Capcom's "Monster Hunter 3G" booth looks like this

Scheduled to be released on December 10 for Nintendo 3DS "Monster Hunter 3 (Try) G"ButTokyo Game Show 2011It was exhibited at the Capcom booth, so we will deliver that state.

"Monster Hunter 3 (Try) G" booth

There was a logo of the same work at most at the top of the booth.

"Bridle dragon brassius dios" which appeared as the eyeball of the same work is exhibited

It is a tribe that seems to be strong, specializing in bomb attack with slime mold.

Quite impressive

A companion's older sister. Behind the opening of the Tokyo Game Show, the queue waiting for the experience play began to be formed.

It is like this in the experience corner.

CAPCOM: Monster Hunter 3 (Try) G official website

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