"Do not Starve" reviewing and making items making full use of science and magic, surviving a strange world

A scientist took the invitation from the devil saying "If you want knowledge ...???" As a result, the resultant machine and the power of magic merge with each other, the mysteries that strange creatures wander Because it has been teleported in the wilderness of the world, an adventure game to survive using the power of science and magic is "Do not Starve"is. It is a system that collects items falling in the wilderness and makes necessary items for survival,Even the Steam version surpassed the high ratingI downloaded the PS4 version which is localized in Japanese and tried to play it actually.

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Animation that you can tell in "1 minute 30 seconds" why "Why did you become a saddlebearing singer in a strange world?" Can be seen from the following.

Prologue that understands the world view of "Do not Starve" looks something like this - YouTube

To start Do not Starve select "Play!"

Choose "New Game" from all four slots.

If you press "Start", the game starts immediately, but you can set the character and difficulty level before that.

The first character that can be chosen is the scientist "Wilson" who sold his soul to the devil. It seems that a great beard will grow.

When "World" is selected, it becomes the adjustment screen of difficulty level, the most normal "default"

"Default plus" where the appearance rate of food etc. is reduced

You can change it to 3 kinds of "lights off" which starts from darkness by default setting. The appearance rate of items · weather · animals etc can be changed individually.

So when you finish setting, start the game with 'Start'.

Then the topography of the world that the hero will be thrown out and items and animals that appear are randomly constructed ... ...

Wilson lying in a mysterious world and demons that sent him are displayed.

"It is better to find something to eat before the evening comes."

The operation method of PS 4 version is like this.

Wilson at the start does not have anything, so it is necessary for the devil to go look for useful items such as food. "Time" in the upper right, "Time" are displayed, yellow is "fasting value", red is "physical strength", orange is "sane (SAN value)", when the hunger value becomes zero, the physical strength decreases, I will die when my strength disappears. When the degree of sanity decreases, the surrounding landscape appears to be distorted, and hallucinations start to appear, so you need to act not to reduce too much of the three parameters.

When you approach the items in the surroundings, the options such as "investigate" and "take" are displayed. When I pushed "investigate" with a flower, a message which I do not know well is displayed as "It is neat, but the smell of a common worker is useful" is displayed.

Try "take" next to the grass ....

The item "Mowing lawn" was added to the item column at the bottom of the screen. By getting necessary materials and food like this, you will be able to survive in a magical world.

There are animals such as rabbits around there, and you can "attack" as you approach. It is a place I want to catch and eat, but the rabbit escapes as it approaches, so it can not be caught by bare hands without being attacked.

To catch a rabbit you need a "trap" made of "twigs" × 2, "mowing lawn" × 6. Placing a trap on the ground and setting "carrot" will work, so if you set it near the rabbit's nest, you will be able to make "meat" from rabbits and make warm clothes.

Rocks and trees are not able to collect unless you create "ax" or "tsuruhashi", and some items may increase depending on items on hand. For example, to make an ax, you need "twig" × 1, "flint" × 1, and if you have the necessary materials you can produce items from "build".

As you approach the evergreens with the finished ax equipped, "choice" options are displayed, and you can get "logs" and "pine cones" by repeating cutting a few times.

You can understand how you actually collect items and produce the necessary items for survival when you watch the movie below.

The state of collecting materials and making tools with 'Do not Starve' looks like this - YouTube

The surroundings will become dark with the passage of time, but nothing will be visible at midnight.

If you do not cope with this condition, you will be attacked by someone in the dark and you will be dangerous with death.

To cope with the darkness, prepare "camp fire" which can be made with "cutting the turf" × 3, "log" × 2 OK.

Flame becomes smaller with time, but you can restore the flame momentum by choosing "refuel" with "logs", "mowing lawn", "pine cones", "charcoal" etc. In other words, the work you have to do on the first day is to collect axles, "twigs" × 1, "flint" × 1, collect axes, collect "logs × 2," cut grass "× 3 and camp fire And to collect items that will be fuel enough to pass overnight. Even if you do not eat anything for about a day, the hungry value will decrease by only a third.

With flames it will be possible to cook food. As you eat cooked meat, parameter of sanity will recover with hunger value, so let's not eat meat raw.

The way to set up the camp fire before it gets dark is included in the following movie.

"Do not Starve" has to light the light before it gets dark - YouTube

In addition, when the sanity decreases too much, severe hallucinations begin to appear, it becomes impossible to judge what is visible is dangerous, burning meat of rabbit makes it become flesh of monster, so the sanity parameter is always high It is necessary to keep it. You can see the state where the sanity parameter becomes zero and you can see the hallucination from the following movie.

You can see hallucinations with "Do not Starve" - ​​YouTube

While surviving and surviving for a few days somehow, the hero may shout out as "show up!" If I thought that it was a hallucination due to a decrease in sanity, I was to be chased by a group of hound dogs, but I can see the movie at that time from the following. A group of hound dogs will attack regularly, so if you can not deal with it, you will continue to escape.

Hounds suddenly appeared as "Do not Starve" - ​​YouTube

There are also monsters and spiders attacking just by approaching the field, and the game is over if it gets killed. Experience value can be obtained in proportion to the number of days of survival, and when raising the level ......

A new character that can be used from the next start will be unlocked. Each character has a status, belongings, characteristics, etc. For example, the girl "Willow" unlocked this time has a "cool writer" from the beginning, and can easily fire a tree and grass. Moreover, it does not receive damage by flame, and it has the characteristic that arson arbitrarily arises when sanity decreases.

In this way, I repeat the game over and over, and I am going to get the experience value, but if I die, it will be a start from the end. However, if you discover "Touchstone" that is installed randomly in the field and push "Activate", you can recover from this place even once you die.

Also, in order to extend the number of days to survive, "scientific machinery" that can be made with "golden nugget" × 1, "log" × 4, "rock" × 4 is necessary. Once installed, you will be able to produce items that are not unlocked only around them.

It is better to install scientific machines in places where various materials are easily accessible, and there is a "stone furnace" that can be used many times with fuel efficiency higher than that of camp fire, and "field" where vegetables can be raised By making it, you will be able to live a stable life.

Furthermore, to make "straw wall" to prevent invasion of foreign enemies ......

The lightning suddenly dropped, and it burnt down in the blink of an eye in a blink of an eye. Too bad ... ....

If you repeat the game many times without failing, the character will unlock more and more quickly. This time I could unlock "Wolfgang" where attack power is high at the time of full stomach but the decline of sanitism is early in darkness and "Wendy" can summon Abyssail of the dead twin sister Abigail. As pleasure of which character to use will increase, even if you die, you will not get scooped up by motivation and it will be a game that will play for a long time.

Also, when survival becomes easier and the range of action widens, unexpected discovering mysterious facilities ......

It is also to discover "Maxwell's door" which is a devil machine which caused the coming to come into this world appearing in prologue. By choosing "make it running" you can teleport to another more rugged world that there are five in all. Which world you will arrive at is random, and your belongings start from scratch. However, if you die, you will return to Maxwell's door.

Actually teleport from "Maxwell's door" and you can see how to survive in the extremely cold snow world where physical strength decreases without fire, from the following movie.

Discover Maxwell's door with 'Do not Starve' and teleport to a tough world of snow - YouTube

In addition, "Do not Starve" is a bit different from the uninhabited island survival game which pursued common reality, and contains abundant fantasy elements. It is a game system that can be fairly tightly integrated with simple graphics, and it should be a play for review, but it became a highly addictive game that it plays for hours at a stretch as soon as I noticed it. In addition, the download version is on sale at PlayStationStore at 1576 yen including tax.

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