"Lost Planet 2" trailer shows fearsome battle of Powered Armor vs Gigantic Monster

Among many 3D games of Capcom, "Lost Planet" series specialize in sci-fi aspect, depicting the battle of gigantic protoctista, colonists and Snow Pirate on the planet EDN-3rd.

Breaking 3 years silence, Capcom brought much enhanced sequel and exhibited working demo of co-op up to four player at Tokyo Game Show 2009.

Read on for detail.

Capcom's booth exhibiting Lost Planet 2.

They brought both PS3 version and Xbox360 version. Audience can play either Man-to-Man mode or Co-op mode.

The working demo.

Also Microsoft booth got Xbox360 version of the game.

Working demo of Xbox360 version.

Game logo.

Akrid, the protoctista.

Players fight with heavy firearms and Vital Suit, a powered armor.

Co-op mode holds up to four players.

The key visual.

Xbox360 version comes out in this winter and PS3 will follow. Retail price is to be announced soon.


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