Adventure of geometric patterns Adorable "2014 Best App & Game" Deception Game "Monument Valley"

Apple announces an application of excellent design every year "Apple Design Awards", And"Monument Valley"Won the award in 2014 and"Best app & game for 2014One of the apps also chosen. It is a game to adventure the surreal world of structures and geometric patterns that can not be done in reality, not only to see deceptive design tricks, but also to be able to walk around beyond the illusion So I actually got it and tried playing until the additional stage.

Monument Valley for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently on the iTunes App Store

◆ I played all 10 chapters of Monument Valley
"Monument Valley" can be downloaded for 400 yen.

When installing and starting, the first chapter of the tutorial stage starts. A silent princess 'AIDA' where the white character wearing a hat is the hero.

You can move ida by tapping the ground.

A mechanism at various places of the stage can be turned intuitively or moved up and down, left and right.

When there is no way, by successfully moving the gimmick, it is a game that can discover the way to the goal.

Tap the building floating on the main menu ... ...

The stage of the figures written in the building starts. A mechanism that makes it possible for the next stage to be played each time you clear the stage.

You can see how actually you are playing Chapter 2 from the following movie.

Section 2 of "Monument Valley" looks something like this - YouTube

I found the same gimmick as the tutorial so I will try it.

Then I opened the way to the switch so I moved Ida.

The way to the upper stage opens by moving it. You can play with a sense of walking around fantasy picture books, and unlike general action games there are no time limit and game over, so you can enjoy the fantasy world slowly without being impatient.

Each stage has a pedestal that goes somewhere, and when you reach the front of the stage you clear the stage.

Aida who arrived at the pedestal takes off his hat and gets the monument that is generated.

Since the camera icon is displayed, try tapping ......

It is possible to take screenshots of the play screen.

Once you can shoot, you can save it by tapping the middle of the bottom of the screen. Screen shots can be taken even while playing, so even if you have a scene of your design you like, you can shoot and set it as a home screen.

Every time you go through the stage, the types of gimmicks will increase. Below is a mechanism that you can slide left and right while touching.

If you get stuck in the way, you should be able to find a way out if you look around the stage and look for round protrusions and move it.

There may be mysterious characters on a particular stage. When I stand in front of my eyes ......

Why is Aid collecting monuments in this world? A part of the story that we are going to become known little by little.

Aid running on the wall. In this case you will not be able to walk on the ground, but you can go to places you can not reach where you are walking on the ground.

I can not move because I can not tap unless the destination is visible ......

Looking closely the building's seat is gimmick. Turning grinding and turning it now makes it possible to proceed further.

Although it never hits the enemy character and dies, when I find Aida, I encounter an intrusive crow that hurts hands going barking barking.

The appearance of playing Chapter 5 where the crow first appears can be seen from the following movie.

Crows that interfere with "Monument Valley" - YouTube

Also, "totem" that helps ida is the only ally character. You can slide and move, or put Aid on.

It is indispensable when collaborative work such as "step on the switch at the same time" is necessary.

Although neither the hero nor totem is a character which does not speak to each other, there is also a scene 1 scene in which totem sinks into the sea after chasing the main character after clearing.

The play movie in Chapter 6 that adventures with "Totem" can be played from the following.

"Monument Valley" ally "Totem" emerged - YouTube

Going further, we reached an eerie room where the coffin was lined up ... ...

Mauritz EscherIt is a stage which walks around the world which is like a picture, in fact it is impossible to construct in the beginning.

You can see the scenes walking around the world of cheating from the following movies.

The final chapter of 'Monument Valley' is a cheat picture world - YouTube

◆ I played the additional stage "Forgotten Shores"
When you clear all 10 chapters, it says "There is a new chapter", so tap the round icon.

Then you need an additional 200 yen, but you can play a new chapter. I decided to buy it and play it.

The state of playing the first chapter of "Forgotten Shores" can be viewed from the following.

The beginning of the additional stage "Forgotten Shores" of "Monument Valley" - YouTube

The first chapter is a stage that goes down and falls down on the floor.

Finally I could not move, but what came out of the lava was my friend's "Totem" ....

"Forgotten Shores" will find monuments looking for pedestals as before.

However, the stage can be played immediately in any chapter.

Gimmick that did not exist in the original stage also appears. This is a mechanism that you can adjust the amount of water in the stage by moving it up and down.

There are also gimmicks that bend the wall quietly.

Further story will be revealed on the additional stage.

If you clear the seven stages, Chapter 8 will be the final stage. The degree of difficulty of the game itself is not so high, it seems that it will not fall into the situation that "you can not clear by any means", so please try it.

The chapter 7 of "Forgotten Shores" has the following stage.

Section 7 of the appendix stage "Forgotten Shores" of "Monument Valley" looks something like this - YouTube

In addition, Monument Valley's design and goods for buildingsPrint & Goods StoreIt is on sale. A postcard printed with quality equivalent to that of the museum is $ 50 a sheet (about 6000 yen). It seems to be nice to capture the game screen, but if you want quality, this one.

My friend's "totem" is 148.51 pounds (about 27,800 yen).

In the iTunes store, there are 16 soundtracks that collect BGM used in the game, including tax 1600 yen.

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480 yen free, masterpiece of puzzle game adventuring in cheating pictures "Monument Valley" is now being offered free on the App Store and Amazon - GIGAZINE

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