The unique rhythm action game 'Kadence of Hailar: Crypto of Necro Dancer feat. The Legend of Zelda' was tried to defeat the enemy with rhythm in the world view of Zelda

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free trial version is also being distributed roguelike game 'of a different color that × rhythm action crypto-of-Necro dancer is', is a popular content of Nintendo 'The Legend of Zelda' series and the collaboration to 'Cadence Of・ Hyral: Crypto of Necro Dancer feat. The Legend of Zelda , and it has been available since June 14, 2019. Link and the princess of Zelda's legendary series, along with Cadence, the hero of the crypto-necro dancer, beat the enemy on the rhythm and save the kingdom of Hilaral, making it an unusual action game. In fact, I actually played and enjoyed the unusual game nature.

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Since the arranged version of BGM flows in the title screen of 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' on the start screen, Zelda launched the game while thinking 'How is the whole series of the Legend of Zelda?' He kept me in the heart of the fan editorial staff. Select 'NEW GAME' when playing a new game.

Save data can be saved up to three.

Select 'Game Start'. You can select 'no beat mode' from 'Custom game', but it is not recommended on first play because it loses the sound game element that is the main feature of this game.

When the game starts, the following screen appears. When you hear the sound, press the top of the four-way controller.

Then, when the yellow triangle (triforce) that appears in the center of the screen lights up, press the cross key in the same way.

The timing of the sound and the display can be adjusted to the user. When calibration is complete, press the A button.

Then, the synopsis of 'The Cadence of Hailar: The crypto of Necro Dancer feat. The Legend of Zelda' starts. The stage is the Hyalal Kingdom, which is the stage of the Legend series of Zelda. Here again evil power is about to come back.

It is not only Link and Princess Zelda that stood up to defeat the power of darkness. Cadence, the protagonist of the crypto-necro dancer from another world, is summoned to the land of Hailar.

So, first of all, you have to operate the cadence without asking questions. A fairy tril came under the cadence, which was summoned to Hailar.

Trill is the game's leader, explaining what is happening in hilars and explaining various items and gauges.

Of the items displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, those for which a red gauge is displayed will be worn out and broken while being used.

In this work, if there is an enemy monster on the screen, a trif and a white stick flowing from the left and right will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The basic rule of this game is that the moment the white bars overlap on the triforce, you press the cross key to move the character or press the A / B / X / Y button to use the item.

You can see at a glance how you play the game if you look at actually moving the cadence to the rhythm. In this game, if you press the cross key in the direction of the enemy monster, the character will attack, so the basic movement and attack is only with the cross key.

Move to the rhythm and defeat the enemy 'Cadence of Hailar: Crypto of Necro Dancer feat. The Legend of Zelda'-YouTube

Note that if you press the button before the white bar goes into the triforce, you will see 'miss' on the screen and you can not move the character. Therefore, it is necessary to take the rhythm while listening to the sound absolutely in the game, and it is no exaggeration to say that the earphones are essential.

Each manga thing that appears in the game has regularity in movement, so if you observe it carefully and remember the attack and movement patterns, you can defeat it easily.

The short sword you can get at first is a weapon that 'does 1 damage to the front side,' but the weapon's range and power changes depending on the weapon, such as the broadsword that 'does 1 damage to 3 horizontal squares.' .

If you kill the enemies on the screen, the beat will not be displayed at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to move without worrying about the rhythm.

As Cadence travels deep into the dungeon while following the tutorial, it finds two holes. They are linked to Link and Princess Zelda, respectively, and you can choose one or the other.

This time we came to the link.

However, Cadence says, 'I will go looking for a return to my world,' and I will leave.

So, from here on, we'll set off on an adventure to manipulate the link and save the crisis of hilars.

The field is 2D Zelda basically the same as 'The

Legend of Zelda ' and 'The Legend of Zelda Gods Triforce '. However, since the beat is displayed at the bottom of the screen, you need to operate the link according to the music.

Like the Zelda legend series, there are fragments of the heart. Life will increase by one if you collect four.

'Seeker stone' which exists everywhere in the field. Touch this to resume the game from the next time there is a Seeker Stone location.

The diamond is what you can get by defeating all the mamono in the screen. Apart from this, there is also a rupee, which is a familiar currency in the Legend series of Zelda.

