Wonder Festival 2019 [Summer] Opening, All Articles List Summary

Japan's largest modeling event ' Wonder Festival 2019 (Summer) ' will be held from 10:00 to 17:00 at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1-8.

This is how the morning venue looks like

The following articles have already summarized what works are of interest to general dealers.

◆ July 26, 2019 22:26
Wang Fes 2019 [Summer] General Dealer Needs Attention Highlights Summary-GIGAZINE

So, the article summary of the day is as follows.

◆ July 28, 2019 10:40
From the “No Guns Life” determined by TV animation, the bust of the protagonist of Toshiharu Toru, a thirteen dried boy, appears, and hard-boiled & cyber punk atmosphere Moon Moon-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 10:59
Kojima Hideo's latest film 'Death Stranding' 's Norman Reedus played Sam who plays three-in-one ahead of the game-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 11:35
That 'TENGA' and 'Mazinger Z' is a collaboration of Masaka 'Mazinger TENGA Robo', the birth of Getter Robo is also TENGA-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 11:38
Cute and cool Eevee and their evolution, Hou-Ou and Lugia, Detective Pikachu and other 'Pocket Monster' series figures variously summarized-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 12:10
Message 'PrayForKyoani' to the Kyoto Ani apocalypse incident appeared at One Fence, figures of each memorable work gathered-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 12:37
The mask which anyone can take on the Holy Grail War as Assassin by Hasan appeared-GIGAZINE

◆ 12: 44 July 28, 2019
Lifelike figures of Cheryl & Ranka's life-size figures from 'Macros F' that can really sing with built-in speakers and rem life-size figure ukiyoe versions of 'Re: life in a different world starting from zero' appear with overwhelming presence-GIGAZINE

◆ 12: 51 July 28, 2019
A diorama work in which the first ever Eva machine of absolute quality is trailing the apostle of Zutaboro-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 12:57
The details of 'Godzilla 4th form' Awakening ver. '' Which overwhelmingly reproduces the radiation flow penetrating the 'Shin Godzilla' high-rise building-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 13:46
Figure summary of 'The World of Gems' in which the beauty and life as gems are expressed by the balance of miracle-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 13:47
60cm taller than a dress! Boa Hancock and Luffy's Statue Figure-GIGAZINE

◆ 13: 52 on July 28, 2019
Delivers healing with voice Voice rich individuality is delivered as a figure and healing even in three dimensions-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 14:00
'Man × Gare' project start of 'Aim to be a cartoonist but I can't get into a series and motivate you to create a three-dimensional model of the manga you are drawing'-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 14:14
A super-high quality figure of Verokiraptor 'Blue' baby & the after-growth figure that plays an active role in the 'Jurassic World' series, which involuntarily wants to be addicted-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 14:45
'The child of the weather' of Hina and the sail height is blazing fast and Nendoroidous, just 'This is a story about the secret of the world that only I and her know about'-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 15:27
Shoko & Mai's wedding figure finally appeared too beautiful and too involuntarily seen from the 'Adolescent Pig Yaro series' which was also released TV anime & Movie version-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 15:57
A good smile overshadowed by HELLSING 'Major' who is embarrassed that famous speech that 'if it's ok, it's a war'-GIGAZINE

◆ 15: 59 on July 28, 2019
Kojima Production's Symbol Character 'Rudenth' Is A Pretty Pretty, Into 1/12 Movable Figure-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 16:23
'Machi Kadokezoku' figured in a super-curious battle costume Shamiko and Momo Chiyoda of a cute magical girl figure-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 16:35
Soft skin and playfulness shines FGO 'British Revelation Abigail Williams', using ZBrush and 3D printer etc.-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 16:53
We looked at Oshino Shinobu 1/2 scale figure of 'Bakemonogatari' which looks invisible but not visible-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 17:00

The Babe Radar Striking Baybelt Meets the Desire to Carry Beyblade Coolly-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 17:16
A variety of cute and humorous creature figures such as animals taking part in the game and dancing goldfish-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 17:25
Seeds of radish and carrots that seem to pose to stir up the lust for some reason-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 17:49
One Fess 2019 [Summer] Cosplayer's Summary [Prequel] Expressing the World of Beautiful Girl Cosplay & Sample Works-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 19:12
Appears as a 'chokonse figure' where you can decorate the place you like 'Amebi Toru of Detective Conan Zero'-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 19:20
'Gadget Gadget series' where familiar items such as kettles and takoyaki are transformed into lovely robots-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 19:35
Cute and sexy original girl figures such as fluffy costume maids and gorgeous kimono beauties-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 19:51
Touken Ranbu 'Japanese edition' made by a professional prototyper aiming at the current situation defeat-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 20:28
Pretty girl too Pokemon and tower of the sun etc. 2019 [Summer] Cosplayer summary [the second part]-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 20:33
Eva's Asuka & Rei figures appeared in Nendoroid, plus a variety of stuff from plug suits to jersey-wearing personal clothes-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 20:48
The main character Koko of the fantasy manga 'Tongari Hat's Atelier' appears three-dimensional with 100% of the original brushstroke and the world's view-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 20:55
The high quality 'Re: different world life starting from zero' figure summary so that you want to ask 'What a week of life?'

◆ July 28, 2019 22:34
Akane & Rokuka figures that 2 people are perfectly close to appear from 'SSSS. GRIDMAN', a cheerleader figure that you want to support just now-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 22:34
'Kankore' figure summary which has been dispatched to One Fez in sexy clothes for hot summer-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 22:50
A variety of figures of Azure Lane to enjoy the cuteness full of romance forever-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 23:11
Marcil & Chillchuck 3D that reproduces the food scene of 'dungeon rice' is right next to danger-GIGAZINE

◆ July 28, 2019 23:50
From CG in the screen to 3D in the real world, such as 'JK group' of Niji-sanji and transcending gamers, etc.-VTuber summary-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 00:10
Imas's idol, embodied in super-quality, is the heart of 'Shusugagaat', Imas figure summary summarized-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 00:42
Yoshi with the familiar 'site cat' in 'Yoshi!' Have done-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 00:43
Everybody shakes a smile to everyone, and it is pretty cute 'Hatsune Miku' figure all this summary-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 00:47
I tried to put together Eva that was gathered in one festival such as the variant 'Eva 8' appearing in 'Shin Evangelion Movie version'-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 02:03
A summary of figures in the 'NARUTO' series in which the action scene of the super great force and the sexy Kunoichi became three-dimensional-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 02: 20
The figures lined up in the 'Adult Zone' which is not for children under 18-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 02: 40

A variety of figures of Rins of 'Cemricusa' with striking red hair on the upside-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 03:10
Garpan figures that I saw in Onefest 2019 [Summer] that the collaboration between the tank and the girl can enjoy to the fullest-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 07:30

FGO × Lord ・ Elmeroy II case book × Fate / stay night and more than 50 Fate related figure summary such as-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 08:30

High-quality Fate-related figure summary such as cute smile and dazzling Nero and good-fashioned mode red too-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 20:50

'Kemono Friends' figure of Wonfes 2019 [Summer] with Curls and Bags lined up smiling-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 21:50

'Cobra' of muscle beauty that seems to be broken is found at Wanfest 2019 [Summer]-GIGAZINE

◆ July 29, 2019 23:55

'Pre-Cure' variety of Wonfes 2019 [Summer] with wide range from Cure Macaroon & Chocolat to Cure Black & White-GIGAZINE

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