Beautiful companions of "Capcom" and "Konami" are gathering inTGS 2011

EarlierCompanions such as "Sega" "Glee" "Koee Tecmo Games"Following that, we met "booths" such as "Capcom" "Konami" "XPERIA PLAY"Tokyo Game Show 2011We will deliver beautiful companion 's.

Tokyo Game Show | TOKYO GAME SHOW

◆ Capcom

The companions were on the verge of just about the end of the event.

◆ gloops


◆ Konami

◆ QueryEye

◆ Arts College Yokohama

◆ Tokyo Designer Institute · Tokyo Net Wave

◆ Japan Institute of Technology

◆ Bakery!

It's "Baker's Day!" At the food booth.

The companion article is still continuing.

Companies such as "SCE" "Han game" beauty companions war inTGS 2011

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