'Super Mario Run' reveals that iPhone users give most of their earnings

Mobile application marketing survey revealed that the majority of the Nintendo smartphone application " Super Mario Run " revenue comes from the iOS platform. It is the result that it is according to the past tendency that " iOS is more advantageous than Android due to high profitability centering on paid applications ".

Nintendo's Super Mario Run Revenue Dashes Past $ 60 Million Worldwide

According to research company Sensor Tower, the revenue of Nintendo's mobile application "Super Mario Run" exceeded $ 60 million worldwide (about 6.6 billion yen). Super Mario run sold on both iOS and Android platforms, revenues from iOS devices account for 77% of the total, and it is clear that profitability is overwhelming Android terminals.

However, the super marion run was sold earlier in 3 months as iOS version was pre-sold in December 2016, Android version was a delayed release in March 2017, and iOS version high profitable It is a factor. Limited to the first quarter of 2018, the difference in earnings will be somewhat shrunk, with 65% for iOS and 35% for Android, but the iOS version still keeps high profitability and iOS is based on Android Considering that it is inferior in terms of market share, the high profitability of the iOS version seems to stand out.

In addition, Sensor Tower is an American iPhone user mobile app, in 2017 spending 58% (about 6400 yen) 23% up by 2016 compared with 36 dollars (about 4000 yen) to "game" We also announced that it was expenditure. Mobile as well as the game for mobile is a very promising market, of which iOS, which is highly profitable, seems to be the most important platform for game developers.

· Bonus: Mr. Shuntaro Furukawa, who assumed the new president of Nintendo, has set the goal of "sales 100 billion yen" to make the game business for smartphones the pillar of earnings, and Nintendo has the mario cart series "Mario I will announce that I will deliver the cart tour "by March 2019. Because Nintendo's mobile game is as low as 4% of the total sales, by utilizing powerful IP assets, we plan to nurture it as the third pillar following Nitendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.

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