'Genshin', which recorded sales of over 100 billion yen in just half a year, is growing the fastest as a mobile app game.

'Of the open world action RPG, which was released on September 28, 2020

original God ' is a playable basic free games on multiple platforms such as PC · PlayStation 4 · iOS · iPadOS · Android. It has become clear that sales of the mobile version of Genshin exceeded $ 1 billion (about 110 billion yen) in just six months after its release.

Genshin Impact Races Past $ 1 Billion on Mobile in Less Than Six Months

Genshin Impact Made Over $ 1 Billion In Just Six Months

Sensor Tower , a mobile app market research firm, has announced that the mobile version of Genshin has surpassed $ 1 billion in sales in less than six months after its release.

Five months after its release, Genshin has exceeded $ 874 million in total sales on the App Store and Google Play. Genshin's monthly sales have averaged about 160 million dollars (about 17 billion yen) since December 2020, and as of March 2021, 148 million dollars (about 16 billion yen) as of the 23rd. That's why sales exceeded $ 1 billion in six months.

In addition, App Store and many mobile apps than the total sales of the original God of the Google Play for the past 30 days, PUBG MOBILE and champion lordliness only two.

In addition, Genshin is the fastest in the history of total sales of the mobile version exceeding $ 1 billion. Even the explosively popular Pokemon GO set a record of nine months after its release, which means that Genshin achieved it in less than half a year.

Sensor Tower says that Genshin's success lies in 'the speed of development supported by a large investment', and the regular implementation of new events, features, and characters attracts players and increases sales. I analyze that it is contributing. Among them, the implementation of the new character has contributed to the increase in sales, and in the case of walnut (Futao) implemented at the end of February 2021, sales of 13 million dollars (about 1.4 billion yen) on March 2 alone. Is being recorded.

[Genshin Impact] Episode Walnut 'Are you surprised?' --YouTube

The image below summarizes the maximum daily sales of characters that have been newly implemented so far. Zhongli's highest daily sales were $ 15.5 million.

China (29.5%) has the highest sales of Genshin, followed by Japan (27.2%) and the United States (18.5%). The mobile version has a particularly high sales via the App Store, which means that about 60%, or $ 615 million (about 67 billion yen), comes from the iPhone or iPad. Google Play accounts for about 40% of total sales, accounting for $ 409.4 million. However, in regions other than China, sales via Google Play account for the majority, and it seems that 56.7% of player spending will be charged from Android devices.

The average daily sales of the mobile version of Genshin is $ 5.8 million (about 630 million yen).

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