The King of Fighters' shooting game "KOF SKY STAGE", the actual screen and game system looks like this

What kind of how did that grand "The King of fighters" struggle? What is the vertical scroll shooting game for arcade "KOF SKY STAGEAppeared as a playable exhibition that can be played at the AM show currently being held.

That's why the details of how the play in the real machine looked like the following.

Although it is a playable exhibition, only one chassis that can be played

Actual play screen, perhaps in battle against middle boss

If you hold down the B button while the power gauge is gathered, the power meter will rise and the mortal work will be activated when you release the button where you got to the level you want to shoot.

Like this

When you defeat the boss of each stage last, it becomes like this

Chara selection

In addition, it seems that not only the arcade but also the Xbox LIVE arcade is scheduled to be delivered.

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Published the playable movie of The King of Fighters' shooting game 'KOF SKY STAGE'

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