Threads plans to introduce 'Instagram content policy' to label promotional posts

Meta's SNS 'Threads', which was officially released on July 6, 2023, does not accept advertisements or promotional posts at the time of article creation, but if it is eventually introduced, Instagram's

branded content policy will be The news site Axios reported that it will be applied.

Threads to launch branded content tools for paid advertising options

Meta's Adding Branded Content Tools and Government-Affiliated Media Labels to Threads | Social Media Today

Instagram's branded content policy requires users to use a 'tie-up post label' when they refer to any brand, business, or product for compensation. These labels make it easy for all users to see at a glance whether the content in question is a promotion.

A source told Axios that Threads is preparing to apply the above branded content policy to Threads. In the future, Threads will give marketers of each brand the opportunity to experiment with paid promotions and work to make them available as soon as possible.

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, said, ``Threads' current focus is not on making money, but on getting people to enjoy the app.'' indicates a policy not to introduce

Meta executives say 'Threads will not pick up news and politics' and 'We have no plans to post advertisements at the moment', indicating that it is not the goal to replace Twitter-GIGAZINE

In addition, Mosseri says, 'Threads will try not to intentionally pick up or ignore political or news content.' In addition, since Threads does not have a function to display content in chronological order, even if there is news or an announcement from a local government, the specifications at the time of article creation may reach the user in real time. can be said to be low.

Related to this, Threads is also reportedly planning to label government-related accounts.

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