I played the game "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - Happy Disappearance" for PS4 which unveils the mystery the residents disappeared in the ghost town town themselves

Adventure game for PlayStation 4 that unveils the mystery villagers disappeared while exploring the 1980s British country town drawn with beautiful graphics is "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - Happy Disappearance -"is. It is said that it is a game that you can re-experience the tragedy that struck people by freeing up a rural town where beautiful scenery spreads, so I actually played it.

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You can check the scenery of Yaughton (Uorton) in the UK which is the stage of "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - Happy Disappearance" from the following movie.

I played the game "Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Happy Disappearance" for PS4 - YouTube

"Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - Happy Disappearance" is a game for PCs that received various awardsDear EstherIt is the developer ofThe Chinese RoomIt is the latest work of.

The operation method moves with the left stick, the right stick overlooks the surroundings, exploring with ○ button · It is very simple with interaction.

Start the game from some road. The main part of the game suddenly starts, the name of the hero, the place of the start, etc. are completely unknown.

Looking around the surroundings without understanding well, there was a small hut and a facility called the Valis observatory.

When you listen, you hear a sound like a radio is ringing from a small hut.

To approach the door, approach the ○ button.

The room does not have strange seemingly ... ...

When approaching the radio that had been placed and pressing the ○ button, someone's conversation is heard, "I will continue broadcasting as long as I live." The conversation ends in about a few seconds. I do not even know what happened yet.

When I went outside from the hut, I stopped by the scenery where the sun shines on trees. If you enjoy the landscape, we will continue on the way. At the start of the game, it is a single road so you should not get lost.

When I was walking I found a radio again. I do not know the reason, Yaughton's radio and television broadcast seems to have been under the control of some sort of committee. I am very anxious what happened.

After listening to the radio, once again walking the road Tech Tec the people wrapped in light began a conversation. This is a conversation that the residents had done in the past, and it will solve the mystery with the traces of these inhabitants as clues.

When the conversation is over, the light goes out and the surroundings become bright.

Next time we will go ahead so that light balls will guide you, so we will chase. Be careful not to lose sight of light because there is quite a speed. The light ball has a guiding role of the game, so if you are confused as to where you are going to find light balls are ok.

As we move forward, we arrived at Yaughton which is the stage of the story.

So, you can check the movie that explored the town of Yaughton drawn with beautiful graphics as urouro from the following.

I tried walking around Yaughton of PS4 game "Everybody's Gone To The Rapture ™ Happy Disappearance" - YouTube

Near the signboard of Yaughton is a red phone box of British specialties. I feel like I came to sightseeing in England somehow, the tension goes up a little.

You can also get a hint of the story from the phone in the phone box. Although not all hints are hidden in the phone boxes appearing in the game, it is unlikely that you will miss overlooking the phone as the phone rings when you are nearby.

When the mystery light walked towards the direction where the mysterious light went away, the light ceased to move while the light stopped. In this case, if you tilt the controller according to the instructions on the screen ... ...

A past resident appears and a conversation begins. There seems to be a case where the scene of conversation by the past resident appears only when it goes to a specific place and it starts when you tilt the controller. Listening to the conversation makes me feel like something sinister happened to the village and the human relations between residents, so I feel like moving forward with Don Dong.

There are maps everywhere in Yaughton, and the current location is indicated as "YOU ARE HERE". Actually, the hero does not possess a map, and it is only the map which is arranged in the town to confirm the present place. When you do not understand your current location or destination, first of all, looking for a map is a top priority.

This is a typical pub in the UK.

Looking at the paper, it seems that it was a holiday because of influenza.

Even if you go inside, there is no one.

It seems that I was able to eat fish & chips of British specialty when it was open.

The clock stopped at around 6:07.

When going out of the pub and exploring the town, I encountered a scene where the past inhabitants are talking again. A conversation scene occurs even in places where the light ball having a guide role does not guide us, so there is a quest to explore.

You can see beautiful houses ......

Go down a narrow back alley where the grass grows ... ...

I explore while exploring someone's garden.

When I was exploring, I found a house with an infinite sign like the one with "8" on the door. Beautiful and quiet town seems a little creepy, although it feels like sightseeing with beautiful landscape and gentle music together, but if you find a sign of a mystery or a radio, it will also make you look a little creepy.

A car with sounds of gargers and radio.

Blood stains on the road by the door ... ....

Tissues with blood are scattered inside the car. It develops to be excited about being overly concerned what happened to the inhabitants.

Yaughton also has a hospital.

Inside there was a petition appealing for the influenza's attention. It seems that some place was written about influenza ... ....

Past conversation scenes also occurred at hospitals. I am talking about nosebleeds, but is there anything to do with the blood that was in my car? Many guesses run around in the head.

Although there are shops in town, ....

Naturally closed. As the "QUARAN RTINE" quarantine shows, Yaughton seems to be in isolation for some reason. It seems that it was forbidden to call outside Yaughton.

Somewhat disturbing air was drifting in the conversation scene of the shop.

This is the church in Yaughton.

In the church is fantastic but cold air.

Outside of the church, somehow graves whose name is not carved are lined up.

There are many houses in Yaughton, and there are things to put in. When you enter the building, there is no load and it is seamless so there is no waiting time.

Take in the house and observe the atmosphere of a typical English house.

A clock that stopped at around 6:07 ......

Looking at the traveling bag on the entrance, it is okay to keep it aside.

The conversation scene of the past residents who encountered chasing the shining ball and encountering the village is extremely important for solving the mystery of the story, so you should listen firmly when you start.

Rather than listening, you should be listening to the conversation scene as you are looking forward because the mystery that deepens as you play the game is overwhelming.

As you pursue the story while chasing the ball of light, you go on a derailed track ... ...

I am excited about the conversation approaching the core ... ...

Because I encounter various scenes, such as walking on a fantastic night road, it sometimes happened that time took notice.

What is the reason why the villagers disappeared from the town of Yaughton? "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - Happy Disappearance -" is on sale from Sony Computer Entertainment, but it is sold only as a download version, not as a package, and CERO rating B (subjects over 12 years old) is priced at 2160 including tax It is yen.

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