Twitter implements a feature to flag tweets as 'misleading' to prevent the spread of false alarms

To prevent false alarms and the spread of hoaxes, Twitter

labels some tweets as 'potentially misleading ' and likes or retweets tweets with this label. When you do , a warning will be displayed on the screen. Twitter has announced that it has extended these false alarm prevention features to allow users to flag each tweet as 'misleading.'

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Twitter Safety, one of the accounts operated by Twitter official, said, 'We are testing the ability to report potentially misleading tweets. Starting today, some people in the United States, South Korea, and Australia have said,'Tweet. After clicking 'Report', an option to flag each tweet as 'misleading' will be available. ' I reported.

When flagging 'misleading', users are forced to select which category the misleading tweets fall into, and it seems that politics and health are candidates for selection. If you select the political category, you will be asked to enter more specific details such as whether the content is election-related, and if you select the health category, it will be a false alarm related to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). It seems that you can choose whether or not.

Twitter says it will test this misleading tweet reporting feature in three countries: the United States, Australia, and South Korea, and after a few months of testing, decide whether to roll it out in other countries and regions. Twitter will analyze reports from users and evaluate whether they can be used to identify false alarms and prevent the spread of false alarms. However, it also states that it does not check all reports. However, Twitter also said, 'The data from the tests will help companies make decisions about how they can extend their capabilities in the coming weeks,' stressing that the report can help improve functionality. increase.

Technology companies that develop and operate social media such as Twitter and Facebook continue to be widely blamed for failing to stop the spread of false alarms, especially for the new coronavirus and vaccines. Twitter's countermeasures against false alarms are more limited than competitors such as Facebook, and while Facebook asks an external fact checker to check for false alarms, Twitter is tweeted only by the internal Trust and Safety team. I'm checking. However, Twitter has functions such as 'Birdwatch' that allows users to add reference information to misleading tweets, and we are working to prevent the spread of false alarms not only within the company but also with the help of users.

Twitter's new function 'Birdwatch' that shows reference information for false information tweets has appeared --GIGAZINE

However, as mutant strains of the new coronavirus continue to spread in the United States, President Joe Biden told reporters in July 2021 that social media such as Facebook spread false alarms about vaccines, ' people I'm driving to death . ' The U.S. government continues to pressure social media to prevent the spread of COVID-19-related false alarms, and U.S. Public Health Service Commissioner Jerome Adams said on Facebook and Twitter to prevent the spread of false alarms. , YouTube and other companies are appealing for drastic policy revisions and changes in algorithms to prevent the spread of false alarms.

In addition, Twitter has stated that the report function of this misleading tweet 'helps to identify the source of false alarms related to the new coronavirus', and prevents the spread of false alarms related to COVID-19 that has been requested by the government side. Emphasizes that it will be part of the system.

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