'VAIO SX12' review packed with high-speed SSD and large-capacity battery in a compact and lightweight body weighing less than 900 g

VAIO has released a notebook PC 'VAIO SX12 ' that weighs less than 900g and is equipped with a 12.5-inch full HD display. I actually touched the VAIO SX12, which realized a compact and lightweight body with a wired LAN terminal, HDMI terminal, and SD card slot, and checked its performance.

VAIO SX12 12.5-inch wide model released in October 2020 | VAIO


◆ Opening & appearance
The outer box looks like this. This time, I customized the CPU to ' Core i7-1065G7 ', the memory to 16GB, and the SSD to '3rd generation high speed SSD 512GB' from the official store.

Inside, there is a box containing the main body, a box containing the AC adapter, and explanatory documents.

The VAIO SX12 main unit is housed in a box wrapped in a non-combustible cloth.

The VAIO SX12 looks like this.

There are no buttons or terminals on the front side.

Equipped with a power input terminal, USB Type-A terminal x 2, and headphone output terminal on the left side.

The SD card slot, USB Type-A terminal, USB Type-C terminal, HDMI terminal, wired LAN terminal, and VGA terminal are mounted on the right side.

The back side becomes a stand when the display is opened.

The model number and serial number are printed on the back of the main unit. In addition, speakers are mounted on both sides of the front.

The actual weight of the main body is 893g. The weight will change depending on the configuration.

The weight including the AC adapter is 1128g.

The AC adapter is equipped with a USB terminal that can be used to charge smartphones.

When you open the VAIO SX12, it looks like this. The size of the display is 12.5 inches and the resolution is 1920 x 1090 (Full HD).

When you open the VAIO SX12, the back side of the keyboard is lifted and angled.

On the keyboard, the arrow keys are smaller than the other keys. The Ctrl and Alt keys are located on both the left and right sides, and the Fn key is located to the right of the left Ctrl key. In addition, the power button is mounted on the upper right of the keyboard.

The width of the character keys is about 15 mm, and the distance between the keys is about 3.5 mm.

Since it is equipped with a keyboard backlight, you can enter characters while checking the engraving of the keys even in a dark environment.

An HD resolution camera is mounted on the top of the display, and it also supports face recognition. In addition, it is also possible to customize to a full HD compatible camera at the time of purchase at the official store.

◆ Results of various benchmarks
Run various benchmarks to check the performance of your VAIO SX12. At the time of benchmarking, the CPU and fan are set to 'Performance priority' from 'Power / Battery' in the 'VAIO Settings' app to maximize performance.

First, benchmark using

'Geekbench 5'.

As a result of the CPU benchmark, the single core score was 1347 and the multi-core score was 4681.

The detailed results of the CPU benchmark are as follows.

Single core Multi-core
Overall score 1347 4681
Encryption process 4155 8389
Integer arithmetic 1135 4349
Floating point arithmetic 1339 4782

The GPU (Iris Plus Graphics) benchmark results scored 10397 on

and 9533 on Vulkan.


I ran a benchmark on 'PassMark PerformanceTest ' and compared the score with other laptops. The overall score is 3981, which is much higher than the score (2468) of the equivalent size 'Let's Note CF-SV8' that appeared in 2019.

The CPU score is 10471, which is higher than the score (9977) of

MSI's gaming notebook PC 'GF65-10UE-258JP'.

It has a 2D graphics score of 500 and is ranked high.

The 3D graphics score is 2401, which is high for a non-gaming PC.

The memory score is 2834.

The disc score was 29297, which was not as good as VAIO's flagship notebook PC '

VAIO Z SIGNATURE EDITION ', but it recorded a fairly high score.

Next, when I ran a load test using

'PassMark BurnInTest ' while keeping the room temperature at 25 degrees, I completed the race without any errors.

The CPU temperature during the load test fluctuated around 70 degrees and sometimes exceeded 80 degrees.

When I measured the temperature during the load test with '

FLIR ONE Pro ', the temperature in the center of the keyboard rose to 33.4 degrees, which was a little warm.

The temperature of the touchpad is 26.0 degrees, and you can see that the temperature of the parts touched by hands such as the keyboard and touchpad does not rise so much even under load.

The temperature of the exhaust heat part on the left side of the main body is 45.4 degrees.

The hottest part on the back of the main unit was 46.0 degrees.

The AC adapter was 45.5 degrees.

◆ Fan noise under high load
Many people use the VAIO SX12 for business or academic purposes. Therefore, we verified the loudness of the fan noise when performing high-load work on the VAIO SX12. In the following movie, you can compare the fan noise in the low load state with the fan when the high load processing that uses nearly 100% of the CPU is executed for a long time. The music is played with the volume of the VAIO SX12 set to '20'.

'VAIO SX12' Fan sound at high load looks like this-YouTube

Falcom Sound Team jdk 'Overdosing Heavenly Bliss' from The Legend of Heroes: Sky Trail the 3rd

◆ Battery life
To verify the battery life, set the volume of the VAIO SX12 to '60', the brightness to '40', set the YouTube video to 720p in Microsoft Edge, and leave it in full screen. When I tried it, I was able to continue playing the video for about 8 hours.

I tried to verify the battery life of 'VAIO SX12' --YouTube

The result of recording the remaining battery level during the above verification with the battery monitoring application ' PassMark BatteryMon' is like this.

The transition of the remaining battery level from 10% of the remaining battery level to full charge is like this. It reached 45% 30 minutes after the start of charging and 70% 1 hour later, and was able to charge to nearly 100% within 2 hours.

When I actually touched the VAIO SX12, it showed a high benchmark result overall despite its lightweight body of less than 900g, and also showed a long battery life of being able to play 720p video for 8 hours or more in wireless communication. In addition, even under heavy load, the temperature of touching parts such as keyboards and touchpads does not rise so much, and the fan noise is not loud enough to interrupt conversations, so working people and students who often carry laptops with them. It is a recommended notebook PC.

The regular price of the VAIO SX12 model for the 2020 model is 172,480 yen, and it can be obtained from the official store.

VAIO SX12 (model released in October 2020) | VAIO official online store | VAIO STORE


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