Action game for PS 4 that is "pleasant" instead of "grabbing" the sky by manipulating the gravity "GRAVITY DAZE" play review

It was released for PlayStation Vita in February 2012 and has won numerous awards such as "The 16th Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival Entertainment Division Excellence Award", "Japan Game Grand Prize 2012 Annual Work Award Grand Prize" and "PlayStation Awards 2012 PlayStation Vita Special Award" The acquired game "GRAVITY DAZE"Comes up in PlayStation 4 with a 60-ps null null action. It is said that you can enjoy the "GRAVITY DAZE" which was awarded with numerous awards, which has nothing to do with other games of manipulating gravity, so it can be enjoyed with PS 4, so I actually played and I tried dive without weight.

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What kind of game is "GRAVITY DAZE" should be easy to understand by seeing the following movie.

Experience a new sense action that manipulates gravity with PS4 game "GRAVITY DAZE" - YouTube

When you play "GRAVITY DAZE" for the first time, you start from the scene where you see the apple tree. Touch the touch pad on PS4's controller ... ....

An apple fell with cologne. Apple keeps falling as it is ... ...

Cotton on the head of one girl.

This girl is the main character of "GRAVITY DAZE" · KITOUN.

Next to Kittun there was a cute black cat.

Black cats chase after KITOUN until now.

I do not know how I came here, manipulate Kittun in a state of memory loss and search for an exit. In addition, you move with the left stick of the controller.

Looking for an exit and fucking down, I encountered a single man.

According to his uncle, it seems that the phenomenon of gravity storm is occurring and my son is likely to be swallowed.

Looking up at the sky, the gravity storm shaped like a black hole swallowed various things.

My son's son, Yuji, is in the state of being sucked into gravitational storms at the moment.

If I thought, "I can not fly in the sky", it seems that the black cat glows and something ability has been released.

That makes it possible to operate gravity thanks to the black cat, starting the Yuji rescue mission.

The way to clear Yuji rescue mission by gravity operation can be confirmed from the following.

Rescuing a boy while manipulating gravity with a new sensory action game for PS 4 "GRAVITY DAZE" - YouTube

"Gravity change" which is the basic operation of the game is very simple. When you press the R1 button of the controller, it will be in the weightless state only around Kittun and the body will float in the air.

In the middle of the screen the target mark is shown in light blue color and the green circle is the destination. Tilt the right stick or the entire controller, align the target mark with the green circle successfully, then press the R1 button again.

When you press the R1 button in the zero gravity state, the direction of the target mark becomes "down" and KITUN goes straight.

Land as it is. When landing, Kiton stood on the bottom of the wall, but the camera angle toggles so that you can see which direction the current downward direction is facing.

After that, weightless floating and ...

While moving repeatedly, we will move on the rubble that floated in the air.

Successfully rescued Yuji without any problems.

After the mission, the black cat was named dusty.

The stage of "GRAVITY DAZE" is a city called HEAVAVILLE, an airborne city, and it is on the verge of being destroyed by the threat of gravity storms. KITUN is struggling to regain the city deprived of the gravitational storm, but before reviewing the gravity operation again before proceeding with the story, I explored the city freely.

Move freely while manipulating gravity with PS4 game "GRAVITY DAZE" - YouTube

First, press the R1 button to enter the zero gravity state. The target mark is displayed in the center of the screen.

Move the target mark with the right stick or controller tilted, and once the direction to go is determined, the R1 button again.

If you hit the wall, that will be the ground.

It is pretty innovative to stand on the wall.

It is also possible to walk on the wall with the tokotoko as it is.

When you press the L1 button in the zero gravity state, the gravity returns to normal and falls to the ground, but there is no drop damage in particular.

In the upper left of the screen, a meter is displayed indicating how long the zero gravity state can be continued. If this disappears, KITUN will not be able to manipulate gravity and will fall towards the ground.

As long as the meter remains, "Fly" instead of "flying" in various directions, up and down, left and right, if it falls to a high place or a low place too much ....

Attention is necessary because it gets drowned out by objects like gravity balls.

When I was floating or floating in the sky, I also forgot to advance the story and played with the gravity maneuver of a new sensation.

It seems that you do not understand the sense of direction of up, down, left and right if you are manipulating gravity, but "GRAVITY DAZE" is designed around the game firmly thinking about it. For example, during a fall, something like a white atmospheric streak appears on the screen ... ...

There are many buildings with a vertically elongated triangular roof, and even in the state of weightlessness it is possible to recognize without being conscious of the direction of normal gravity.

