'Red · Dead · Redemption 2' that you can experience the era of outlaws that end with the immersive feeling beyond games as a cowboy body and body

In the United States in 1899, at the end of the pioneering era, an open-world action game depicting the gangs of outlaws who were prosperous at the time and gradually changing as the waves of the times are swallowed is " Red Dead It is " Redemption 2 ". In the popular work which shipped worldwide shipments exceeded 17 million books in less than two weeks from release, the size of the download version which is over 90 gigabytes in size of the downloaded version is also called a topic. When I played such Red Dead Redemption 2, I thought that the early stage was hard to get used to the unreasonable violence and crudeness of the cowboy, but as soon as I noticed that I would advance the story, my body and mind also outlaws It was a solitary gunman surviving the era of.

Red Dead Redemption 2
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Synopsis - The story is set in the United States in 1899, when the pioneering era has ended and the law enforcement officials begin to sweep outlaw gangs. The main character is Arthur Morgan, one of the gangs who live in such a pioneering era, and is a right arm of the gang Boss Dutch. The story begins with evacuation to the snowy mountain to escape from the federal investigators and hands of federal investigators and bounty hunter, failing in a tough robbery in a town with a gang group led by Dutch.

◆ Anything Outlaws Ali 's Open World <br> Arthurs who have escaped their lives have recurred, crossed over the vast American land on occasion, sometimes while adventuring with their own feet to earn money. It's an open world so it's okay whenever and wherever you do, but the width of that "what you can do" is not half of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Arthur is a world where the gang's place gradually disappears and earn their own eating habits by occasionally appealing to violence. Basically it is possible to talk to all the characters that appear in the game, you can shuffle the fighting opponent or steal money. Various actions can be taken against not only the main character but also every NPC , and it is possible to become debt collector (?) Sometimes like a gang as shown below.

In addition to just violence, you can also handle large-scale crimes such as bank robbery, night attack, train robbery. However, since outlaws are not just themselves, sometimes they encounter unbelievable incidents such as "being robbed after robbery".

If you do the limit of such evil, the player will be the winner of the prize and will be wanted. There are people who crack down on the crime of gangs such as law enforcement officials in town so that outlaws can not live a selfish life with our own face, they are wanted to hand a crime a little, It will be a gunfight fight. Even if you mistakenly get on a horse of another person connected to the town, you will be informed as a thief, so you need to pay close attention to the behavior in many ways.

Actually selling quarrels to NPC with Red Dead Redemption 2 or playing a gun battle will result in the following and will be awarded for haste and become the prize money.

You tried rampantly like an outlaw at "Red Dead Redemption 2" - YouTube

There is the possibility that a crime may occur everywhere in the game, and you are free to help or abandon victims, victims, even victims. There is an act that exists if you play the game "pick up items in the building", and in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can become a fight with NPC such as "what I am taking!" In other words, in this game only, it is not "the norm of the game" to pass, but "the real world's obvious".

There are many violent events such as robbery and fighting in gun battle, but that is not all. Collect foods for ourselves and fellows by hunting and fishing, living with self-sufficiency ... ...

It is also possible to go on an air travel by taking a balloon.

I drink sake till the sight is Gunyan Nyan ... ...

You can also stand as it is.

In addition, participation in citizen movement by people appealing women's suffrage ... ...

Taking a bath and having a beautiful (?) Have my son washed her body.

An outlaw-like event that the enemy is caught and tortured ... ...

Sometimes we encounter gatherings of mysterious religious groups in the forest.

You can wear yourself in a clean tuxedo that does not have a gang, and you can infiltrate the social gathering place of the upper class.

◆ Realism until cramped and overwhelming immersive feeling born from it <br> I think that there are many people who play games for stress dissipation, but Red Dead Redemption 2 says "It can become an outlaw at any time" Although it may become stress dissipation in the meaning, the operability of the game and the sense of time are "too realistic" far from exhilaration.

The action of the character is not "emphasis on comfort in operation" which raised agility by dropping realism and it is "thing that feels gravity firmly like reality" emphasizing realism. Besides, the dash is prohibited in "a place that is troublesome to others" such as "camp" which is the base of life, and even a slight movement is often slow and heavy to feel stress. Indeed in the real world there may be few adults who run around in their homes, but there are places where you do not have to worry that "even if you forgive us in the game ...". However, by pursuing such detailed detail, it can be said that it is directing "real like the game is not a game though it is a game."

There is pursuit of not only "movement" but also "time" realism. The most prominent is the movement from the town to the town dotted in a vast map. It's not as realistic as a journey, but it takes time to make cup noodles. Especially at the timing when the early Fast Travel can not be used, it is impossible to shorten the traveling time, so it is often that you keep running the horse endlessly. However, when you take a momentary move, a horse hits a tree and dies or falls from the cliffs and it may result in game over, so scenes that you feel inconvenient as a game pursuing too much realism There is also it.

Such a long traveling time is just watching the beautiful nature at once and conversing if there are gang members. The way to destroy the time of a long traveling time is almost the same as "How to crush the time when traveling in the real world with a horse".

To the inconvenience born as a result of pursuing realism, it is certain that there is sometimes irritation at the beginning. However, we seek realism until detailed details such as "movement" and "time", and as it is faithfully reproducing the real world in the game, Red Dead Redemption 2 is not "just a game" , Even felt that it was being sublimed into an immersive simulation that could be a cowboy in the pioneering era.

It was troublesome that I had to replenish my food for the meal at the camp which is not used at all or it is troublesome to dirty clothes when thinking as just a game Continue playing and gradually get drawn into the game, if you notice, "I want to take a bath because my clothes get dirty" or "Because I'm using the food I've hunted" I wanted to eat ~ ", only the idea of the cowboy eye line in the game came to float, I felt comfortable even though it was inconvenient.

◆ Cowboy brain that accelerates as you proceed - Another factor that creates a feeling of immersion is that the psychological state of players and the psychological state of Arthur, the hero of the game, gradually approaches. There is a possibility that I think "somehow" as an outlaw action that the early stage suddenly turns a gun to a person and kills it. I feel like I can not completely empathize something like that, I continue to play and gradually disappear by entering the game world gradually. The reason is simple, because the player's thought gets used to thinking of outlaws.

The sense of resistance against unreasonable violence and gang's assertion of domination is getting faded by continuing play, against which the main character Arthur in the game, as the story progresses, holds doubts as a gang as ever before, Just remember the feeling that we are left behind in time. As the player's psychology gets better than the gang and Arthur's psychology moves away from the gang, the players and Arthur's psychology intertwine at a certain moment, from which they no longer notice "only I feel Arthur!" There is none. Coupled with the high sense of immersion of the game itself, both the body and the heart dopple in the world of the cowboy who was supposed to have melted.

If you have a cowboy brain from the beginning, I think that some people may not be accustomed to the cowboy brain until the end, but if Red Dead Redemption 2, which increased immersion by pursuing realism before inconvenience, Quite a lot of people should be able to enjoy the era of outlaws stained in the cowboy brain. It is OK to do as long as you are outrageous with outlaws, and it is also good to shake in the gap between the heart of justice and the heart of evil, so finally you can find your way of enjoying and enjoy yourself with the pioneering era .

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