Facebook prepares proceedings against Apple or violates antitrust law in App Store

Facebook was reportedly preparing to sue Apple for antitrust violations. The issues in the proceedings are expected to be 'Ad Tracking Specification Change Issue' and 'iPhone Default App Issue'.

Facebook Preps Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple — The Information

Facebook Preparing Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple for'Unfair' Approach to Privacy and Default Apps --MacRumors

With an iOS update, Apple is trying to introduce a setting that prevents the ad identifier IDFA from being 'collected and shared without the user's permission'. The advertising identifier is used for behavioral targeting advertising (targeted advertising) that infers interests based on the user's behavior history, and Facebook says that 'advertising revenue will drastically decrease if many users refuse IDFA.' Expressed concern. I put up a newspaper advertisement on one side of the big letter and asked for approval.

Facebook puts a full-page ad in the newspaper saying 'Apple will turn the Internet into a bad one' --GIGAZINE

Apple CEO Tim Cook also argued against a series of Facebook protests. In response to this, Facebook was reported to have leaked 'there is no choice' inside and outside .

However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reiterated the issue when he announced his 2020 financial results. At about the same time, CEO Cook accused a business model like Facebook of leading to violence and polarization, clarifying the conflict between the two companies.

Apple CEO Tim Cook accuses business models like Facebook of leading to violence and polarization-GIGAZINE

Apple is making money at the expense of app developers and small businesses on the ad-tracking spec change issue at the heart of the controversy, and its dominance over the App Store is anti-competitive. As Facebook is preparing to sue Apple under antitrust law, IT news site The Information reported.

Furthermore, in addition to the specification change problem related to ad tracking, Facebook is expected to cut into the 'iPhone default application problem'. Facebook has argued that 'iOS is not a place of equal competition', saying that the iPhone's default messaging app can only be set to Apple's ' Messages ' and ' iMessage ' as a monopoly. As a result, Facebook is expected to address the default app issue in its proceedings.

Facebook insists that 'iOS should be able to change the default app even in the messaging app' --GIGAZINE

While Facebook has severely accused Apple of violating antitrust laws, it also has a process of setting up a third-party committee to review moderators' decisions about its services. On January 28, 2021, the Commission said that a Myanmar user's post 'Islam has some psychological problems' was deleted as a hate speech, 'in the context, France and China. It is a detailed explanation of the contradiction of Islamic reaction in Myanmar, and it can not be said that it has reached the level of malicious expression. ”The image including the nipple by the user who suffered from breast cancer was automatically deleted as nude. Of the moderator's decisions on the agenda, 4 out of 5 cases were denied and a correction was requested, such as judging that one case violated the rule of exception if there was an educational or medical reason. It was.

Announcing the Oversight Board's first case decisions | Oversight Board

In addition, the committee has an independent source of funds, and it is possible to make decisions that do not depend on Facebook in terms of funding, and Facebook states that it 'will always follow the decisions of the committee.'

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