I tried the Google official course & qualification "Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) comprehension test" that can master the basic and application of access analysis free of charge

Google AnalyticsJust looking at somehow just to use it and say, "How can we increase the number? Can we improve the result?" That is precisely the skepticism of treasure. On the other hand, many things like 'How to use Google Analytics' commentary book' can not be determined at all in the first place, so it is unknown what to buy with paying money. Because Google Analytics is too sophisticated and multifunctional, if you are totally mastery with zero confidence ... ..., the first thing that makes sense is that the free credential provided by Google"Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)"is.

Academy for Ads: Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

"Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)Is a certification that certifies that "This person has a firm understanding of Google Analytics and can make maximum use of services" provided by Google. Although acquiring this qualification does not result in authority or social benefits, it can be appealed as "I can make good use of Google Analytics!" Inside and outside the company. In other words, by acquiring this qualification, you can judge that "This person is okay to leave the analysis with Google Analytics okay."

However, no matter how much experience you use Google Analytics, suddenly it will be a hurdle to take an exam. Since we have courses for those who wish to acquire Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), we need to take the beginner's and advanced courses and learn sufficient knowledge and skills before certification exam It is recommended to receive.

◆ Take the course for Google Analytics Beginners
Google Analytics Beginners courseAccess to "Register".

Answer the questionnaire and click "Next".

Likewise, if you answer according to the question and click "Next", attendance registration is completed.

There are four courses (units) in the course for beginners as follows.

· Unit 1. Introduction to Google Analytics
1,1 Benefits of Digital Analytics
1.2 How Google Analytics Works
1.3 Setting up Google Analytics
1.4 Setting Views with Filters
Test 1

· Unit 2. Google Analytics management screen
2.1 Operating Google Analytics
2.2 Summary report
2.3 Overall report
2.4 How to share reports
2.5 My Reports List and Shortcut Setting Method
Test 2

· Unit 3. Basic report
3.1 User Report
3.2 Attraction Report
3.3 Behavior Report
Test 3

· Unit 4. Basic campaign and conversion tracking
4.1 Measuring custom campaign
4.2 Tracking campaigns using the URL generation tool
4.3 Measuring business outcomes by setting goals
4.4 Measuring AdWords campaigns
4.5 Course review and next steps
Test 4

There are three types of lecture types as below. For each lecture, it is a format that matches lecture content, such as thing only with animation and operation with demonstration account only.

Video: Watch YouTube videos and learn how to operate and terms

Working with demo account: You can actually learn by using Analytics demo account

demonstration: It is possible to proceed while watching a demonstration about each operation

After taking the course, if you pass all the tests of all four units, click "Next" displayed at the bottom of the page.

Answer the questionnaire and click "Next".

It will automatically go to the profile page of the Google Analytics Academy. Click "Show Certificate of Completion".

Since the expiration date is displayed at the lower right of the certificate of completion, confirm it and close the page.

◆ Take courses for advanced users of Google Analytics
Next, I will take courses for advanced users of Google Analytics.Google Analytics Advanced CourseAccess to "Register".

If you answer the questionnaire and click "Next", registration will be completed and you will be able to take the course.

There are four lessons (units) in the course for advanced users roughly divided as follows.

· Unit 1. Data collection and processing
1.1 Gathering data from Google Analytics
1.2 User and session classification
1.3 Applying Settings
1.4 Saving data and generating reports
1.5 Preparation of measurement plan
Test 1

· Unit 2. Data collection and setting
2.1 Organize your Analytics account
2.2 Setting Advanced Filter in View
2.3 Create your own Custom Dimension
2.4 Create your own custom indicators
2.5 Understanding User Behavior Using Event Tracking
2.6 Other Recommendations
Test 2

· Unit 3. Advanced analysis tools and techniques
3.1 Segment data to obtain insight
3.2 Analyzing data by channel
3.3 Analyzing data by demographics
3.4 Analyzing data using custom reports
Test 3

· Unit 4. Advanced marketing tool
4.1 Outline of remarketing
4.2 More effective targeting with dynamic remarketing
4.3 Summary of the course
Test 4

Also, like the course for beginners, the lecture format is three types of "movie", "operation of demo account", "demonstration". For each lecture, it is a format that matches lecture content, such as thing only with animation and operation with demonstration account only.

After taking the course, if you pass all the tests of all four units, click "Next" displayed at the bottom of the page.

Please answer the questionnaire displayed and click "Next".

It will automatically go to the profile page of the Google Analytics Academy. Click "Show certificate of completion" on the Google Analytics Advanced Course.

The valid period of the certificate of advanced course is also one year.

◆ Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Test for Understanding Test
You have completed the Google Analytics Beginners course and the Advanced Google Analytics course so far. However, in order to acquire the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), it is necessary to pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) understanding test. Because you will need an Academy for Ads account to take the exam,Academy for AdsAccess.

Click "START NOW".

Choose the account you want to get certified.

Click "Permit".

Check "Yes" and click "Save and continue".

If "User was successfully updated" is displayed, account creation is completed.

Next, to change the page display to Japanese, scroll to the bottom of the page and change the language to "Japanese".

Since I want to take this examination is an individual qualification of Google Analytics, it is OK to copy and search the character string of "Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)".

Click "Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)".

As the details window opens, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Google Analytics" comprehension test.

When you click "Contents", the examination will begin immediately.

The exam is 70 questions, the time limit is 90 minutes. Even when closing the browser or shutting down the PC in the middle of the exam, the remaining time will mercilessly decrease, so I will start the exam after thinking "Preparation for taking the exam is complete!"

All problems are selective, checking what you think is the correct answer and clicking "send" will proceed to the next question.

As a relatively simple problem, the level of feeling "Analytics tracking code should be added to the HTML of the web page".

"Which of the following can not be done even by linking an AdWords account with Google Analytics?", Google Analytics and the click charging advertisement service Google provides to advertisers "Google AdwordsThere is also a difficult problem that you do not know if you do not incorporate both.

When you send the answer of the last 70th question, you will be prompted immediately, the number of correct answers, correct answer rate will be displayed.

There was also an acceptance indication on the examination details screen.

By saying "Thank you for your patience", we successfully got the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) badge.

Click the "publication" button to print certification acquisition certificate.

Since certification acquisition certificate opens in PDF, you can print this and decorate it and carry it around the room.

So, GIGAZINE's advertising staff are so familiar with the analysis that they can acquire the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) & GIGAZINE articles are evolving more and more through the analysis of the articles, so more and more ordering article advertisements It is okay to have it done. If you are interested in anything, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you inquire from the form below, the person in charge will respond with haste.

If the form above is not displayed or can not be sent, please do the link below.

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