A young lady and a fox deepen her bonds in the nature of the Arctic 2 player cooperation playable puzzle action game "Never Alone" I tried playing

A puzzle action game created with the cooperation of Alaska's indigenous community "Never AloneIt is released for PlayStation 4 · Xbox One · PC. A story is built based on the folk tale "Alphabetical order" conveyed to Alaska indigenous peoples, and it is said that it contains educational elements that you can learn about Alaska indigenous peoples while playing, so I actually played it.

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Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

Steam: Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

You can check what kind of game "Never Alone" is from the following movie.

I tried playing "Never Alone" - YouTube

First of all purchase and install Never Alone. Open PlayStation Store on PS 4 and select "Game".

Select "Indies" from the game category.

Choose "View all indie games" and press ○ button.

There is "Never Alone" in the list.

Select "Add to cart". The price of Never Alone is 1500 yen.

Continue to purchase procedure as it is.

Select "Proceed to purchase procedure".

Settlement with credit card this time.

Choose "Purchase".

Select "Download" to start downloading. It will be installed automatically when downloading is completed.

When the installation is over, the thumbnail image of Never Alone is selected and the game starts.

"Never Alone" is a puzzle action adventure created with the cooperation of the Alaskan indigenous community, the setting of the beautiful earth of the Arctic Circle.

Select "Play" and start the game.

"Left stick" is "move", □ button is "action", × button is "cling", ○ button is "jump", the basic operation method is very simple.

The opening movie starts when the game starts. Never Alone is a story about a girl living with her family in the Arctic Circle.

A village where a girl lives because of a bad snowstorm makes it impossible to hunt.

It is going to find the cause of the violent blizzard where the girl rarely sees.

By pressing the touchpad button while reading ......

You can see the interview animation with Japanese subtitles that explained the culture of Alaska's indigenous people.

As you progress through the game, interview videos are unlocked steadily and you can study Alaska indigenous peoples while advancing the game.

The video has high quality and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Arctic Circle.

Does a huge polar bear appear in the game?

Includes interviews where actual Alaska indigenous peoples talk about their lives and cultures. I am thankful to know the background of the game.

After watching the movie and proceeding with understanding about Alaska indigenous peoples, the game started. The player operates the girl, but suddenly the polar bear chases after the panic from behind when the game starts.

The scene where the polar bear chases after the girl can be confirmed from the following movie.

A girl chase after a polar bear with a game "Never Alone" - YouTube

Get away from polar bear chasing after using the jump.

Polar bears can also jump and are unexpected.

Continue to run away, but a big pinch hit by the walls.

Arctic fox appeared from nowhere.

From here, if you press the ○ button with another controller, you can advance the game in single mode by pressing cooperation mode, △ button.

This time switching while switching girls and foxes in single play mode. Running to the left while operating the fox ...

Polar bear fell into Dong Bong and water.

This is the beginning of the adventure of a girl and a fox. Girls and foxes have different abilities and advantages, and can be switched at any time with the △ button while in single mode.

For example, a fox can climb a high wall by repeatedly hitting the ○ button.

○ Hit the buttons repeatedly ......

Put on the top, press the □ button to lower the rope.

The girl can now cross the high wall.

The Arctic Circle is a world where severe wind blows. When a heavy wind blows, I will cling to the ground by pushing the X button.

When the wind blew, it was blown off if nothing ......

As soon as you fall into the water it is game over. When the game is over, you will start over from the point auto-saved just before.

As I advanced the game, I came to the edge. If you are wondering how to proceed ... ...

A fairy called guardian appeared. To tell the truth, it is the ability of a fox to call the fairy. Even if you hit a dead end, if you operate a fox and go down, a fairy will appear and you will be able to proceed.

Jumping on the fairy ......

Move to the other side.

This is the basic play of Never Alone, as a girl and a fox go forward in tandem.

At first it is easy, but as you advance the game the difficulty level of Gimmick will gradually rise. The high wall of the image below ......

Even if you jump with a fox ......

It is impossible to climb the wall.

In order to capture it is necessary to utilize the wind that is blown up by the Byunbeun.

A big jump in accordance with the timing when the tail wind blows.

I was caught by the wall.

Also move other large boxes ......

I was chased after a big rock ......

I will go on going out with the rocks coming up.

The scenes chased after the big rock can be confirmed from the following movie.

Girls and foxes escape from the giant rock at game "Never Alone" - YouTube

The story celebrates the unexpected development that the village where the girl lives is destroyed while exploring the cause of the snowstorm. The girl and the fox will follow the criminal who destroyed the village looking for the cause of the snowstorm. Gimmick becomes more and more difficult, so when you find a way to clear while trial and error it is pleasant. Never Alone is a game in which you can enjoy while enjoying the Alaska indigenous world view, three puzzle actions, a story and atmosphere are exquisite balances.

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