Mobile workstation 'Dell Precision 5560' review that demonstrates high performance anywhere

I actually touched the 'Dell Precision 5560 Workstation ', which is the thinnest 15-inch mobile workstation in the world.

Dell Precision 5560 Workstation | Dell Japan Mobile-Desktop Workstation / precision-5560-Workstation / spd / precision-15-5560-laptop

The outside vanity case looks like this.

The bottom area of the main body is 3440 mm x 2300 mm. The thickness is 11.64 mm, and the thin end is 7.7 mm. The weight is 1.84kg to 2.04kg depending on the composition.

There are two

Thunderbolt 4 ports on the left side of the main unit.

The front side is thinly squeezed and there are no indicators or ports.

USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port, SD card slot, audio jack on the right side of the main unit.

The back side looks like this.

On the bottom side, there are two low-height rubber feet.

When opened, it looks like this.

The keyboard has Ctrl at the bottom left and no Alt key at the right. There is no independent power button or switch, and the unmarked button on the upper right of the keyboard is the power button.

Included items are AC adapter, power cable, USB-A / HDMI conversion dongle.

When connected to the power supply, it looks like this.

The bezel of the screen is quite narrow.

Built-in 720p / 30fps HD camera at the top of the bezel.

A dongle connection is required when using a USB memory.

I measured the performance with the standard benchmark software '

Geekbench 5'. By the way, the CPU is the 11th generation Intel Core-i9 11950H (2.60GHz), the GPU is NVIDIA GeForce RTX A2000, and the memory is 32GB.

The CPU benchmark score is '1680' for single core and '9088' for multi-core.

The benchmark score of the installed GPU /

NVIDIA RTX A2000 is '64183' when using the CUDA API.

When using the OpenCL API, '63474'.

When using the Vulkan API, '49199'.

Benchmark was also performed on

'PassMark Performance Test' Ver.10.

The overall score is 4136. It surpasses the mobile PC VAIO SX12 and is slightly below the gaming PC ROG Zephyrus M16 GU603.

The CPU may be equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core-i 11950GH, and it has a fairly high score of 23292.

2D graphics are a little lower than gaming PCs 383.

However, in 3D graphics, it recorded 10958, which exceeds that of some gaming PCs.

The memory score is 2668.

The score on the disc was 19400.

The 1-hour load test with '

PassMark BurnInTest' was cleared without any problems.

The temperature change during the load test looks like this. The CPU temperature is controlled to 53 ° C at the maximum, which gives the impression that the temperature is extremely well controlled. In addition, the fan noise is quiet at a level that does not bother me at all, even though the temperature is suppressed to this level. Even if you have a chance to make a sound from the terminal, you will not be disturbed by the fan sound.

When I took a picture of the PC under load test with the thermo camera '

FLIR ONE Pro ', the wind blowing from the hinge part in front of the display was about 42 ° C.

The keyboard is about 44 ° C.

Not much heat is transmitted to the palm rest and the area around the main body.

Exhaust heat of 47 ℃ is done to the back side.

The bottom is about 43 ° C.

The AC adapter is 47 ° C, which gives the impression that it is a little high.

In addition, it is a 'mobile workstation' in the sense that 'the workstation can be taken anywhere', and it is unexpected that it will exert its full performance while being driven by a battery, so it will continue to perform high load processing only with the battery. As a result, the remaining battery level is decreasing by 1% to 2% per minute, and after about 1 hour, the remaining battery level is 17%, and after a dialog prompting you to connect to the power supply appears, the remaining battery level is 3% at once. I was depressed and went into hibernation.

However, it seems to be a mobile workstation that is required to be able to demonstrate high performance in any field, and as long as it can be connected to a power supply, it has consistently demonstrated high performance.

The 'Dell Precision 5560 Workstation' is priced from JPY 336,681 to JPY 500,682, including tax and shipping charges, depending on the processor, memory capacity, and storage capacity configuration.

Dell Precision 5560 Workstation | Dell Japan Mobile-Desktop Workstation / precision-5560-Workstation / spd / precision-15-5560-laptop

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