Beautiful companion whose individuality is hidden from each company, such as Sega and Glee inTGS 2011

Big event which can enjoy many new games as soon as possible "Tokyo Game Show 2011For each company booth, beauty companions will show guests' guidance and explanation of the game. First of all, please enjoy companions such as "Sega" "Glee" "Koee Tecmo Games". It should be helpful for people going to TGS on Saturdays and Sundays public release dates.

Tokyo Game Show | TOKYO GAME SHOW


◆ Kimi ☆ カ バ

◆ Sega

There was also Sonic which celebrates 20 years of birth.

◆ Dengeki Mobile / Electric Stroke Comic Japan

◆ Glee

Since companion articles are coming in and going forward, please look forward to it.

The beautiful companions of 'Capcom' and 'Konami' are Grained in TGS 2011 - GIGAZINE

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