Twitter founder Jack Dorsey described the suspension of former President Trump's account as 'the right thing to do as a business, but the wrong thing to do to the internet and society,' and will provide messaging app Signal with $1 million a year to accelerate the open internet.

Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey expressed his thoughts in a blog post following the release of the internal company documents 'Twitter Files.' In the blog, Dorsey confessed that Twitter's path was 'right as a public company, but wrong for the Internet and society,' and warned about the current state and future of social media.

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Dorsey laid out three principles for social media: 'It should be flexible to corporate and government control,' 'Only users can remove their own content,' and ' Moderation should be done by algorithmic selection.'

In his statement, Dorsey pointed out that Twitter has not and will not meet the 'Social Media Principles.' He described Twitter's past and present path as 'its biggest mistake,' and said that suspending former President Donald Trump's account was 'the right thing to do as a public company, but the wrong thing to do for the internet and for society.'

On the other hand, Dorsey has denied the rumors and allegations in the Twitter files , saying, 'There was no malice or hidden intent, and everyone acted according to the best information they had at the time,' and hopes that they will be made public in a way that takes into account the eyes and interpretations of many people. In addition, in response to the current situation in which former Twitter employees are being criticized, he said, 'Attacking former employees will not solve anything, and if you want to criticize them, please direct it at me and my actions and lack of action.'

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Dorsey cited platforms like Bluesky and Mastodon as worthy avenues for development of decentralized social media.

In addition, to make social media a native part of the internet, the company is giving Signal, a messaging app that is considered to have a very high level of security, $1 million a year and is looking for further efforts.

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