Best app & game "2014" Monument Valley "Amazing development costs and revenue data released

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"Best app & game for 2014"Or"Apple Design Awards(Apple Design Award) "awarded"Monument Valley"Although it is a paid app, it has become one of the big hit apps in 2014 as a game walking around the world of a tricky drawing of beautiful design. Ustwo, the creator of such Monument Valley, has released data such as the number of downloads and total revenue so far, development cost took nearly 100 million yen and the most played chapter.

Monument Valley in Numbers - Monument Valley by ustwo ™ games

For what kind of game Monument Valley is, it explains in detail in the following review article which played up to "Forgotten Shores" of additional stage.

The trick game game "Monument Valley" of "2014 best app & game" to adventure the geometric pattern era - GIGAZINE

The Monument Valley has been released from the iOS version, and the sales of the iOS application has surpassed the market. The total number of downloads was 2,447 thousand, with iOS 1.7532331 times, Google Play 290,6085 times, Android app store (charged) 92,247 times, Android app store (free) 4,075,560 times .

Analysis service "Flurry"According to the analysis result is installed in 10 million unique devices, the additional stage of in-app purchase" Forgotten Shores "has been purchased 575,608 times. The total revenue is 5,850,825 dollars (about 680 million yen), and the maximum earnings per day is 145,530 dollars (about 17 million yen) on April 3, 2014 which is the day of release of iOS application, And that. More than 80% of all of these numbers are striking out by the iOS device.

When the above data is displayed as a line chart, it becomes as follows. Growth at the beginning of the release is terrible, but it has reached the peak of the second time from the end of the year to Christmas.

Countries with the most downloads ranked first in: America (38%), second place: China (12%), third place: UK (5%), 3 place: Germany (5%), 5 place: Japan (4.4 %), 6th place: Canada (3.9%), 7th place: Russia (3.6%), 8th place: Australia (3.1%), others (21.7%), and it seems that there were many people who bought it even in Japan.

The great success Monument Valley was made by eight teams based in London. Looking at the development cost, the cost required for the production period of 55 weeks (about 1 year and 1 month) of this part is $ 852,000 (about 100 million yen). The additional stage "Forgotten Shores" was produced over 29 weeks and said that development cost of 549,000 dollars (about 64 million yen) was applied.

With other figures, the number of users who reached the game clear was 50%. The language corresponds to 13 languages ​​in all, Tumblr's fan art posting account "MONUMENT FRIENDS"The number of works posted to over 200. The number of people who drowned their fellow character's "totem" in the game is 2.2 million 8418 times. The percentage of users who bought up to the additional stage is 24%, and the number of street fighters played for some reason during development has exceeded 15,800.

The appearance scene of "Totem" can be seen from the following movie.

"Monument Valley" ally "Totem" emerged - YouTube

The most played chapter is chapter 8 "Box", Chapter 10 "Astronomical Observatory", Chapter 4 "The Palace of Water" in Chapter 3 (The third stage in the figure is "Secret Temple"). The additional stage is chapter 1 "Deep Groove", Chapter 3 "Thief", Chapter 5 "Lost Waterfall".

You can experience how you play the first chapter "Deep Groove" of the additional stage "Forgotten Shores" in the following movies.

The beginning of the additional stage "Forgotten Shores" of "Monument Valley" - YouTube

Inside the game there are functions that you can shoot and save screenshots and post to SNS, but the most commonly used one among them was "61633" in "Save to Camera Roll".

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