scenes when I tried to make a special attack.

However, free cars that move fast and crowd in large numbers do not move as much as they do, or they can't keep up with Deacon's sprinting, so there is no such thing as 'depletion = death'. It depends on how to use a lot of surrounding items and items in hand to destroy a large number of free cars, and as the battle time gets longer, the supplies decrease and the poverty becomes poor. I thought it was a good reproduction of the 'world in which I manage things among the supplies'.

Those who are wondering how the free car will actually attack in the world of Days Gone can be seen by watching the following movie. Since this is the beginning of the game, the number of free cars is quite small. As the Deacon's equipment is gradually prepared and the skill of the player increases, the size of the flock of free cars also increases, so the player's operation skill and crisis detection ability will be more questioned.

`` Days Gone '' play movie attacked by a lot of free cars like zombies-YouTube

Of course, Deacon not only fights for free cars, but also for outlaws that mimic bandits in a collapsed human society, a mysterious armed group, and even animals that have become ferocious by a pandemic. Since each has different characteristics from the free car, there is no doubt that it will hurt if you are alert with 'It is overwhelmingly less than the free car'.

Compared to the same open-world action-adventure game '

Red Dead Redemption 2 ', although it feels more difficult in terms of action, it does not necessarily have to collide head-on with a large number of free cars. Those who want to develop a flashy and exhilarating gun battle specially attack the flock of free cars, and those who find it difficult to operate the action are OK if they handle each free car one by one, it is OK for the player. The good point is that you can choose the difficulty level that suits you. In addition, you can select the difficulty level from EASY / NORMAL / HARD at the start of the game, and you can change the difficulty level below the one selected from the settings.

◆ A bike with a strong commitment that is indispensable for adventure in a vast world
The manufacturer's strong commitment is felt in the motorcycle that runs around the vast field as a foot of the main character, Deacon.

I felt that the operability of the bike was quite good or too sensitive, and in the early stages I often turned the steering wheel too far and fluttered to the left or right, or it was too bent and deviated from the destination.

If you hit an obstacle while driving, or if you are hit by a free car or an animal, the deacon that crosses the motorcycle will fly off and the deacon and the motorcycle will be damaged.

A motorcycle that has suffered a certain amount of damage will break down, so it is necessary to collect junk parts and repair it each time.

Also, of course, since it is a motorcycle, it will not run if it runs out of fuel, so it is necessary to refuel appropriately. There is no such thing as 'hunger gauge' in Days Gone, so if the Deacon does not inflict fatal damage, basically it is possible to carry out activities throughout the day and night without consuming any items, but the bike is It will break down quickly and the fuel will be cut off, so it needs to be kept in great care, and obviously it takes more work than the Deacon. However, even if the motorcycle is about to break or the fuel is about to run out, it is surprisingly easy to find the item you need by looking around a bit, `` It takes time, but it is dramatic. It's not a hassle, 'and the perfect balance is achieved.

Not only maintenance is time-consuming, there are obstacles and steps throughout the road, and it is necessary to run on winding mountain roads, so it seems that you can not just push a button to run a motorcycle It has become. Since it is necessary to turn the steering wheel finely to the left and right to operate the bike, it may be troublesome, but the impression that 'the motorcycle is running' is considerably higher.

The feeling that the tires slip on the ground with a fine curve, the squealing sound such as 'Kee' that sounds from the diamond, the squeaking noise of motorcycle parts squeaking by running on the uneven road surface of the devastated world, than the main character Deacon However, it is a level that makes me suspicious that I may be more particular about motorcycles. In addition, a small slope like a jumping platform is installed on the field as naturally as possible so that you can jump on a motorcycle.

In addition, the feeling that the tires slide on the ground more than usual when running a motorcycle on a rainy day is expressed, and anyway, I can feel the intense love and commitment to the bike, so bike lovers should pay attention to such points It may be more fun to play.

You can see how you actually ride a motorcycle on a mountain path in the following movie. You can hardly hear the squealing noise of the tires and the squeaking noises of the parts because it is a mountain road, but you can hear the exhaust noise, the feeling that the tires slip due to drifting, and the squeaking sounds of the parts when they collide with a tree.

Riding a motorcycle with `` Days Gone '' looks like this-YouTube

◆ Relationship between Deacon and the community born in a devastated world
It is quite difficult to survive alone in a world where so many free cars wander around. Therefore, Deacon needs to support the community of people who survived the pandemic, while obtaining the necessary supplies such as firearms, ammunition, medical supplies, and gasoline.

There are several communities on the field created by surviving humans.

In this, people cook ...

Do business ...

I live my life repairing a motorcycle.

In these communities Deacon receives quests from people, called quests, and rewards them for killing free cars on the field and sanctioning opposition parties and outlaws for killing. . It is a form that progresses the game while clearing multiple quests that are often open-world type games, but Deacon, which is a 'bounty hunter that eliminates outlaws', chases the prize neck and exterminates free cars The point is that there is little contradiction with the world view. In addition, sometimes fighting against free cars and sometimes humans at various places on the field is a great action as Days Gone with intense action.

In addition, the more you defeat free cars, the more confidence and reward from the community will increase, so the basics of this game are to eliminate free cars.

What kind of community people living in a world where human society collapsed, and how Deacon and Boozer interact with the community are also important points in the story.

◆ Summary
When I actually played it, I felt the fun of action with a lot of free cars. Unlike free-riding orthodox zombies, freecars dash at full speed, so the pressure is not odd, yet an incredible number of swarms attack the player like a tsunami. The impression is that the excitement of challenging yourself in a situation that seems to be desperate and the despair of 'How can you survive?' Are combined in an exquisite balance. In order to reproduce the world where human society has collapsed due to a pandemic, supplies are really hard at the beginning of the game. Even so, ammunition, gasoline, and medical items are set to be found on the field at an exquisite timing as if they were set to be found on the verge of exhaustion, and the world view of 'the world after the pandemic' is only a story. It seems that it is also directed from the game balance, and the overall balance is excellent anyway.

Not only that, of course, but there are also many points of interest, such as the mysterious story about the pandemic and the Deacon, and the bikes that feel the manufacturer's commitment, so I love people and zombies who want to defeat free cars and release stress. Novices, those who like to travel freely in the open world, and even those who like motorcycles, please play and unravel the mysteries hidden in the world of Days Gone.

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