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新たにマスク氏が求める「インターネット上の言論の自由」に苦言を呈したのは、2012年から2014年までRedditのCEOを務めたYishan Wong氏。同氏によると、マスク氏のTwitter買収について何度もコメントを求められたので、Twitterで語ることにしたとのこと。

I've now been asked multiple times for my take on Elon's offer for Twitter.

So fine, this is what I think about that. I will assume the takeover succeeds, and he takes Twitter private. (I have little knowledge/insight into how actual takeover battles work or play out)

(long ????)

— Yishan (@yishan)

Wong氏が解説しているのは、「インターネット上に言論の自由が存在した時代もあったが、今はモデレーションありきにシフトした」という点について。同氏の指摘は、かつて1990年代のWeb 1.0時代や2005年頃のFacebook登場以前には、実際に言論の自由が行き届いた時代があったというところから始まります。

There is this old culture of the internet, roughly Web 1.0 (late 90s) and early Web 2.0, pre-Facebook (pre-2005), that had a very strong free speech culture.

— Yishan (@yishan)


This free speech idea arose out of a culture of late-90s America where the main people who were interested in censorship were religious conservatives. In practical terms, this meant that they would try to ban porn (or other imagined moral degeneracy) on the internet.

— Yishan (@yishan)


The internet is not a "frontier" where people can go "to be free," it's where the entire world is now, and every culture war is being fought on it.

It's the MAIN battlefield for our culture wars.

— Yishan (@yishan)


Neither side is lying.

Mostly, it's really because enforcement is hard, and there are LOTS of errors. There's a separate emerging problem (more FB than Twitter) where AI models make inhumane/dystopian judgments that can't be appealed, but that's a separate issue.

— Yishan (@yishan)


They would like you (the users) to stop squabbling over stupid shit and causing drama so that they can spend their time writing more features and not have to adjudicate your stupid little fights.

— Yishan (@yishan)


What happens is that because of the fundamental structural nature of social networks, it is always possible for a corner case to emerge where people get into an explosive fight and the company running the social network has to step in.

Again: Omega Events

— Yishan (@yishan)


You really want to avoid censorship on social networks? Here is the solution:

Stop arguing. Play nice. The catch: everyone has to do it at once.

I guarantee you, if you do that, there will be NO CENSORSHIP OF ANY TOPIC on any social network.

— Yishan (@yishan)


massive amounts of horrible behavior, spam-level posting, and abuse that spilled over into the real world - e.g. harrassment of public officials and doctors, racially-motivated crimes, etc.

— Yishan (@yishan)

このような問題は、1990年代のWeb 1.0時代や2005年頃のFacebook登場以前の古き良きインターネットにはほとんど見られない問題でした。こうした時代の中で育ったマスク氏は「検閲を取り払っても問題ない」と考えているものの、もはやインターネットは誰でも使える時代になったため、古い時代のルールが現代に通用しなくなったというのがWong氏の指摘です。

So: my take is this:@elonmusk, I'm all with you on the Values Of The Old Internet.

This is not The Old Internet. That is gone. It is sad. It's not because the platforms killed it.

— Yishan (@yishan)


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