It is the real pleasure of "GRAVITY DAZE" that it falls with this weightlessness, and it is definitely going to fly off the sky at the beginning of the game.

It is possible to landing on an airship flying over the sky.

Hexaville seen from the top of the airship is a magnificent view.

I enjoyed the zero gravity experience and I decided to advance the story. At the beginning of the story I met a policeman called Sidoo. As I talk with Sidoo ......

A monster called Nevi attacked it.

Although the scene is different, you can check the state of gravity manipulation and battle with Nevi from the following movie.

Zero gravity battle of PS4 game "GRAVITY DAZE" - YouTube

The action at the time of battle kicks with □ button.

When you press the R2 button while tilting the left stick, it rolls in the tilted direction.

Also, when you press the □ button with floating in weightlessness ... ...

You can see an intense zero gravity kick.

The weightless kick is more powerful as the distance to the target is longer, so it is possible to bury Nevi with a single shot when released from the height of the image.

As you advance the story, events will occur that will introduce precious gems into the gravity furnace.

When putting Precious Gem into the gravity furnace, the fountain of the city which had stopped for a long time ... ...

The bridge will be restarted.

When the facilities in the city are restarted, a challenge mission that can get a lot of precious gems is released.

Various kinds are prepared for the challenge mission, such as "Time Limit Battle" which defeats a lot of Nevi within the time limit, and "Freestyle Race" using gravity, and as you progress the story, it increases more and more I will go. The challenge to "Freestyle race" which is one of the challenge missions can be confirmed from the following movie

Free style race of game "GRAVITY DAZE" for PS4 - YouTube

Press the OPTION button on the controller to display the map on the menu displayed. The orange icon of the map is the challenge mission.

If you earn Precious Gem with Challenge Mission, you can raise the basic skills of KITUN such as "Gravity Energy Sustainability" and "Strength" to improve the level.

Also, in addition to floating by manipulating gravity, an action called "gravity grab" will appear. For example, if there is a chair around Kittun ......

Press the ○ button ...

The chair emerges as a whale.

If you move as it is, chairs will come after KITOUN. It is also possible to throw an object floating and pull out an attack. This is an action called "gravity grab".

When I was doing the main mission to advance the story, I encountered a mission to steal a holey gem that a thief / alias is aiming at a command from Sidoo.

This mission is a so-called stealth game mission that steals without finding it to a police officer who is protecting Horie Gem.

It is the police officer that is in the red frame of the screen, as soon as it is found, the game is over.

I heard that it is difficult to hear the mission of the stealth system, but there is no problem for Kittun who manipulates gravity. Float and float ......

Run around the outside wall and turn around.

Get Holey Gem adorned with a fish statue in the center of the square.

However, the alias is good at both one and two, and it takes away the Holy Gem which he got at a great price.

It was an eerily smiling alias.

Even then, the story goes on flying over Hexaville.

Sometimes, I met a fortune-teller using a mysterious doll ... ...

I was sucked into the stomach of an old man who said "I am a god" ......

You can immerse yourself in a beautiful fantasy world like paintings, such as adventure of people sucked into gravity storms and the world where there is a city.

You may also fight with a giant boss and a gravity battle.

You can check the gravity battle with a huge boss from the following movie.

Boss game in the stolen city of PS4 game "GRAVITY DAZE" - YouTube

KITUN also releases secret mortal work.

As the story progresses, the city of Hexaville is released, places to visit increase and do a weightless dive.

As an additional element of "GRAVITY DAZE" for PS 4, "Gallery" has been added to the menu.

In the Gallery, the initial sketch of the character ......

Concept art and many fancy illustrations are recorded in fans, and just watching it makes it possible to enjoy the world view of "GRAVITY DAZE".

In addition, it is advantageous that DLC "Maid edition", "Spy version", "Military version" that was popular in the PS Vita version are fully recorded.

The game "GRAVITY DAZE" for PS4 can enjoy the action which can not be enjoyed in other games of manipulating gravity, the stage of Hexaville is designed to fit the gravity action and feeling as beautiful like painting Yes. If you play PS Vita version you can enjoy the world of "GRAVITY DAZE" reproduced on PS 4, and unplanned people are sure to be absorbed in the zero gravity dive which is the first experience.

title:GRAVITY DAZE / Gravity dizziness: perturbation in her inner universe at the return to the upper layer
Supported format:PlayStation 4
Genre:Action Adventure
Expected release date:Thursday, December 10, 2015
CERO:CERO C (over 15 years old)
price:Disc version Suggested retail price: 5900 yen + tax
Download version Sales price: 4900 yen + tax

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