I tried playing the open world game 'Days Gone' for PS4 to challenge the world that became a zombie (flea car) hell of an screamer

An open world action adventure game for PS4 in which extreme survival is forced against ferocious and overwhelming zombie-like freecars (infected people) in a world where human society has collapsed due to a pandemic The ' Days Gone ' will be released on April 26, 2019. Ultra-large amounts of free car comes attacked at full speed

demo video is anyway shocking, Tokyo Game Show 2018 , even trial play , but we were challenged, the harsh world of the post-pandemic because the resulting opportunity to play before sale I tried adventure. In addition, 'Days Gone' is a work of ' CERO: Z (only for 18 years old or older)', but the article does not include the expression corresponding to 'CERO: Z (only for 18 years old or older)' .

Days Gone | Playstation

◆ Story full of mystery not only fighting free cars
The stage of Days Gone is a world where human society has collapsed due to a pandemic, and players have to become the main character Deacon St. John to survive the world full of despair. The game starts with a bounty buddy booter (skinhead behind) from traveling through the ravaged world, so I can not tell you anything about the background of the story, such as 'Why a pandemic happened?' Therefore, it is the basis of Days Gone to guess 'What happened to this world?' And to remember 'What did Deacon experience?' While advancing the game.

Uri's game is a flashy action with free cars, but it's also a big highlight in the game how the mysterious pandemic and the deacon are related.

◆ Action to survive in the mass of free cars
The enemy is a pandemic, free-thinking, animal-like 'free car' (infected person). Not only do free cars exist everywhere in the open world, they are also creating 'nests' in parts of the field. There are lots of free cars hidden in the nest, so you need to use weapons, traps and various things on the field to drive them out. The free cars have animal habits, so be careful when entering the field of view or making a loud noise as they will gather together and get smashed.

The 10-minute demo video released in 2016 contains a play scene of fear that an incredible number of free cars are attacking all at once, so that you can understand what Days Gone is like. You are

DAYS GONE 10 Minutes de Gameplay (PS4 Demo Zombies)-YouTube

I was thinking of a 'combat scene that will eliminate mountain-like free cars' like a demo image, but when I actually play it, it's free because I don't have high-fired firearms at the beginning of the game. It's quite difficult to use a flock of cars alone at a time. It is impossible. Therefore, the player hides behind the scenes ...

It is necessary to devise a device such as defeating one free car one by one.

The main weapon in Days Gone is the firearm, which is the white frame in the center of the screen. Aiming is different depending on the gun used, and shotguns can be widely used to roughly aim and repel free cars. However, if handguns are used, aiming will be small, so do not aim well ...

The distance to the free car is limited, and it is forced to fight. As impression that we played actually, impression that degree of difficulty changes considerably by weapon to use. In the case of a high-power, wide-range firearm such as a shotgun, but with a low-power and low-fire weapon such as a handgun, you must accurately determine the head shot of the approaching freecar in the dash For example, you will be able to squeeze through the distance at a stretch, so you need strong mental strength and excellent firearming skills that will not move in crisis situations.

Therefore, sometimes we hide in the trash and spend free cars ...

You need to shoot drums with guns and blow up, or take advantage of everything on the field to fight free cars. As a free car comes to the next step like a cockroach, if you notice that you are a little off guard, you will be surrounded by more than 10 free cars, and if you notice an ammunition, the bottom will be over and you will die with one hand-held knife. There was not a lot of early scenes in the scene that ...... to make a special attack of.

However, the free cars that move quickly and in a large amount do not move at all, nor do they follow the full power of Deacon, so there is no 'out of bullets = death'. It depends on how many things and hand-held items are used to destroy a large number of free cars, and as the fighting time gets longer, the supplies will be reduced and it will be poor. I thought it would be a good rendition of the game world as it is the world of the end of the supplies.

If you are wondering what kind of free cars are attacking in the Days Gone world, you can see the following movie: Since the game is in the early stages, the number of free cars is still quite small. As the equipment of the deacon is gradually equipped and the skill of the player increases, the size of the flock of free cars also increases, so that the player's operation skill and crisis detection ability will be further questioned.

'Days Gone' play movie attacked by a lot of free cars like zombies-YouTube

Deacons, of course, fight not only free cars but also outlaws with bandits that make their mark in collapsing human society, mysterious armed groups, and even pandemic animals. Each car has a different feature from the free car, so if you are offended that it is 'very overwhelming compared to the free car', you will definitely find it painful.

Even though it feels like the level of difficulty on the action side compared to the same open world action adventure game '

Red Dead Redemption 2 ', it does not mean that you have to clash with a lot of free cars from the front. Those who want to have a flashy and refreshing shootout will attack the flock of free cars, and those who find it difficult to operate the action will be OK if one free car is processed reliably. It is a good point to be able to choose which degree of difficulty can be changed according to the way of battle that suits each one. In addition, the difficulty can be selected from EASY / NORMAL / HARD at the start of the game, and you can also change it to the level below the one selected from the settings.

