"Your choice leads to death" I play the PS4's new sensation horror / adventure game "Until Dawn - tragedy of the scourge -" that depicts the fate of death that hits young people on an isolated island in the land

A game for PlayStation 4 which took good care of both the adventure game where the story changes due to the action of the player and the ending is different depending on the action and the horror suspense game where mysteries and tricks are set everywhere is "Until Dawn - The tragedy of the tragedy -"is. Eight of the young people who appear in the game have the potential to die, but all of them are up to the action and conversation of the players. Also, as young Hollywood stars in their twenties are in charge of performance capture, it is said that it is becoming a game of genre not much else to fall into the feeling as if they have entered the movie, so actually play I tried.

Until Dawn - Sacrifice of a scourge - | PlayStation Official Site

You can grasp what kind of game "Until Dawn - tragedy of mountain village" is, by seeing the following movie. Attention is necessary because scenes that are a little surprised are included.

I surprised when I explored the lodge which is too scary at "Until Dawn - tragedy of the scourge - YouTube

Adjust brightness when starting the game. If you make it too bright, the atmosphere of the game will be lost, so set the brightness to a level that allows you to see the logo a little.

There are two operations of "Until Dawn - the scourge of the tragedy" - "right stick" and "motion sensor function". In this time I tried to select a motion sensor to manipulate choices and combat by tilting the controller.

Choose "New Story" from the start screen and start the game. In addition, by moving the controller around the start screen, you can move the face of the character on the screen.

The stage of the game is a mountain villa nestling in the snowy mountains.

At the start of the game, a tutorial play with the movie and the introduction part of the story as the axis is expanded. Prologue is that 10 young people gather in the mountain village to enjoy the vacation, but the twin sisters will be missing due to the mischievous mischief.

A year after the incident where the sisters became missing, the main part of the game starts from where the remaining eight people gather again at the mountain village.

A woman riding a bus.

This woman is Sam of one of the characters.

It was Josh who called Sams to the mountain village. Josh is a twin brother who was missing a year ago.

At first, the game is progressing by manipulating Sam. When I got off the bus and walked Tech Tec and arrived at the gate, something gleamed with the gate and I will try to approach it. Movement is "left stick", and walking speed will be a little faster moving while holding down "L1 button".

When you approach the shining place, "○" is displayed, so press "○ button". Important places and items are blinking with sparkling so should not be missed unless there is much to do.

A memo was left at the gate. Press the "R2 button" to check the memo.

According to the memorandum, the gate is broken so we need to get over it.

The flow from gating discovery to overcoming can be confirmed from the following movie. You can also see the operation feeling of "Until Dawn - a scourge of mountain villas" when watching a movie.

Play movie that understands the operation feeling of "Until Dawn - The tragedy of the scourge -" YouTube

If I thought "How can I get over it?", The wall on the left of the gate shone gleamily this time.

As it approached, "Climb up" was displayed, so it seemed to be wrong here.

When you pressed the ○ button, choices quickly appeared. The left is "safety emphasis" and the right is "speed emphasis".

You can select the controller by tilting the controller left or right. Tilt the controller to the right and select "Focus on speed".

When Sam jumped to the wall, "△" was displayed on the screen. This means that you need to push the button until there is no gauge surrounding △.

Failure to push the button before the gauge is gone. Sam slid down the wall and slurf.

Once again challenging, you successfully pressed the button before the gauge disappeared.

I was able to climb the wall by repeating the action part like ...... twice.

Mostly you use "○" "×" "□" "△" "R2" and "move controllers" in the game, there is no complicated operation such as entering a command at all. Also, when operation is necessary, it is quite kind to display 'buttons to press' and 'how to move the controller' at the bottom of the screen, so even beginners of games can play without problems. In the image below, it was OK unless you moved the controller for a few seconds, as indicated by "Do not move".

As you advance the game, you may pick up an item called "totem".

When you pick up the totem, the future that is awaiting you will be displayed for just a moment. Whether this future really will happen or not depends on the player's choice. When you look at the totem you will see an unbelievable future, so you will be intermingled with unrest and expectation when that moment happens or you can avoid it by your own actions, and you will not notice it I was myself proceeding playing.

At the tip of Tech Tec, I arrived at the cable car station leading to the mountain village.

Suddenly, the camera angle switched to a point of view of Sam arriving at the cable station. "Until Dawn - the mountain house of the scourge" has exquisitely changed the camera angle and makes me feel like I'm watching a movie.

At the cable station, I encountered the character Chris.

It was the shooting range behind the cable car platform where Chris brought. From here, the player who operates will get from Sam to Chris.

In the shooting range, you can practice the action of action using a gun that targets the controller by tilting it.

