It becomes like this when the one scene of Terminator 2 is completely reproduced in Grand Theft Auto 5

There is an open world game where you can clear any missions given in a fictitious city, run stealing cars and run any action freelyGrand · Theft Auto VIt is (GTA 5). In this game, a movie that fully reproduced the one scene of Terminator 2 "GTA 5: Terminator 2: Judgment Day Remake (Truck Chase Scene)The high degree of completion of GTA V is surprisingly high.

GTA 5: Terminator 2: Judgment Day Remake (Truck Chase Scene) - YouTube

The movie starts from the stairs.

This character running down the stairs is John Connor. In the movie it's a 10-year-old boy, but in GTA 5 it looks pretty grown up.

And T - 1000 type will appear following John.

John Conner who ran away to the parking lot ahead of the other.

The T - 1000 type that follows is an impression which made it more plump than a movie.

It is hard to reproduce the state that the engine of the motorcycle does not start easily ... ....

And escape.

The character of the role playing T-1000 type follows Jon · Conner with leg strength equal to the movie.

The end of a fierce escape play unfolded in a multi-level parking garage ...

Succeeded to escape to the outdoors.

I can not keep up with the motorcycle as T - 1000 type truly believes it is a wide road.

The scene changed, John Conner and the T - 1000 type came to the main street.

Because the truck was running just right ... ...

Chasing this ... ....

The driver of the truck that the driver 's legs have already protruded from the car body with bumpy ... ....


Succeeded in robbing the truck.

T - 1000 type is a red light ... ...

Ignoring the other cars and gradually approaching John Conner.

John Conner succeeded in escaping to the area along the river, and he said that he took a break from the T - 1000 type of follow - up ... ...

The T - 1000 type ride track came down from the sky. I am surprised again by the degree of freedom of GTA 5 which can make big jumps by car.

And one bike that appears after two people.

This is a cyborg that will help T-800 type, John Conner that Schwarzenegger played to help John Conner.

Before John Conner getting caught up in the T-1000 model ......

The T-800 type has appeared!

Chase a track ......

Overtake it brilliantly.

And put John Conner on his bike ......

Bakun with a shotgun on hand.

The track wrecked and succeeded in rescuing John Connor safely.

It is reproduced in the movie that the scene that the boy John Conner encounters for the first time at Cyborg T - 1000 type which was sent to kill himself from the future with the terminator 2 and games center and will get out now . A person who says, "Such a scene looked like ... ..." is surprised by the high degree of reproduction once again after confirming the real escape scene in the following movie.

Terminator 2 - Chase Scene - YouTube

In the movie that reproduced Terminator 2 with GTA 5, you can also see the NG scene that occurred at the time of shooting after the reproduction movie.

Scene where John Conner jumps to the T - 800 type motorcycle.

Jump strongly.

But timing dropped to the ground too early.



From another angle.

You can see that I missed the timing considerably.

This is a scene where the T - 800 type brilliantly overtakes the track.

However, it was cleanly sanded on the wall and the truck ... ...


In the movie you can see where John Connor and the T - 1000 model are moving around, but this keeps catching the characters moving in the field of view of other characters, so that it finishes like a movie scene It is. While moving the character, it is necessary to keep capturing John Conner and T - 1000 type in view, so it seems that the character character as a camera had caused accident many times.

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