Twitter CEO Announces Development Promotion of “Open Standard for Distributed Social Media”

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Twitter ’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, announced on Twitter on December 11, 2019, “We are investing in developing an open standard for decentralized social media.” In the future, CEO Dorsey said he is aiming to make Twitter an open standard client in the future.

Dorsey said, “Twitter was very open in the early stages and could become a standard for decentralized Internet like email protocols,” but Twitter gradually established a centralized solution. I told you. He said.

For example, Twitter has a set of terms of service, and we use a “centralized” solution that handles all issues such as malicious postings and fake news postings under the control of Twitter. However, Dorsey said that trying to run the solution globally would put an excessive burden on the staff.

And Dorsey pointed out that the value demanded of social media has shifted from “content hosting and removal” to “recommended algorithms that catch the eye”. For example, in the Twitter timeline, not only the tweets of followers are simply arranged in chronological order, but the tweets to be viewed are automatically selected and displayed in priority. There are many criticisms of this mechanism, and in September 2018, users were able to switch the timeline display according to their own preferences.

Twitter is developing a new function that allows users to control the display method in response to criticism of timeline display change-GIGAZINE

However, the screening algorithm itself is unique to the operating Twitter company, and as long as Twitter is used, the user cannot change the algorithm itself to another algorithm or construct a new one.

In addition, CEO of Dorsey sees the problem that content and conversations that cause controversy and anger are being developed in existing social media, rather than healthy information and conversations. And Dorsey said that the advent of distributed internet technologies such as blockchain has increased the feasibility and expectations of distributed internet.

So Dorsey CEO funded a small independent team “ bluesky ”, developed an open standard for decentralized social media, and ultimately aimed at Twitter becoming a client of this standard. This bluesky is formed mainly by Twitter's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Parag Agrawal, who has five members at the time of writing.

An example of decentralized social media is Mastodon , which was released in 2016 and various instances appeared in Japan around 2017. Mastodon is an open source platform and is being developed on GitHub , so it can be said that Dorsey CEO aims to be an “open platform for decentralized social media”. Therefore, some users point out that `` it is not a reinvention of the wheel '' , but Mastodon `` as Google controls Android, Twitter has announced the construction of a protocol that can be controlled by itself ”And stated that Mastodon is different from what Dorsey wants.

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