There was a choice in the shooting range, and a lot of butterfly appeared from the upper left of the screen when I chose one. this is"Butterfly effect"It is an indication that" the choice made by the player was an important thing affecting the future "and it is an important factor to raise the play of" Until Dawn - tragedy of the tragedy ". When an event such as someone's death occurs after the butterfly effect occurs, various imaginations go through the mind, such as "It's a butterfly effect at that time!" "Missed choice!"? .

The moment of butterfly effect occurrence and the operation of the action using the gun can be confirmed from the following movie.

The moment when butterfly effect of "Until Dawn - tragedy of the mountain village" occurs - YouTube

If you make a mistake, you may think that you can go back to the previous savepoint and start over, but "Until Dawn - the mountain house of the scourge" has no concept of save and load, There is no choice but to "resume" from the point where it was done. Also, no matter who dies, the game continues to progress and there is no game over. In other words, it can not be redone at all. In order to redo it is necessary to recreate the game from the beginning, and as this system exists, it becomes necessary to make considerable decisions in choosing, and the tense feeling whether to choose which one to choose will jump up. After clearing the game, you can select chapters and start over.

At the cable car station, I found a "clue" about the story.

You can check the "clue" you found from the menu screen displayed when you press "R1 button".

You can also check the totem you found on the menu screen.

Also, you can check the "personality" and "status" of the person who is manipulating and the current "purpose".

Two people get on a cable car safely.

As the snow fell, the two headed to the mountain villa.

Someone is waiting at the cable car station near Sanso.

I was waiting for a woman named Jess.

From here we will operate Jess and join Sam, Chris, who came up with a cable car. The number of conversation scenes increases as the character becomes three, and the number of parts that are required to choose accordingly will increase accordingly.

There are also occasions when Hollywood actors and actresses are appointed for facial expression capture, and the character shows a rich expression of emotions and pleasures.

I joined the village near the mountain village except for the three who appeared so far. The female character shown in the image below is Emily.

Emily 's boyfriend mat.

Mike is a former boyfriend of Emily, now he is dating Jess.

Ashley is a girl who likes Chris.

This is Josh who called seven people to Sanso.

If 8 boys and girls are mixed, and former boyfriend and former girlfriend are mixed, various problems will arise in relation to human beings. For example, when Ashley is watching nearby with binoculars, he discovers that Emily and Emily 's former boyfriend Mike speaks with just two people.

Emily 's current boyfriend Matt came to plenty of Ashley' s feeling of seeing what he saw.

In the place where I was asked "show binoculars" to mat, "choice to lie" "urge" option has occurred. This became a problem.

Butterfly effect occurs when choosing either. I will be worried about how this butterfly effect will affect the future, but at this point I do not know.

Even with actions other than conversation, choices arise everywhere, and each time you become afflicted with "hmm".

Some of them have limited time to select, and in such cases, it is inevitable that they will panic as "I can not decide, but I can not decide!"

Eight people who overcame many choices and arrived at Sanso.

...... I can check the movie that I tried to wander around in the mountain lodge which arrived by saying that below. Since scenes that are a little surprised are also included, please be careful for people with weak heart.

I surprised when I explored the lodge which is too scary at "Until Dawn - tragedy of the scourge - YouTube

You can check the movie you tried playing outside the mountain village from the following.

I tried to scoff outside the lodge at "Until Dawn - a scourge of the tragedy" - YouTube

The mountain village is very large and it is a throbbing thing to act alone.

There are times when two people pair together and act.

In Sanso, you also do something like calling a ghost ... ....

Reindeer who was murdered by someone.

Sometimes, it is sometimes followed by a mysterious person of black food.

In extreme conditions, burning love.

However, it is a danger that threatens life to wait.

Suspicious person gazing at Sam during bathing ... .... It seems that somehow other than eight people are lurking in Sanso.

The life of the dangerous character depends on the choice of the player, and if it says, the player's freedom to live or kill. Although players emotionally enter characters as long as they play, do not know the result before choosing, so even if you think "I do not want this character to die absolutely!", That hope does not necessarily come true. After playing it is inevitable to think "What if I had chosen a different person over there?" It is inevitable to think, once you clear it you will want to play again.

In addition, "Until Dawn - Sanctuary of the scourge" will be released on Thursday, August 27, 2015. In addition, special video introducing the "Butterfly Effect" system which is the work of the work is released, it seems good to prepare before the launch.

'Until Dawn' - The Buttfly Effect Movie 1/4 - YouTube

title:Until Dawn - The tragedy of the scourge -
Supported format:PlayStation 4
Genre:Horror / Adventure
Expected release date:Thursday, August 27, 2015
CERO:CERO Z (Only for those over the age of 18)
price:Blu-ray Disc Version Suggested Retail Price: 6900 yen + Tax
Download version Sales price: 5900 yen + tax

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