A movie that the F1 car can deal with under the truck challenging Guinness records

The truck is not a thing to jump with a car to carry the luggage to the last, but the truck rises up the jumping base, the movie which jumps vigorously and achieves the Guinness recordEMCIt is published by. In addition to achieving the record, it is finished in a powerful movie in which the F1 car goes under the truck when the truck jumps.

Video: Watch behind the scenes footage of record breaking truck jump over Lotus F1 car | Guinness World Records

You can check the movie from the link below.

EMC Jump a Truck over a Lotus F1 Car & #RedefineRecords - YouTube

The movie starts from the scene where the driver walks toward the light.

Driver to get on the F1 car.

Hold the steering wheel ......

The F1 car roared a loud sound and started moving.

And a track that challenges record this time also appeared. The leading role is not a F1 car but a track.

On the way, the F1 car and the truck joined together and started running alongside.

I do not know the exact speed, but the track seems to be giving a considerable speed to jump far.

Running for a while, a jumping table appeared in front of the track.

I rushed up the jumping platform vigorously ......

To the top of the jump table.

At the same time the track jumped, the racing car cut the handle to the left.

In less than 1 second F1 car passed under the truck. It is a challenge that could lead to a serious accident if timing is delayed even for a moment, but I went through it wonderfully.

As the truck landed on the roadway, it got a great shock at the same time ... ...

It seems that a dust lid is rising.

I was shocked and the car was shaking but I succeeded in landing.

It looks like this from the side as if the F1 car goes through the truck.

From this angle, you can see that the tires of the truck are visible above the F1 car and it passes through.

I attached a camera to the F1 car and looked like this with the camera shot from the back of the driver.

It is a lifelike driving although I am doing it kindly.

Finally, the picture taken with the perspective drawn from the right obliquely behind and the recording which was made this time, 83 feet 7 inches (about 25.5 m) are displayed on the screen.

It seems that the F1 car went through the middle of the truck body.

From another angle, you can see well that the front of the track has received a lot of shock when landing.

Finally, the concept of this campaign "EMC AND LOTUS F1 TEAM REDEFINE MOTORSPORTS (EMC and LOTUS redefines motor sports)" appears and the movie is over.

"Do not copy a good child" has become a content, but it is finished in a movie that you can enjoy very much for what you see.

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