Twitter announces “no ban on political advertising”

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On October 31, 2019, Twitter Jack Dorsey announced, `` From November 22, 2019, we have decided to ban `` any political advertisement '' displayed on Twitter globally '' did.

Twitter will ban all political ads starting in November-The Verge

The background of this decision seems to be a political advertising battle overheating for the 2020 US presidential election . Around the beginning of October 2019, former US Vice President Joe Biden, who is a promising candidate for Democratic Party, said, `` The President Trump's camp is advertising politically that `` the Biden family and the Ukrainian government have a deep relationship '' Asking for Facebook to not place false or misleading political advertisements. In response to this, Facebook says its first policy is ' freedom of speech ' and 'no politicians will perform fact checks by third parties on announcements and advertisements made on Facebook.' And commented.

On the other hand, the decision by CEO of Dorsey is not about freedom of speech but is related to “advertising”. Dorsey said, “Political messages can only reach someone if they follow the account or have an“ active will ”to follow someone to retweet. But pay money. The ads displayed in can be made political messages with advanced optimization and targeting, regardless of active intention or not. `` I don't deny that people should actively disseminate political messages, but I am concerned that advertising will spread political messages forcibly. The

“For example, a company said,“ Our company is working hard to stop people trying to disseminate wrong information using our system. `` If you can pay, you can disseminate whatever information you want, '' the company said is not worthy of trust. '' Point out the possibility of damage.

In addition, CEO Dorsey said, “It ’s difficult to do, but we need regulatory laws on political advertising.”

This decision is mainly based on “prohibition of advertisements regarding candidates” and “prohibition of advertisements regarding policies”, and “advertising that encourages voting itself”, which is not related to candidates, political parties, or the policies themselves, will be treated as exceptions. . Details of such exceptions will be announced on November 15, 2019. Based on the announcement on November 15th, the policy will be revised on November 22nd, and political advertising will be banned entirely.

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