◆ Motor bike that feels strong commitment, which is essential for exploring the vast world
The strong commitment of the producer can be felt on the bike that will run around the vast field as the foot of the main character Deacon.

The maneuverability of the bike was quite good or too sensitive, and in the early stages, the steering wheel was turned too much to make it flimsy left and right, and it was often too bent and deviated from the destination.

If you hit an obstacle while riding or you are hit by a free car or an animal, the deacon straddling the bike will jump, and the deacon and the bike will suffer damage.

A bike that has suffered a certain level of damage will break down, so you will need to collect and repair junk parts each time.

Also, because it is a motorbike, it will not run if it gets out of fuel, so it is also necessary to refuel appropriately. In Days Gone, there is no such thing as a 'hunger gauge', so if the deacon takes fatal damage, basically you can do day and night activities without consuming any items, but the bike Because it breaks down quickly and the fuel is cut down, it needs to be taken care of very much, obviously it takes more time than Deacon. However, even if the bike is about to break down or run out of fuel, you can find the necessary items surprisingly easily if you look around a bit, 'it takes time, but it is dramatic. It is not a bothersome thing, but it is an exquisite balance.

In addition to maintenance, it takes time and effort, as there are obstacles and steps across the road, and because it is necessary to run mountain roads in winding, you can not just press the button to run the bike. It has become As it is necessary to turn the steering wheel finely to the left and right to operate the bike, there is also a bothersome odor, but it is an impression that 'the feeling of running the bike' is considerably higher.

From the character of the main character, such as the feeling that the tire slips on the ground with fine curves, the squealing sound of 'Kee' sounded from a diamond, and the sound of 'xixixi' that makes the parts of the motorcycle squeaky by running on the rough road surface of the devastated world The level that you would like to doubt that the commitment to the bike is strong. There is also a small slope on the field, sometimes as natural as a jump platform, so that you can jump on the bike.

Other than that, the feeling that the tire slips on the ground is expressed more than usual when you run the bike on a rainy day, and since you can feel the intense love and commitment to the bike anyway, bike lovers pay attention to such points It may be more enjoyable to play.

You can see how you actually ride a bike on a mountain path in the following movie. I can hardly hear the squeal noise of tires and squeak noise of parts because it is a mountain road, but I can see the exhaust noise and the feeling that the tires drift by drifting and the noise of squeezing parts when colliding with trees.

I feel like riding a bike on 'Days Gone'-YouTube

◆ The relationship between the community and the deacon born in the devastated world
It is quite difficult to survive the world of such a large number of free cars alone. Therefore, Deacon needs to obtain supplies such as firearms, ammunition, medical supplies, and gasoline necessary for life while helping the community of those who survived the pandemic.

There are several communities created by the surviving people on the field.

People cook in this ...

Do business or ......

I live my life while repairing a motorcycle.

In these communities, Deacon receives a quest named 'People's Request' and receives rewards for removing free cars on the field and sanctioning oppositions and outlaws who kill. . The game is progressing while clearing multiple quests that tend to be open world games, but the deacons who are the bounty hunters who eliminate outlaws chase their heads and remove free cars It is also a point that there is little contradiction with the world view. In addition, it is like feeling that intense action is 'perfect' as Uri's Days Gone when fighting against free cars at times, and sometimes against humans at various places on the field.

The more you beat down, the more confidence you get from the community and the more you get rewarded, so the basics of this game are to eliminate the free cars anyway.

What kind of community does people who live in the world where human society collapses forms, and how Deacon and Boozer get in touch with the community is also a big focus point in the story.

◆ Summary
What I felt when I actually played it was the fun of action with free cars, which are a lot of fun. Unlike orthodox zombies who walk on their feet, the freecars sprint at full speed, so the pressure is not odd, yet an unbelievable number of flocks attack players like a tsunami. An impression of a combination of exhilaration that challenges oneself in situations that only seem desperately and a sense of despair “How can we survive?” In an exquisite balance. In order to reproduce that it is a world where human society has collapsed due to a pandemic, the early game is really a raw material. Even so, ammunition, gasoline and medical products are found from the field at such an exquisite timing as to think that they are set to be found in the near end, and the world view 'the world after pandemic' can be It seems as if it is directing from the game balance, and there is nothing other than the overall balance being excellent anyway.

Of course not only that, there are also a lot of attention points such as a story about a pandemic and a deacon wrapped in mystery, and a bike that feels the producer's attention as a hush and there are many attention points, so people and zombies who want to squeeze freecars and release stress Please try to solve the mystery hidden in the world of Days Gone by playing by yourself, anyone who wants to travel in the open world, and even those who like bikes.

In addition, Days Gone is under reservation acceptance at 7330 yen on Amazon.co.jp. It comes with a product code that allows you to download bike upgrade packs and drifter crossbows that can be used in-game as an early purchase bonus.

Amazon | [PS4] Days Gone (early purchase bonus) Product code that can download bike upgrade pack / drifter crossbow early unlocking (included) [CERO rating 'Z'] | Game Software

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