If you beat the mamono without getting rid of the timing according to the rhythm well, the triforce will begin to glow in rainbow colors. You can get more diamonds than usual if you annihilate the enemy with no mistakes.

The big difference between Rupee and Diamond is whether it will be zero when the game is over. The diamond can be taken over even if the collected portion becomes game over, but the rupee needs to be collected from 1 each time the game is over.

While I was doing that, the game was over in no time. However, it is said that the maids of fate will help.

When 'CONTINUE' is selected ......

Equipment and rupees other than weapons and shields are gone, but diamonds and other items have been restored safely. If you reappear, you can get a piece of heart that can be replaced with a diamond to increase your equipment and life.

It looks like this when you check the items in hand with the '+' button. The 'WEAPONS' on the right of the screen, the 'piece of the heart' on the upper left of the screen, and the shield below it will not be lost over time.

Once the game is over, it is possible to redo the game from the location of the Seeker Stone that you touched once. However, be careful because the killed thing is also resurrected.

There are many items hidden on the field, and some of them will not disappear even if the game is over. 'What a charm' is what displays the location of the store on the map.

The collected charms are displayed on the right edge of the map screen.

The various charms now display stairs and store icons in areas that have not been visited.

While getting over the game many times, while getting used to the unique game nature of doing actions while taking rhythms little by little, by increasing the number of hearts and preparing the equipment, it will gradually come to stand up to strong opponents .

It's a weapon that doesn't even get game over, but there are some that say, 'If you take damage even once' instead of high power. So be careful when using it.

There is also a hidden element that seems to be a legendary series of Zelda. I found a chicken on the field so try to attack it ...

In the series I am familiar with the counterattack.

Kill the Chicken Storm with 'Cadence of Hailar: The Legend of Zelda' by Crypto of Necro Dancer-YouTube

When the rupees get stored, you become scared to die.

At that time, if you go to shops scattered on the field and purchase an item, it is OK.

As items such as snorkels do not even become game over, it is recommended to exchange them for usable items if rupees are accumulated.

You can get a lute as you go on an adventure.

If you play this ...

It is possible to warp to a seeker stone that has been touched so far.

In addition, there are several dungeons to defeat the enemy while solving the mystery. This dungeon is built randomly each time the game is over, so you can enjoy a fresh adventure, no matter how many challenges you try.

A boss is waiting in each dungeon, but to get there you need the key of the familiar Zelda series boss room.

When you enter a room, you can not get out until you are trapped and you can not get out until you kill the thing.

You can see many familiar gimmicks and mash things in the series, such as Gachilock. The dungeon mamono is more numerous than the mamono on the field, and if you move along well with the rhythm you will soon be game over. In addition, because there is a lot of life in the dungeon, you can also enjoy the stressful middle boss and boss battles.

Battle with the boss boss Gachirock in 'The Cadence of Hailar: The Crypto of Necro Dancer feat. The Legend of Zelda'-YouTube

When I actually played it, at first I thought that the crypt of Necro dancer cadence was the main character, and it soon changed to the part that operates the link (or Princess Zelda). From there, although it is a rhythm action, the characters and music appearing in the game are the ones of Zelda's legend, so there is only a feeling of playing Zelda's legend. On the field, for example, in the case of a desert stage, the arrangement version ofGeldo Valley ” flows as BGM, and there are plenty of elements that would be glaring as a series fan.

The Desert Stage of 'Cadence of Hailar: The Crypto of Necro Dancer feat. The Legend of Zelda'-YouTube

And it is the part that moves the character to the rhythm that is the basis of the game, but at the beginning it's often time to look at the beat at the bottom of the screen, but as the play goes on, the rhythm is manipulated You will also get used to the special gameplay of When you play the game according to the rhythm, the body naturally comes to you, and if you don't, the game play will be hindered. Therefore, when playing there is always a tendency to take rhythm with the head and feet, so be careful when there are people around you.

Also, with regard to the roguelike game, while the game will be over many times, it will be gradually equipped with equipment etc. However, due to the combination of the good tempo of the game and the good tempo of the BGM, the game is over. I felt that it was a good point of this game that I would like to press the continue button with the rhythm still saying 'I'm doing it again!'

The 'Cadence of Hailar: The Legend of Crypto Necro Dancer feat. The Legend of Zelda' is download-only software and is priced at 2980 yen including tax.

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